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Me and my Standard Poodle "Miss Pele"!

Me and my Standard Poodle "Miss Pele"!

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Dreamydoodles Northwest ® breeds premium Labradoodles and Aussidoodle Puppies.
We test our parent dogs for genetic health issues which include CERF(eyes), OFA (hips and elbows) and heart.

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Happiness is a warm puppy. ~Charles M. Schulz
Arlo - Labradoodle

Dreamydoodles NW – Labradoodle & Aussiedoodle Puppies

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Labradoodle Puppies & Aussiedoodle Puppies in Washington State

paw Welcome to Dreamydoodles Northwest! We’re a family of professional and reputable Aussiedoodle and Labradoodle Dog Breeders and we’re located in Washington State on the Oregon border. We currently breed a medium sized Multigeneration Labradoodle, F1 Standard Aussiedoodle and the Mini Aussiedoodle Puppies and the occasional litter of F1 Labradoodles.

We’ve chosen to breed the Labradoodle and Aussiedoodle based on their character, conformation, health and well rounded temperaments and playful nature.  The non-shedding coats is nice but it’s really only ONE of the added benefits … the character and personalities of these two poodle hybrids is what actually hooks you FOR LIFE. These dogs are also extremely intelligent. The Poodle is considered the second smartest breed after the Border Collie ad we already know how easy to train the Lab and the Aussie are so mixed together.. you really do get the best of both breeds without some of the health risks associated with overbreeding that you find in purebred dogs.

Our motto is to breed only the very best to the very best! We don’t take shortcuts and we do it because we LOVE what we do and because we find joy in providing families with amazing dogs that change lives. It’s also fun and rewarding to hear the stories we receive from our families 2 weeks, 6 months, years later about how much they love their Dreamydoodle.

Read what some of our families have to say about their Dreamydoodle puppies.

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“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”
– Josh Billings

Me, Tippy and her Doodle Bugs!


We have NEW Multigeneration Labradoodle and F1B Labradoodle Puppies Available!

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We have a very active Facebook with daily updates so make sure to check out DreamydoodlesNW on Facebook because if you don’t you’re missing out on half of what makes us who we are.. an extended family of Dog lovers!

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These Dogs are Great with Kids!

Our daughter Olivia and 4 wk old Labradoodle Puppy

Our daughter Olivia and 4 wk old Labradoodle Puppy

F1b Labradoodle Kobe with his new family!

Each one of our Labradoodle and Aussiedoodle puppies are socialized with adults, children and other dogs. Our breeding dogs have all been hand selected based on their pedigree, health history, body conformation and temperament. We’ve invested in some really beautiful high quality breeding dogs over the years which have helped us to develop our bloodlines and produce some of the very best Labradoodle and Aussiedoodle puppies in the United States.

We’re located just 30 minutes from Portland, Oregon in Woodland, Washington.

We ship our puppies all over the USA!


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Our breeding dogs and their puppies are raised in our home and exposed to all the normal sights, sounds and smells that come with an active five member family home.

Labradoodles and Aussiedoodles both LOVE outdoor activities like hiking, hunting, running, agility sports, service work, fly ball, flying disc, obedience, tracking… but their #1 goal in LIFE is to be with YOU…so wherever that is.. is where they want to be!

My husband Roy with the dogs in the backyard

My husband Roy with the dogs in the backyard



This is not a Kennel


Dreamydoodles Northwest is NOT A KENNEL we do not have a “facility” we just have a regular family home with a big backyard with a small dog pack (3 dogs). We have a guardian home program that helps us to expand our bloodlines but allows all our dogs to be raised in a forever family home. We do not believe in raising dogs in kennels or dog runs… which is sadly RARE in the dog breeding industry today.
Almost all breeders will claim that they “raise their puppies underfoot” or “in a family atmosphere” and sometime this is true and sometimes it’s absolutely not. Some dog breeders believe it’s perfectly acceptable to keep dogs and puppies like farmers keep livestock (cows, goats, pigs). They keep large numbers of dogs in kennels, chicken coops or in cramped makeshift living spaces for breeding purposes. I grew up on a ranch so I understand the need to keep and raise livestock but dogs are not livestock animals, these are domesticated companion animals and humans made them that way. On the flip side of the coin.. not ALL dog breeders are evil money grubbing villains. There are still some very responsible, compassionate dog breeders who abhor puppy mills just as much as you do.. maybe more.  So my point..?

Be careful who you support in the dog breeding industry. Do your research.


Dogs are not livestock.

Dreamydoodles Northwest only promotes breeding healthy, happy dogs with love in the family home and if dog breeders can’t do it this way… then they shouldn’t be doing it at all!

Dogs deserve more than a cage.


Teddy and Daisy and the puppies in the grass

Teddy and Daisy playing in the backyard with the puppies..True Love

Daisy - Standard Poodle

Daisy – The Standard Poodle who started our Doodle Bloodlines

Olivia and Daisy and puppies in the backyard

Olivia and Daisy and puppies in the backyard

6 week old Labradoodles and 8 year old Olivia have a slumber party..looks like she wore them out first

Puppy slumber party! Multigen Labradoodles

Pele - small standard apricot and white parti in color female

Me and our Small Standard Poodle Female “Pele” as a puppy

When a family adopts one of our  puppies… they can rest assured that they’re bringing home a well socialized, happy, healthy puppy and we’re willing to guarantee it

Our puppies are from healthy and genetically tested parents and come with a two-year genetic health guarantee.

Please Visit our Nursery to see all our puppies!!

Pele in her Doodle -Do

“Pele” in her Doodle -Do – One of our breeding females

Please read more about our dogs and our breeding program.

pawprintOur Aussiedoodles!

Aussiedoodles are not to be confused with the “Australian Labradoodle” the Aussiedoodle is an Australian Shepherd and Poodle mix.

Read more: Learn more about the Aussiedoodle

Teddy our Standard Aussiedoodle! He is AMAZING!

Teddy our Standard Aussiedoodle

Chocolate Mini Aussiedoodle Puppy

Mini Aussiedoodle Puppy – Cocoa – SO BEAUTIFUL!

Two Mini Aussiedoodle Puppies

Two Mini Aussiedoodle Puppies

Mini Aussiedoodle Puppy

Mini Aussiedoodle Puppy

Merle F1 Aussiedoodles Puppies

Standard size F1 Aussiedoodles Puppies from Daisy and Shadow

Standard F1 Aussiedoodle - Mattie

Mattie – Standard F1 Aussiedoodle Blue Merle Adult

Standard F1 Aussiedoodle Female - Chocolate Merle

Flower  - Standard F1 Aussiedoodle Female – Red Merle

Sammy  - F1 Aussiedoodle Male Adult

Sammy  - F1 Aussiedoodle Male Adult

My Son and Daughter on the way to the airport

Our Son and Daughter on the way to the airport to ship a puppy to her new home

Here is Ziggy a Mini Aussiedoodle at 10 weeks.


pawprintOur Labradoodles

We have been developing our bloodline of Labradoodle bloodline for 4 generations now and we are very proud of them.  Our Labradoodles are wonderful dogs with fun personalities and kind and loving spirits. They especially like children and have the patience that’s needed with even very young children! Tug on their ears and they will just roll on their back and ask for more. They’re that kind of dog. I’ve seen little kids ride on their backs, pull them around, dance with them, dress them up and all the while they remain submissive and calm.

Read more:  Learn more about the Labradoodle!

Coco - Multigeneration Labradoodle from Tippy and Hershey

Coco – Multigeneration Labradoodle from Tippy and Hershey

Lollipop - One of our Future Labradoodle Moms
Lolli – One of our Future Multigen Labradoodle Moms
Labradoodle Loli and our daughter Tianna

Multigen Labradoodle Loli and our oldest daughter  Tianna

F1b Labradoodle Kobe 6 weeks

F1b Labradoodle Kobe 6 weeks

Olivia on the deck with the Labradoodle puppies

Olivia on the deck with the Labradoodle puppies

Rio - Multigen Labradoodles from Tippy and Hershey

Pictures of Me and some of our Doodles and Poodles

Maddie and Me - F1B Labradoodle from Tippy and Patrick

Maddie and Me – F1B Labradoodle from Tippy and Patrick Mom to our new Labradoodle Litter!

Daisy and me in downtown Portland

Me and my Standard Poodle Daisy in downtown Portland

Toby and Me

Toby and Me

Labradoodle - Curly Coat

Labradoodle – Curly Coat

Wavy Coat Labradoodle - Moose

Wavy Coat Labradoodle – Moose

F1B Labradoodle Loli

F1B Labradoodle “Loli” is all grown up and one of our future Labradoodle Moms

F1 Labradoodle

F1 Labradoodle

We currently have a litter of F1 Labradoodles! Visit their page!

Tippy and Charlie - Labradoodles

Tippy and Charlie – Labradoodles

4 week old Multigen Labradoodle Puppy and Pele our Standard Poodle

4 week old Multigen Labradoodle Puppy and Pele our Standard Poodle

Red Girl - F1B Labradoodle -

Me and one of our F1B Labradoodle Males ... these puppies are such cuddly Teddy Bears!!

Me and one of our F1B Labradoodle Males … these puppies are such cuddly Teddy Bears!!

Pink Girl - 11wks old - sleeping in her water bowl

11wks old – sleeping in her water bowl

F1b Chocolate Labradoodle from Daisy

Chocolate Labradoodle with a Hair Coat

Me and Miss Hunny - First Car Ride

Me and Miss Hunny – First Car Ride

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