AKC Obedience Competition for Doodles


doodles in agility - image from goldendoodles.com

Doodles in agility - image from goldendoodles.com (click to visit post)

The AKC now allows the mixed breeds to compete in obedience, rally, or agility. If any of you would like to show your doodles in Obedience (where they will blow the competition away) you can now enroll your pups in American Canine Partners and join the fun at the dog shows.

AKC Canine Partners Program

The AKC Canine Partners program is for anyone who has a dog they want to enter AKC events with. This program allows mixed-breed dogs or dogs ineligible for AKC registration to compete in AKC events such as obedience, rally, and agility. The dogs must be spayed or neutered in order to compete. For more information about the AKC Canine Partners program you can visit the AKC Canine Parnters homepage or if you have any questions, you can email [email protected]

AKC Agility & Carrington

AKC Agility & Carrington

AKC Agility & Carrington

Carrington, a gorgeous English Goldendoodle from Sherri's Teddybear Goldendoodles, has just turned 2 years old and is in AKC Agility.  She is already in Excellent Jumpers, Excellent Standard and FAST.  She is extremely intelligent, very strong, beautiful lines on her body.  I could not be more pleased with her and what she has accomplished already. Carrington Photos by Stewart Event Images Read her Special Story Here
Mini Aussiedoodle training in agility

Mini Aussiedoodle training in agility

How Do I Get Started in Obedience? The best advice is to START TRAINING EARLY! Training a puppy is easier than training an adult dog because a puppy is more open to new ideas and has not yet developed "bad habits." While it’s best to start young, the old saying "You can’t teach an old dog new tricks" is only partially true. It is never too late to train your dog, although it may take longer to retrain it to eliminate undesirable habits. Most AKC clubs conduct a variety of classes instructed by trainers who have won awards in obedience competition with their own dogs, and they make sure to stay up-to-date on the latest training techniques. They have experience training all breeds of dogs and can help solve behavior problems. Most clubs accept all types of dogs, mixed breeds and purebreds, and prospective students are usually welcome to observe a class before signing up for a training course. When you attend classes with your dog, instructors will show you how to teach it and will expect you to practice at home. The younger the dog, the shorter the practice sessions should be. For the best results, both you and your dog should enjoy frequent short sessions, combined with some play and rewards. Read Getting Started in Obedience at AKC.org

 Doodle Agility Video

Aussiedoodle Raina Trick Shaping Session Maisie the Aussiedoodle at 4 Years - Agility Dog Practice


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