Contact Us & Our Location

Contact Us & Our Location

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Contact Us & Our Location

  • CELL: 360-448-1477 (No Voice Messages Please)
  • CONTACT TIMES: between 6pm-11pm Monday – Friday and anytime on the weekends (pacific time zone)
  • EMAIL:

I know my contact times might seem restrictive but I also do web design & support from home so I am working until 6pm Mon-Fri and it is difficult for me to take the time needed to answer your puppy questions while I am working but you can ALWAYS text me and I can text you back and answer quick questions or arrange a better time to talk on the phone. There is also a contact form at the bottom of every page on my website that you can use to contact me anytime. I say no voice messages because I am terrible about missing those and I hate to seem rude.

Aerial View & Our Property Line

Please contact us for our home address. I believe it is important to be as transparent as possible and we have security measures in place to protect us as best as possible… a pack of dogs for one. Haha!


You can look up our address on Google Maps and see that we have NO KENNELS on our property (horribly dry grass it appears) but no dog cages or kennels – Make sure that you check the address of any breeder you may be dealing with on Google Maps especially if you’re shipping and cannot visit them in person… I do the same thing for all my puppy buyers homes as well. I wanna see your house with my own eyes.  Ask for references of people that have visited their home if you cannot. This will help to save you from possibly buying a puppy from a Puppy Mill and supporting the puppy mill industry. This is not a for sure way to check but it can help. Do a little investigative work.

Our Home Environment - Dreamydoodles

Our Home Environment – Dreamydoodles





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Phone: 360-448-1477
Location: Woodland, Washington State