The Name Game!


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For this exercise you will need two people. Both people need to sit on the floor facing each other six or eight feet apart. Have a long leash on your
puppy. One person has the loop end of the leash and the other person has the puppy. Hold the puppy so he faces the person with the loop. Have the person with the loop call the puppy’s name.
Person Two may need to push the puppy towards Person One. Person One reels the puppy in with the leash. When your puppy gets to Person One, praise and give a treat. Make sure to only use your puppy’s name and praise. Give a treat every time. Repeat this exercise at least ten times per session. The lesson we can teach the puppy is “when I hear my name and come running, I get a cookie.”

You will need to repeat the practice session at least four times a week.

After your puppy appears to recognize her name, you can try a different exercise.Take your puppy outside on the long leash.Wait until your puppy becomes interested in ascent or is wandering around. Call her name (only her name) and motivate by patting your legs and repeating her name. Reel her in if necessary.Praise and give a treat for returning to you. Repeat this exercise ten times each session.

While you are raising your puppy, youcan use her name to divert her from improper behaviors and redirect her to you. If you find your puppy starting to chew on a plant or leg of a chair, call her name in a cheery, positive toneand she will leave the object behind and eagerlytrot over to you. Praise and give her a treat.

Don’t worry—your puppy won’t learn to chew things for a treat. Her attention span is so short she will only remember her name and the treat.
This diversion/redirection will only work if you keep your puppy’s name positive!(Remember, reprimand will not teach her a lessonat this age. The desire for discovery will overrideany “social lesson.”)

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