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Me and my Standard Poodle "Miss Pele"!

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Dreamydoodles Northwest!

Mishka and his new haircut - Aussiedoodle from Ivy and Rally

Available Aussiedoodles

We have a NEW litter of F1B Mini Aussiedoodles puppies going home mid November 2018 and we currently have openings on our litter list!

Available Multigen Labradoodles!

Merle Multigen Australian Labradoodles
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Dreamydoodles NW – Labradoodle & Aussiedoodle Puppies

BeFunky Design Dreamydoodles

Labradoodle Puppies & Aussiedoodle Puppies in Washington State


Welcome to Dreamydoodles Northwest!

paw We’re a family of professional and reputable Aussiedoodle and Labradoodle Dog Breeders and we’re located in Washington State on the Oregon border.

All our puppies are from healthy and genetically tested parents and come with a two year genetic health guarantee. Our puppies are some of the best Doodles you’re going to find in this country. We are very confident in the puppies we produce in regards to health, coat and temperament.

Our motto: is to breed only the very best to the very best! We don’t take shortcuts and we do it because we LOVE what we do and because we find joy in providing families with amazing dogs that change lives. It’s also fun and rewarding for us to hear the stories we receive from our families 2 weeks, 6 months, years later about how much they love their Dreamydoodles.

Me and Tippy with her nursing Puppies

Me and Tippy with her nursing Puppies

Currently Available!

We have new litters of Multigen Australian Labradoodles Puppies!! Lots of colors available and from an amazing bloodline for temperament and health. We have been developing our Multigen Labradoodle bloodline for the past 10 years and we’re very proud and excited about how amazing our newest litters of puppies are… you will be too! Click the button below to visit our puppy nursery page!

Mama Pele and Dad Apollo Multigen Labradoodle Puppies are due April 11th 2018

Mama Pele and Dad Apollo’s Multigen Labradoodle Puppies are due April 11th, 2018 – Accepting Deposits!



the hemulinCROP

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Recommended Puppy Shopping Checklist!

I’ve created a whole page of products that I’ve personally purchased and used myself and that I recommend for all my puppy families including my recommended crate sizes, best dog foods, toys, blankets, cleaning supplies, the best grooming supplies etc..

It’s probably the best page on my website because it’s taken me so long to put together and I have 100% trust and faith in all the products I’ve listed there.

I HONESTLY wish I had found a page like this one when I got my first puppy!! 





This is a little male Standard Aussiedoodle named “Kula” and his new Dad Syd! They live in California and Syd has taught Kula to be a true Californian by teaching him to surf just like his older dog “Booda” Rest in Peace Booda. Syd has been an amazing Dreamydoodle parent and totally fell in love with “Kula” from day one as you can see here! Thank you Syd for all the updates over the past few years!! Syd has trained Kula to do so many cool things.. if you can imagine it.. he’s probably done it including riding wave runners and bicycles!  

F1 Red Merle Aussiedoodle "Kula" and his owner Syd... riding a Motor scooter when he was still a wee puppy

F1 Red Merle Aussiedoodle “Kula” and his owner Syd… riding a Motor scooter when he was still a wee puppy

9 week old Standard F1 Aussiedoodle "Kula" and Syd... in his baby front pack carrier

9 week old Standard F1 Aussiedoodle “Kula” and Syd… in his baby front pack carrier

Surfing Aussiedoodle - Syd practiced with Kula in their pool.. and eventually Kula did learn to surf in the ocean!!

Surfing Aussiedoodle – Syd practiced with Kula in their pool.. and eventually Kula did learn to surf in the ocean!!


Our Standard Aussiedoodles

Chip - Red Merle Standard F1 Aussiedoodle

Chip – Red Merle Standard F1 Aussiedoodle

Our Standard Aussiedoodles come in many amazing colors! But that’s not even the best thing about them! The temperament of the Aussiedoodle is unbeatable! It’s a wonderful mix of a working dog and a companion dog that makes for a wonderful and loyal family dog. We breed the first generation Standard Aussiedoodle using our high quality AKC registered Standard Poodles and our beautiful AKC registered red merle Australian Shepherd. Families Love our Aussiedoodles!  These dogs will stop traffic and garnish heaps of attention in public. So, if you don’t like strangers coming up to ask about your beautiful and unique dog.. this is not the breed for you.


Dreamydoodles Finley blowing minds everywhere he goes..

Dreamydoodles Finley blowing minds everywhere he goes..



Mishka showing everyone how it’s done..

Mattie - Standard F1 Aussiedoodle

Mattie – Standard F1 Aussiedoodle


Sammy - F1 Red Merle Aussiedoodle

Sammy – F1 Red Merle Aussiedoodle

Learn about Aussiedoodles


Our Standard MultiGen Labradoodles


Our Multigeneration Labradoodles are nothing short of amazing! There is no doubt in my mind that our bloodline which we’ve been developing for 5 generations now is one of the very best American Multigeneration Labradoodle bloodlines in regards to temperament and health that you’re going to find in the United States. Our puppies also have beautiful silky fleece coats to die for. We do not inbred or line-breed and all our parent dogs have completed all the necessary genetic health testing.

We breed the American Labradoodle. There’s only Standard Poodle and Labrador Retriever in our bloodline. We do not breed the Australian Labradoodle which is a hybrid mix of Poodle, Lab and Cocker Spaniel and sometimes other breeds as well like the Wheaten Terrier.

Our dogs are mellow, sweet, love water, kids and family life. Labradoodles make great companions and are extremely easy to train! We’ve had awesome feedback from our Labradoodle families over the years that has helped us to produce the best family companion possible. We breed for temperment, health, a proportionate medium sized square frame and coat quality.

Multigen Labradoodle - Bella

Multigen Labradoodle – Bella


Coco – Multigen Labradoodle


Valentina – Multigen Labradoodle smiling a big smile

Multigen Labradoodle "Arlo" with his Mohawk hairdo

Multigen Labradoodle “Arlo” with his Mohawk hairdo

Lincoln Aussie Labradoodle mix

Lincoln an Aussie -Labradoodle mix from Dreamydoodles!

Sully a Parti Multigen Labradoodle from Pele and Hershey!

Sully a Parti Multigen Labradoodle from Pele and Hershey!

multigen labradoodles

Chocolate Multigen Labradoodle Puppies

Chocolate Multigen Labradoodle Puppy

Chocolate Multigen Labradoodle Puppy – What a Face!

Some of our Adorable Multigen Labradoodle Puppies

Some of our Adorable Chocolate and White Multigen Labradoodle Puppies

Chocolate Labradoodle Puppy Slumber Party!

Chocolate Labradoodle Puppy Slumber Party!

Lollipop - F1B Labradoodle

Miss Lollipop – F1B Labradoodle – One of our retired Moms! 

Me Holding one of our Chocolate Labradoodle puppies!

Me Holding one of our Chocolate Labradoodle puppies!

Baby Maddie - Chocolate F1B Labradoodle Puppy

Baby Maddie – Chocolate Chocolate F1B Labradoodle Puppy

Sully - Black and White Parti Multigen Labradoodle Male

Sully – Black and White Parti Multigen Labradoodle Male!

Black and White Parti Multigen Labradoodle Puppy!

Black and White Parti Multigen Labradoodle Puppy!

Learn more about Labradoodles

Dreamydoodles is not a “Facility” or a “Kennel”.. We’re a Family.


Daisy with her litter of Labradoodles

We raise our puppies in our living room in a kiddie pool for the first 4 weeks of life, then they’re free to run and play in the backyard during the day and are kept indoors at night. Most our puppies are doggy door trained by the time they go home.

Our Dog area in our Living room..

We do not believe in raising dogs in kennels or dog runs… (which is sadly RARE in the dog breeding industry today).

Guardian ProgramHow it works & Why we do it

Dogs are not livestock.

Some unethical dog breeders will keep their breeding dogs in kennels, chicken coops or cramped makeshift living spaces for breeding purposes and then proudly call themselves a “kennel”. Dogs are not livestock animals, these are domesticated companion animals who desire human affection and interaction more than anything in life!

I also want to point out that not ALL dog breeders are evil money grubbing villains who keep their dogs in cages. There are still some responsible, compassionate and knowledgeable dog breeders who abhor puppy mills. So, you’re probably wondering why I even bring this topic up on my dog breeding website?

What is my point?

My point is…it doesn’t have to be this way and to be careful who you support in the dog breeding industry. Do your research. Do not buy puppies from pet stores and find a breeder you can trust. Ask for references. Do your homework, ask for testimonials, visit their home and if you see something you don’t like don’t just buy the puppy anyway.. walk away.

puppy-mills is NOT a Commercial Dog Breeder and we suggest you stay away from those who claim to be.. don’t just believe me, do your own research look into commercial USDA inspected and licensed dog breeder facilities for yourself on Youtube. What that means is they have a kennel facility. Do you want a puppy that has been raised in a kennel? Think about the parents to that cute puppy.

Support in-home breeders not kennels.

It is not mandatory for Dreamydoodles Northwest to be USDA licensed because we only have 4 breeding dogs on our property and that is how it should be. You should only have as many dogs as you can care for in your home in a safe and clean environment. That does not mean we only have 4 breeding dogs though.. we also utilize a Guardian Program which means we hold back puppies from our litters and give them to local families for free and then we breed them twice in their lifetime and raise their puppies here. This allows us to broaden our bloodline without using kennels and cages and our breeding dogs are never rehomed once retired from breeding they live out their lives with their forever family.

Dogs deserve more than a cage.

The Puppy Mill ProjectLearn the Truth


“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” ~ Anatole France

Please read more about our dogs and our breeding program.

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”
— Josh Billings


Read what some of our families have to say about their Dreamydoodle puppies.

Read TestimonialsFrom our Puppy Families

I will do Everything within my Power to breed you a Great Puppy, but it’s up to you to raise a Good Dog!

We have a very active Facebook with daily updates so make sure to check out DreamydoodlesNW on Facebook because if you don’t you’re missing out on half of what makes us who we are.. an extended family of Dog lovers! Read our Facebook Reviews!

Visit Dreamydoodles NW on

Visit Dreamydoodles NW on


Puppy Headquarters – Our Home

Our House

Our Home!

  • LOCATION: Woodland, WA
  • PHONE: (360) 841-8227 (Do Not leave a Voice Message)
  • Cell: 360-448-1477 (Do Not leave a Voice Message, you can text me if there is no answer or email me)
  • EMAIL:


Nuvet Vitamins

We Use Nuvet Vitamins & we recommend you do too!


We Use and Highly Recommend NUVET Plus . NuVet Plus can help prolong the life of your dog and cat And can help eliminate most ailments GUARANTEED!

  • Allergies
  • Skin and Coat Problems
  • Scratching, Itching, Biting…
  • Hot Spots
  • Arthritis and Joint Problems
  • Premature Aging
  • Low Energy Levels
  • Diabetes and Liver Problems
  • Cataracts and Tumors
  • Digestive Problems
  • Tearing
  • Heart Disease

Click link to order today:





This list will SAVE you a Ton of Time & Money! The BEST Crate Sizes, Food, Toys, Cleaning Supplies.. EVERYTHING!!

Honestly, I wish I could of found a page like this when I got my first puppy!


Click the button below to visit our recommended supply list for Breeders… 

Again, I wish I had a product list like this when I started breeding…



Phone: 360-448-1477
Location: Woodland, Washington State

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