How to Properly Groom Your Doodle

How to Properly Groom Your Doodle

How to Properly Groom Your Doodle

Grooming the Labradoodle before and after

Before and After Grooming

For characteristics like its friendliness, intelligence, and trainability, the poodle has become one of the most well-loved breeds in the world. Much of what’s lovable about the poodle has also lived on in poodle mix breeds like Goldendoodles, Labradoodles, cockapoos, schnoodles, sheepadoodles, and Shih-poos—collectively referred to by dog lovers as “doodles.”

Part of the appeal of owning a doodle dog is that its fluffy coat doesn’t shed the same way other dogs’ coats do, making it ideal for people susceptible to pet dander allergies. That said, grooming for most doodle dogs is also more demanding than grooming for other breeds, and doodle owners should prepare to be extra patient and attentive when it comes to maintaining their dog’s coat.

As a dog parent to an adorable doodle, what can you do to keep it healthy and well-groomed? Below are some useful tips for addressing the day-to-day grooming needs of a doodle dog, plus some insight on what you can do yourself versus what you should entrust to a professional dog groomer.

Getting Your Doodle Used to Grooming

Before anything else, you’ll need to get your dog used to everything that will constitute their new household routine, including grooming. Some doodles can get antsy about being approached with certain tools, like shears.

pridebites bandanaBefore you do any other tasks related to grooming and coat maintenance, get them comfortable around you. Next, give them the opportunity to become familiar with the items you’ll use to groom and dress them up, such as their dog brushes and their dog bandanas, for example. Reward good behavior during grooming sessions with positive reinforcement, such as praise or a dog treat.

Once your doodle gets over their initial unease and understands that it’s all part of a necessary routine, grooming them won’t be as hard on either of you.

Groom Their Hair Daily with a Slicker Brush and Metal Comb

Doodles may be thought of as hypoallergenic dogs because they don’t seem to shed as frequently as other dogs, but in truth, their pet dander often becomes trapped in their curls instead of dispersing around the house. That also means that dirt can build up quite easily in their coats.

For a doodle, regular brushing and combing are a must for upkeep. It’s important to keep dirt particles and tangles from building up in their coat, as this will make grooming even harder and more uncomfortable for your doodle in the succeeding days. A dirty and tangled coat can also lead to matting, which, in turn, can bring about problems like skin irritation and sores.

Two tools you’ll need for grooming your doodle on a daily basis are a slicker brush, or a brush with metal pins, and a metal comb. The slicker brush will allow you to be more thorough when keeping your dog’s coat smooth and clean. It will also accentuate wavy outer coats and preserve the beautiful fluff of exceptionally curly coats. The metal comb, on the other hand, will prove effective at untangling knots. Make sure that these two tools are a fixture of your daily grooming routine with your doodle.

Teddy in need of a grooming.. F1 Aussiedoodle (standard)

Trim Their Bangs with Blunt-Tipped Scissors and Thinning Shears

Another task you can take care of by yourself is trimming your doodle’s overgrown bangs. If the front curls have grown so long that they affect your dog’s visibility, it’s the right time to give these a gentle trim.

To safely trim their bangs, start with a pair of blunt-tipped scissors. Once you can see their eyes again, carefully refine their bangs with some thinning shears.

Have Your Doodle Bathed by Professional Groomers at Least Once a Month

There are some grooming-related tasks that you can personally oversee for your doodle, like regular combing and brushing. Some tasks, however, are best entrusted to professional groomers with the requisite training and tools for handling high-maintenance dog breeds. One such example is bathing.

Many doodle owners agree that their dogs only need to be bathed every month or every six to eight weeks, depending on factors like their hair length, how active they are outdoors, and how sensitive their skin is. Bathing is also something that’s best undertaken by a dedicated dog groomer, who’ll know how to oversee the process and use the right products for the dog’s needs.

It’s possible for you to learn how to bathe your doodle yourself, but you’ll need special products like a blow-dryer and doodle-friendly shampoo and conditioner. If you don’t want to put your dog at risk of getting sick or developing a skin condition due to improper bathing, ask a professional dog groomer for tips or entrust them with the task entirely.

Grooming may be more demanding for doodles than for other dogs, but your thoroughness will make all the difference to your dog’s health and appearance. Your dog’s character and personality will happily shine through with a healthy and well-groomed coat.

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