Available Puppies – Washington State

Available Puppies – Washington State

 Dreamydoodles Northwest!


We’ve Found Wonderful Homes For All Our Available Puppies!

Our 2023 Puppy Litters Are ALL HOME!

We Do Not Have Any Available Puppies At This Time.

Sadly, the Doodle market became over flooded with Doodle puppies looking for homes this past year and I personally have some ideas how COVID played a huge part in this…. hear me out.

So here’s my thoughts during COVID… ALOT of people purchased puppies and I mean ALOT (during and after the lockdown my phone was ringing off the hook for months from people wanting puppies) and now all those puppies that people bought all around the country are breeding age now I guess people have decided they wanted to try their hand at the dog breeding business too and well, they have.

Dreamydoodles used to be one of a few Doodle Breeders in the Northwest and now there are new Doodle breeders popping up everyday. Too many puppies and being sold at ridiculously low prices and raising a litter of puppies is not easy or cheap… especially when you’re raising 6-10 puppies for 3-5 months instead of the normal 8 wks.

As you may already know our economy is also NOT great… and these two issues together have had a horrible effect on our business and we’ve heard the same story coming from a lot of our longtime breeder friends as well.

So, we’re sad to say after breeding our beloved Dreamydoodle bloodlines for 15+ years we’ve decided to take a break to until things settle down a bit.

Don’t Worry though our Dreamydoodles are my lifes passion and once the market permits me to find loving homes for ALL our puppies by 8 wks old (instead of 3-5 months old) then we’ll be back to doing what we do BEST IN THE NORTHWEST! Producing the best Family Dogs!

Dreamydoodles Puppy Picture’s

Three Dreamydoodles all 3 sizes!

Three Dreamydoodles all 3 sizes!

Australian Labradoodle "Twix" Dock DivingWhy Dreamydoodles Northwest?

The Highest Quality: Dreamydoodles are well known for our high-quality Labradoodles and our puppies come from a very long line of genetically tested parents with well-balanced and loving temperaments.

We’ve been breeding the same trusted bloodline for over 15 years!

🐶 The Dreamydoodles Family Group:  Dreamydoodles has a public page on Facebook Page where we share our available puppies but we also have a members-only group on Facebook where the Dreamydoodle owners can share pictures and also arrange playdates with eachother.

If you own one of our dogs then you can join here!

Bottle Feeding one of our little Runts “Tom”!

The Benifits of owning a Dreamydoodle!

🧬 Health Assurance: We guarantee our puppies will to be clear for over 200+ Genetic Diseases.

🏡 Go-Home Puppy Pack:  We send all our pups home with a weeks worth of their food, travel bowl, cuddly scent blanket, small toy and 2 year health guarantee!

🥰 The Perfect Puppy Pick Process: We highly recommend in-person pickup at our home where you can meet the pups parents & also get a firsthand feel for each pup’s personality and energy level before choosing.

💰 Price Discounts: Our Older Pups are often offered at a discounted Price!

✈️ Out-of-state Customers: Flight Nanny Services (off-duty flight attendants) available who can fly your puppy in-cabin from our arms to yours at your local airport, this is usually a more economical option vs flying or driving here yourself. We also offer cargo shipping to some states. Plane ✈️ This depends on flight would be.

🧠 Smart, Sweet, and Easy to Train! Meet Dreamydoodles – these are bred to be the perfect family dog. Whether you’re single, a retiree, a young couple, or a first-time dog owner, Labradoodles are your go-to choice.

🐾 They’re friendly, cuddly, and low maintenance requiring no prior experience.

🌟 Boost Your Mental and Emotional Health! Labradoodles aren’t just companions; they’re motivators for an active lifestyle. These furry friends can double as therapy dogs, offering comfort to combat loneliness, anxiety, and depression.

🌳 Outdoor Fun Galore! Labradoodles thrive on outdoor adventures – think long walks, hikes, and playful puppy meet-ups. Engage in these activities to strengthen your community bonds and brighten your mood.

✂️Doodle Grooming: Doodles’ non-shedding, hypoallergenic coats make them a big hit, making them one of the most popular dog breeds available but it is important to note, that grooming is still part of owning one. Doodles’ luxurious curls don’t shed but still continue to grow, so we consider regular grooming the price we gladly pay for the joy of a non-shedding dog!

Ready for Tail-Wagging Adventures?

Call Barbara at 360-448-1477 and turn your puppy dreams into reality! 🐾

Meet Your Future Furry Friend in Person!

📞Call Barbara to schedule a time to come out and meet one of our adorable puppies and hopefully fall in love and take one home!


Kim-Chi and Apollo- Moyen size Puppy Parents


Apollo is the Dad of all our current puppies. Apollo is one strikingly beautiful boy with a huge heart! ❤️ Apollo is also a very healthy dog who produces very healthy and happy puppies! He also loves his job! Never complains and keeps a close eye on his fur pack with pride.

🧬All our parent dogs have been tested for over 200 genetic diseases and are all clear.

APOLLO MOYEN AUSTRALIAN LABRADOODLE - LABRADOODLE SIZES Apollo- Our Australian Labradoodle Stud & Sire! Shaved down.

Mama Fendi – She is my sons little co-pilot! – Fendi is a Moyen Poodle!

Fendi visiting the Beach! She’s just happy to be with her humans doesn’t matter where they go! [caption id="attachment_24890" align="alignnone" width="580"] Mama Kim-Chi – F1 Sheepadoodle (Moyen Size) – She comes from a Mini Poodle Father and a Standard Old English Sheep Dog Mom)

Kim-Chi as a pup! She is the coolest dog!

Bed Head Sheep Dog! Kim-Chi with a fuller coat!

Fendi, Kim-Chi and Pele chilling in the dog room!

All About Dreamydoodles!

🌈 Therapy and Service Stars: Excel in therapy and service work, offering emotional support and service.

🐾👶🐾 Kid and Pet Approved: Our Doodles are friendly and gentle, making them great playmates for kids and other pets.

🏆 Athletic Achievers: Many Dreamydoodles shine in dog sports like agility, dock diving, and obedience. Ready for an adventure?

🏡 We’re More Than Breeders, We’re Family: Visit our home to meet puppies and parents. Committed to finding your family the smartest, sweetest, and healthiest pup.

🐾 Size for Every Lifestyle: From Standard to Mini, we have the perfect size for your family.

🌈 Bringing Joy to Lives: Dreamydoodles aren’t just pets; they’re cherished family members who bring happiness and joy to your life. 💖🐾


This seasons puppies were all beautiful and sweet here are some pictures of our beautiful babies who’ve already gone home!

Apricot Australian Labradoodle Female - Mini/Moyen Size Puppy

Apricot Australian Labradoodle Female – Mini/Moyen Size Puppy

Apricot Australian Labradoodle Female - Mini Size Puppy

Apricot Australian Labradoodle Female – Mini Size Puppy – SOLD

Chocolate - Australian Labradoodle Male - Mini Size Puppy!

Chocolate – Australian Labradoodle Male – Mini Size Puppy! – SOLD

Chocolate - Australian Labradoodle Male - Mini Size Puppy! So tiny!

Chocolate – Australian Labradoodle Male – Mini Size Puppy! – SOLD

Apricot Australian Labradoodle Female - Mini/Moyen Size Puppy

Apricot Australian Labradoodle Female – Mini/Moyen Size Puppy – SOLD

Blue Merle - Australian Labradoodle - Mini Size Male

Blue Merle – Australian Labradoodle – Mini Size Male – SOLD

Blue Merle - Australian Labradoodle - Mini Size Female

Blue Merle – Australian Labradoodle – Mini Size Female –  SOLD!



Mini Size: – 17-25 lb range – 14-16 inches tall

Moyen size: – 35-40 lb – 17-20 inches tall

Standard Size: 45-50 lbs – 20-21 inches tall

Below is “Apollo” and Chloe are both Dreamydoodles – Australian Labradoodles! Apollo is Moyen size Australian Labradoodle and Chloe is a Standard size Australian Labradoodle and this is a great example of the difference in sizes.

Chloe is 21-22 inches tall and Apollo is 18 inches tall.

Chloe and Apollo

Apollo and Chloe!

🌟 Our Pledge to Quality: Puppies from health-tested, carefully chosen parents, ensuring top-notch quality.

🐶 Smart, Playful, and Trainable: Our pups are known for their intelligence, playfulness, and trainability.

✂️ Grooming Made Fun: Enjoy non-shedding, soft, curly or wavy fleece coats. Remember, grooming is part of the Doodle charm!

👪 Your Ideal Family Friend: Bred for friendliness and gentleness, Dreamydoodles make perfect family companions.

🐾 Allergy-Friendly Cuddles: Our pups have non-shedding, cuddle-worthy fleece coats – ideal for allergy-conscious families. Keep them looking their best with regular grooming.

🧬 Proven Lineage: 15 years of selective breeding for outstanding health and temperament.

Call Barbara for more information!


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Located in Woodland, Washington State!

Mini Boy Available - Chocolate and Apricot Phantom Male

Mini Chocolate and Apricot Phantom Male- Not Available

Visiting Dreamydoodles and what to expect!

[caption id="attachment_1296" align="alignnone" width="400"]Charlie and her new kids - Going Home! Charlie and her new kids – Going Home!


The best way to pick a puppy is to meet them in person!

📖We expect our new puppy parents to be well-prepared, simply meaning you’ve done some basic research on the Australian Labradoodle breed, you’ve done some soul-searching, and concluded you’re ready NOW to be a puppy parent!

💖Finally, PLEASE ensure you can set aside 2-3 days to start wholeheartedly bonding with your puppy and welcoming them into your home, life, and family.

🎓Additionally, we strongly encourage everyone to enroll in a “puppy training class” to kickstart their basic obedience training and brush up on their training skills.

Please be prepared to take home

your new puppy the same day you visit us!

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  • Premature Aging
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  • Digestive Problems
  • Tearing
  • Heart Disease

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