About Our Multigen Labradoodle and Aussiedoodle Breeding Program

About Our Multigen Labradoodle and Aussiedoodle Breeding Program

Labradoodle and Aussiedoodle Puppies

Me and Tippy nursing her Multigen Labradoodle Puppies - Dreamydoodles NW

Me and Tippy nursing her Multigen Labradoodle Puppies! 


Barbara - Dreamydoodles NW FounderHello There! 

This page is basically about who we are as the humans who raise your puppies and puppy parents

My name is Barbara Dearaujo and Dreamydoodle NW is our family run Multigen Labradoodle and Aussiedoodle breeding program…We’re located in Woodland,  Washington state 30 mins north from the Portland, Oregon and Washington border. 

I am a professional web developer as well as a proud and passionate Multigen Labradoodle and Aussiedoodle dog breeder. My husband Roy and I have three beautiful kids Connor, Tianna and Olivia. We live in Woodland, WA which is on the border of Oregon and Washington with our 4 dogs.

It all started around 2007-2008, I met a Goldendoodle puppy in a park in downtown Portland on my lunch hour and I basically became obsessed with all things Doodle!  Labradoodles,  Aussiedoodles and Goldendoodles I wanted one of each and we got two Doodle boys 6 months apart!! A beautiful F1 Goldendooodle “Toby” and an one of the coolest dogs I’d ever met an Aussiedoodle by named “Teddy”.

I organized Doodle meetups on and offline, I ran a Doodle website for Doodle owners and lovers and after much thought and LOTS of late night research I decided I wanted to start my own breeding program but I was FAR from experienced in dog breeding,  actually far from it.  So,  I asked my 20+ year experienced Goldendoodle breeder to be my mentor. 

We moved into a house with a bigger yard and I started my exhaustive search for the perfect dogs to start my own Labradoodle bloodline from “scratch” as you might say or basically from the first generations (F1 and F1B) between just the AKC registered Lab and the Poodle.

I held back a puppy from almost all of my first litters and with the help of the guardian program I was able to expand my bloodline and my breeding dogs for over 4 generations of Multigen Labradoodles that are all related to my very first and the most amazing Poodle female I was blessed to find in Indiana and who I still own to this day.

My number one goal from day one was to only breed the VERY BEST to the VERY BEST and SECOND was to do it without kennels or cages..and maintain a strong focus on temperament and health over color alone.

I was raised on a small cattle and horse ranch as a kid and teen so I had some experience with animal husbandry but I have learned so much more as a dog breeder,  and my burning desire to learn more is still alive and well.

I have learned over the years that no matter how experienced a Dog breeder is,  they can never claim to “know it all”.  It’s totally impossible. Each dog, each puppy, pregnancy, birth and litter is a unique and new experience and I still learn something new with every new litter.

These amazing curly Doodles have brought our family closer together and have brought nothing but JOY and LOVE into our LIVES. Our program is called “Dreamydoodles Northwest” and it has been so much fun not to mention extremely rewarding!!

There is nothing more rewarding then seeing the dogs you’ve had a part in raising, change lives for the better. So when people ask me “how do you say goodbye to your puppies”? While, of course it’s not always easy to say goodbye but it’s so rewarding that it makes it all worth it in the end.





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Olivia -  Manager of our Puppy Socialization Department

Olivia – Manager of our Puppy Socialization Department – It Takes a Village!

BeFunky Design Dreamydoodles
Aussiedoodle Puppy Freckles =s Love!
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About Dreamydoodles NW's Aussiedoodle Breeding program



Our Son Connor and a Mini Aussiedoodle puppy

Our Son Connor and a Mini Aussiedoodle puppy

Pele in her Doodle -Do

“Pele” in her Doodle -Do – One of our breeding females

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” ~ Anatole France

Please read more about our dogs and our breeding program.

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”
— Josh Billings


Read what some of our families have to say about their Dreamydoodle puppies.

Read TestimonialsFrom our Puppy Families

I will do Everything within my Power to breed you a Great Puppy, but it’s up to you to raise a Good Dog!


We have a very active Facebook with daily updates so make sure to check out DreamydoodlesNW on Facebook because if you don’t you’re missing out on half of what makes us who we are.. an extended family of Dog lovers! Read our Facebook Reviews!


Me and my oldest daughter on her 16th birthday – 2015

Our life revolves around our dogs and they make us smile and laugh everyday. There is nothing better then a dog.

I honestly believe animals and children teach us about unconditional love.. they’re both a blessing and should be treated as such. How a person treats their animals.. tells you a lot about their hearts.

Owning Doodles has been a blessing to our whole family.

Dogs make you smile and laugh, they’re loyal till the end and they just want to be loved by you, they don’t argue or fight with you or call you names, they accept you for who you are, an imperfect human and they still love everything about you.

Connor my son and Toby

Connor my son and Toby



We started from scratch to develop our own Labradoodle bloodline and it took us years! Now we’re breeding 4th and 5th generation Multigen Labradoodles which all started from our beautiful poodle “Daisy” and “Bo” the chocolate Lab!  We have Daisy’ and Bo’s daughters, granddaughters and great granddaughters in our breeding program now and we are so proud of each and every one of them.

  • A Clear line of health – we attempt to screen out genetic disease such as hip and elbow dysplasia, cardiac and PRA (progressive retinal atrophy) using the genetic testing that is currently available.
  • Well socialized puppies – each puppy is exposed from day one to a fun, family environment that encourages calm, mellow behavior. Group and one-on-one socialization, tolerance of sudden and loud noises, human handling, child play, alone-time, and adaptation to as many everyday family activities as possible; preliminary potty and crate training.
  • Sweet Temperaments – This is one of the most important things we strive for.. Happy and playful, yet mellow and gentle; highly intelligent and easily trained; enthusiastic; graceful; athletic with agility, spunk, and spring.
  • Superior features – a blocky head;  a silky soft Fleece coat that’s non to very low shedding with virtually no dander for our families who are allergy-prone. Less Dander equals NO doggy smell and a cleaner house!  A coat weight that’s not too thick or too curly for easier care and less matting.
  • Exceptional veterinary and grooming care – vet checks and puppy care for total health and grooming:
  • Health Clearance – Complete physical exam by a vet, jaw, teeth and bite check. Eyes and ears. Before your puppy goes home we also provide the first bath, nail clipping and coat brushing and sanitary clipping (depending on coat length).
  • Vaccinations – first set of vaccines sometimes second set (depending on the age of the puppy when they go home
  • Worming – We deworm our puppies and Dam for worms using Nemex 2 (pyrantal pamoate) at two weeks and again at 4 weeks then we use Fenbendazole (Safe-Guard) at 6, 8, 10 and 12 weeks of age.
  • Commitment – we are committed to you and your puppy – and will be available long after you take your puppy home. We’re here to help you with potty training, food & diet questions, obedience training or basically anything you might need some help with. We appreciate it when our families stay in touch with us over the years and we also LOVE all the family update pictures which we share on Facebook!

5681512_pm0eem9x7a2wmcmkg2k9p8uuwkmilwda.medium_r593 (1)I’m very proud of the breeding program our family has created and I have absolute faith in the Multigen Labradoodle bloodline we’ve developed. We currently breed an exceptional Multigen Labradoodle we have a much smaller Aussiedoodle breeding program as well, in both mini and standard sizes.



The Dreamydoodle Family Pictures…

Here are some pictures of our family over the years. I hope you enjoy them.

My Husband Roy and our youngest Olivia with Daisy

My Husband Roy and our youngest Olivia with Daisy

My husband Roy and Toby in Portland

My husband Roy and Toby in Portland

Me and Toby

Barbara (Me) and Toby – Toby is an F1 Goldendoodle and he is 75 pounds! Toby is not in our breeding program. He belongs to be my best friend.


My daughter Olivia

My daughter Olivia

My daughter and Baby on the Trampoline at night...

Our daughter Tianna and “Baby” on the Trampoline at night…Baby has since been retired to a loving home she is a Goldendoodle

Daisy and me in downtown Portland

Daisy and me in downtown Portland

The Dreamydoodle Northwest Family

Our Family

Me and our best friend Chris who is a big part of our family and dogs. Chris owns Toby a 75 lb Goldendoodle with a huge personality

Me and our best friend Chris who is a big part of our family and dogs. Chris owns Toby a 75 lb Goldendoodle with a huge personality




Me and my husband Roy

Me and my husband Roy



Connor – 17 years old


Tianna – 15 years old

mini_aussiedoodles 089

Olivia – 9 years old and my right hand girl

Olivia and Lucy - F1 Goldendoodle

Standard Poodle Clover and my daughter Olivia

Standard Poodle Clover and my daughter Olivia

olivia 5 wk old labradoodle dec 13 040

Olivia helps me so much!! She has a great passion for animals just like her Mom.

Olivia on the deck with the Labradoodle puppies

 Olivia and Toby in the Garage

Standard Poodle Clover and my daughter Olivia

Standard Poodle Clover and my daughter Olivia

olivia 5 wk old labradoodle dec 13 001


Teddy is a Baby..yes HE is!!

Teddy is a Baby..yes HE is!! My husband Roy and Teddy


My husband and Toby the Therapy Dog in downtown Portland..dispensing some love


My daughter Tianna and Teddy the Aussiedoodle cuddle time – Real Life Teddy Bear


Olivia my youngest daughter sharing a bed with her doodle Toby


The fantastic twins again this time on the floor? .. Toby and Olivia


Me with the dogs at the highschool

groomed 019ff

My daughter Tianna with Baby on the trampoline at night

Me at Petsmart picking out dog food

Me at Petsmart picking out dog food

Labradoodle Slumber Party

Labradoodle Puppy Slumber Party with Olivia

My daughter Tianna helping me get a puppy ready to be shipped

My daughter Tianna helping me get a puppy ready to be shipped

Our kids holding a mini Aussiedoodle puppy before she goes on the airplane to meet her new family

Our kids holding a mini Aussiedoodle puppy before she goes on the airplane to meet her new family

Me holding our standard poodle puppy "Pele"!

Me holding our standard poodle puppy little Pele

My daughter and Doods on the Trampoline

My daughter Tianna and our Doods on the Trampoline

Our daughter Tianna and a Labradoodle Puppy


Me and our Doodles at the local Dog Park

Me and Baby on the bench at the Dog Park

Me and my Doods at the Dog Park.

Me and the Goldendoodles

one of our good friends visiting us and all our Doods

It's a Dreamydoodles pack..


1935387_1007941342599933_1542918191801218014_n  1441243_1017878278272906_5349275441532380327_n



We got our puppy Stanley (multigen labradoodle) from Barbera and are so happy! He is sweet, cuddly, mellow, and easy to train- exactly what we wanted. He stays by our side in the house and outdoors. Barbera was really helpful, answered all of our questions, and worked with our schedule so we could visit the pups. She knows a ton about labradoodles and is really helpful throughout the whole process! Her website is a great resource, too. We are so happy with Stanley and would recommend Dreamydoodles to anyone searching for a sweet, good-natured pup! – Katie




This list will SAVE you a Ton of Time & Money! The BEST Crate Sizes, Food, Toys, Cleaning Supplies.. EVERYTHING!!

Honestly, I wish I could of found a page like this when I got my first puppy!


Click the button below to visit our recommended supply list for Breeders… 

Again, I wish I had a product list like this when I started breeding…



Email: info@dreamydoodles.com
Phone: 360-448-1477
Location: Woodland, Washington State

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