The Doodle Do – Grooming Instructions for  Labradoodles & Aussiedoodles


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The Doodle Do – Grooming Instructions for  Labradoodles & Aussiedoodles

When you take your Doodle to the Groomer, it’s important to know exactly what you’re looking for and be able to communicate that with your groomer, don’t just expect them to know what you want. Most will be very familiar with the Doodle clip, but it helps to confirm it with them.

– Showing your Groomer an example picture can help a ton; that way, your groomer can tell you before the appointment if that clip is even possible on your dog or not.

– There are a few different Doodle coat types, and not all of them are going to look the same in the “Doodle Clip,” so your example image should be of a dog with a similar coat type as your dog.

Wavy-coated Doodles have mustaches and eyebrows, while wool-coated Doodles do not.

Abby one of our beautiful Guardian dogs

Standard Poodle Clip


Grooming the Labradoodle before and after

Before and After Grooming the Wool-Coated Labradoodle…

WHY Keeping your Doodles Coat Mat Free is Key..

This is SUPER important for Doodle owners to understand…

If you bring your Doodle to the groomer with mats… Most groomers will choose to cut them out rather than comb them out.

NOT because your groomer is ignoring your request or being lazy, it’s because de-matting can be a painful and stressful process for your dog! 

The less time they spend on the grooming table, the better it is for your dog.

Can you even imagine trying to comb out a Doodle’s matted coat?

Grooming the Labradoodle - Matting

Mats take time to develop but not as long as some people might assume. I’d say this kind of matting developed in only a few months of no combing or clipping.

A dog with mats doesn’t automatically mean it’s a neglected dog or an unloved dog it usually just means their owners need to learn more about Doodle coat care.

These dogs could be living the life of kings and queens for all we know.

Taking care of the Doodles coat is a huge part of owning one. If you don’t have the time to take care of their full coat, you just need to start keeping them shaved year-round. Problem solved.

They can still look adorable. Just leave the head round and longer and keep their body short or shaved. That’s what I do with most of my dogs.

There’s definitely a price to pay for owning a non-shedding dog, and that price is paid with grooming needs. 

Before and After Grooming - Shaved Goldendoodle

Before and After Grooming – a Shaved Goldendoodle

How to Keep Your Doodle Mat Free at Home…

– Mats can hide under the Doodle fluff.  You can’t always see them, but you can feel them. You need to be able to run a comb through their coats from the skin to the end for them to be “Mat Free”.

– How often you need to comb them will depend on their coat type and lifestyle, but 3-4 x a week is on average.

– Make sure you’re combing them out completely before every grooming appointment if you don’t want them shaved short.

– If you’re bathing your Doodle at home, use a good shampoo and conditioner, and make sure you’re combing them out from root to tip before and after the bath and once they’re dry.

Because… Water can actually make mats tighter!

What’s A Doodle Clip?

Double Doodle Puppy after first Grooming - She has a wonderful temperament and the groomer was so impressed!

A Doodle clip is usually a Full rounded face, rounded paws, short but not shaved body, and full beautiful tails! 

It does take some effort on your part to keep your Doodle in this type of clip, though, and it’s also not cheap! 

My groomers charge me between $80-$100 dollars per dog, depending on size. I have my Doodles and Poodles cut every 2-4 months, depending on length.

Prices do vary depending on where you live, usually the size of your dog and, of course, your groomer. Don’t forget the tip!

The shorter you have them clipped the less frequently you’ll need to bring them to the groomer, but brushing them at home is still necessary!

Click to Download The Doodle Do

Print and take it with you to your groomers..(.PDF)

The Doodle-Do Print Out: Instructions for the Groomer

911 Called on a Lion-Lab Video


Reports of a baby lion stalking the streets of Norfolk, VA were put to rest when the animal in question turned out to be a 3 year-old Labradoodle.

A 911 caller told Norfolk police yesterday that a small lion was wandering one off the city’s main streets “possibly looking for food,” according to the Virginian-Pilot. After confirming that the Virginia Zoo’s lions were accounted for, police went to the scene and discovered that this “lion” was actually Charles, a dog shaved to look like the mascot of Norfolk’s Old Dominion University. 

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