All I know about Potty Training…with out a crate


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All I know about Potty Training…with out using a crate

The best way to potty train with out crates.. they did it for years with out crates so of course it is possible.

  • You will have to put in more effort to potty train your puppy without a crate.
  • You h will have to be VERY diligent and consistent
  • Expect lots of accidents.

Tools Required for Potty Training:

πŸ™‚ Your Happy Voice πŸ™ Your Unhappy Voice….. That’s all you need.

#1 Tip – Have a Schedule

If you are able, take your puppy outside once an hour. Stand with him but don’t distract him or play with him. Let him sniff around. If he goes to the bathroom while outside  tell him what a good dog he is while he is actually peeing or pooping  Choose a word for his elimination. You can call it what ever you want as long as you are consistent with it.

For example: While he is peeing say, πŸ™‚ “Go potty” now by saying these words your puppy will then be able to learn these words and associate them with the action of going potty and in the future you’ll be able to ask him to urinate on command. I know because I do it myself. I say ‘Go Potty’ and my dogs know exactly what I want them to do and then they do it.

It’s awesome when it’s cold out and you just want them to hurry. If he pees or poops when you take him outside make a HUGE fuss over him.  πŸ™‚ Praise him, pat him, tell him what a good boy he is for going potty outside.. you can also give treats.

Let him know that if he goes to the bathroom outside you are very very pleased with him. If you take the puppy outside and after three or four minutes he hasn’t gone to the bathroom bring him back inside and try again in ten minutes.

FACT: Puppies will normally need to eliminate just after they have eaten and just after they have woken up from a sleep. Always take your puppy outside as soon as he awakens from a sleep or within minutes after eating or drinking.

Putting him on a feeding schedule will help you better predict when he will go potty.

Constant Supervision. Contain your puppy to one or two rooms.

Before your puppy is potty trained you shouldn’t let him have the full run of the house. I know this is hard and this is just my advice… your free to do what you want but what I do is contain them to one of my living rooms where I spend the most time… the room with the doggy door as well. Maybe you could try to contain him to the room you spend the most time in…Close all your bedroom doors and barricade other areas that do not have doors. I use baby gates to contain my puppies. Watch your puppy as much as you can. This is where diligence comes into play.

Have an acceptable area where you will allow him to go to the bathroom

If it isn’t possible for you to frequently take your puppy outside then you must decide where you will allow your puppy to go to the bathroom inside. Have acceptable areas where he can eliminate.

When our puppies are small I allow them to either go outside using the doggy door if they know how or on newspaper placed at the door that leads to the outside. (You may prefer to use potty training pads rather than newspaper) When he was here he used both in my house so he will know what they’re for if not then try to get some of his urine on a paper towel and then soak it on the pad or paper so he gets the


I personally like using puppy pens while potty training

Know the signs that your puppy is about to eliminate

  • Sniffing the floor
  • Circling
  • Whimpering
  • Taking off suddenly to another room or area. They often do this when they want to poop.

Often there are no warning signs, the puppy just squats and pees.

Catching Puppy in the act

When you notice your puppy doing any of the above things gently and without a big fuss pick him up and place him on the newspaper or take him outside. Try not to frighten the pup when you do this.. you don’t want him to get the wrong message that you think that peeing and pooping is BAD.

You want him to get the message that peeing or pooping in the wrong place is not acceptable and that going “potty” in the ‘allowed’ area is AMAZING!!!!!

I remember the first puppy I had.. my breeder told me to give my puppy a πŸ™‚ “party” when he went outside for me… Too remember to make sure that you really let him know that you are so very proud of him. More then usual. πŸ™‚ If you are potty training your puppy to go outside ensure that he can get out! Can you leave a door open?

Do you have a doggy door? There are sliding glass door doggy door inserts.. that work great. Otherwise you just have to work on taking him out often and paying attention to his ques, when he eats and drinks and when he wakes up from a nap… pretty soon he will be notifying you when he has to go… how he does that though is always different for every dog. Poochie bells is another great idea to train your puppy to notify you when they need to go.

Too Late. He’s already done it.

Accept some of the blame yourself, perhaps you could have been watching him better. Don’t get angry. If you find the mess or puddle after the event has happened do not rub his nose in it. This is a big NO NO and such an old fashioned idea that doesn’t work. However, you must let him know that this is unacceptable. Put your dog on his leash or in the case of a small puppy pick him up and take him to the puddle or mess. Change the tone of your voice..adopt your πŸ™ not happy voice and say ‘I’m not happy with this’ while pointing to the puddle or poop. Then take him directly outside and say “Go Potty outside”. I know this sounds ridiculous but it has worked for me.

How long does it take to potty train a puppy?

On average it will take about two to three weeks. Remember that all dogs are not the same and some will learn very quickly and some will take a little longer. I once had a dog who learned paper training after one day. I caught her ‘In the act’ and put her on the newspaper and she never again went anywhere else apart from the newspaper or outside. She was a very smart puppy and an exception to the rule.



Poochie Bells for training dogs

Poochie Bells

3 step training instructions

  • STEP ONE – INTRODUCTION – Hang PoochieBells inside the house on a doorknob or hook next to the door your dog exits to go out and leave it there so it is accessible at all times for your dog to ring.
  • STEP TWO – ASSOCIATION – Every time you let your dog out to potty, bring the dog to the bells to sniff, ring them, and state a command such as Ò€œOutside, ring your bells!Ò€, praise the dog, then take him/her out to potty. We do not recommend playing with or giving the dog a treat at that time. You want him/her to associate ringing the bells with potty time only.\
  • STEP THREE – PRAISE AND REPEAT – Throughout conditioning, continue your command, be consistent and praise your dog for their attention and wanted behavior. Consistency is key.


Cleaning up is very Important

If your puppy smells pee on the floor or carpet then he is more likely to return to this area to pee again. In addition to all other information I’ve shared with you…maybe most important is that you must clean all odors of previous accidents so as to prevent him re-offending in the same spot. A dog relies very much on his sense of smell.

Nature’s Miracle Stain and Odor Remover

Nature’s Miracle Stain and Odor Remover has a pleasant tropical bloom scent. With its bio-enzymatic formula, it completely eliminates stains and odors caused by puppies and dogs including urine, feces, food and dog messes that are difficult to remove. Can also be used full strength before laundering to eliminate odor and stains on washables.


Nature's Miracle Stain & Odor Remover

Nature’s Miracle Stain & Odor Remover

White vinegar and water in a spray bottle ALSO works wonders!!!!!

Below are two links which give detailed descriptions of how to effectively clean up dog urine and poop using household products that you probably have on hand.

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