Dreamydoodles Puppy Family Testimonials 




REMI - SERVICE DOG - AussiedoodleDear Barbara,
Thanks for the email and update on your new puppies; they are all so adorable! Remi has the trip-color genes but her color has evolved from a dark brown puppy to a milk chocolate color with silver tones, beautiful!
REMI - SERVICE DOG - F1 Aussiedoodle from Ivy and TrippI cannot figure out how to post photos of Remi and a testimonial on either your website or your FB so I will attach it here for you.

Remi is 4 1/2 years old now and she’s doing agility training and loving it. She has an indoor tunnel and a set of jumps and her outdoor course keeps growing with a new A frame added just yesterday. She loves it all! I think we are too old to compete.
She was certified as a Therapy Dog before she was a year old but her temperament now is more fitting for being pretty active instead of the nursing home scene, even though they all loved her there. She loves going out to feed the horses each morning.
We haven’t ruled out getting another dog at some time but for now, Remi will remain an only child. Thank you for breeding such smart, healthy and loving pups!
Best regards,

Katie R.


Hi Barbara,

Thanks for checking up on Porter! He’s doing well. He pretty much has potty training down and goes to the door to let us know he needs out.

He’s never gone #2 in the house(knock on wood) and if he has a peepee accident it’s typically because he’s playing hard or really distracted by company. He has sit, down, paw, come and up conquered as well. We’ve done some off leash training and he seems to stay with us, which is great!

He almost has speak down and stay is not his favorite yet. We’re getting him into puppy training class next month. So far, we’ve just had him in play groups for socialization purposes. All his other training has been done by us at home. Now in terms of chewing, we’re working on that one. It’s getting better but, our coffee table is somewhat of a goner. To be totally honest, I’m okay with that. Don’t tell my husband but, I secretly wanted a new one! Haha!

The main thing I’ve noticed is he gets bored easily. So, consistent training is great for him. He really engages and wants to get it. You can see his brain working when he locks his eyes on you. Really cute and smart!

Now that he has lots of energy, he can definitely be a challenge at times. It helps that he sleeps through the night though!

We love him so. He’s such an independent little guy but, so loving at the same time. Which is perfect for us. Although, I probably shouldn’t say little. At 15 weeks he weighs 25.2lbs. He seems to be growing so fast!

Thanks again for brining Porter into our lives! I don’t know how Jamie and I ever got along with out him!


Porters Parents



From Kimbers Mom:

Hi Barbara, As a quick update Kimber started agility training and is a star. In the evaluation she was never more than a foot from my left heel! Wow. She loved all the obstacles except the tire and she slept like the dead that evening. She is so wonderful. You’re the best. Thank you, Dy

Hi Barb. She just did another growth spurt so she is a bit lanky right now. She weighs 11.6. Pretty small but fast and smart. Really sweet and trains very easily. Great dog.  I think she will fill out a bit but she may have another growth spurt too. Apparently Aggie is a good 5 pounds larger. (Kimber attended our Puppy Boot Camp, but I take no credit for her agility skills those are Thanx to Dy’s hard work and Kimbers natural abilities)

Hi Barbara, Kimber is now 12.25 pounds. Her personality is just enchanting. I am constantly told “I don’t really like dogs but she is so sweet.” She loves her Agility games. They challenge her mind and she sleeps quite well after playing. I couldn’t imagine a more perfect dog. – Dyan



Hello Barbara,

Daisy is a shy puppy towards people. She is very outgoing towards other dogs. She is a very happy dog and calm when alone and extremely energetic when around other animals. I am using a professional trainer with her as I am unable to physically walk her to train on a leash.

She weighs about 17 lbs. Her coloring is changing, she is getting lighter colors in areas and her but looks like a white tail deer. I will try to send more photos in the next week or so.

Thank you for your follow up.




shelby mini aussiedoodle

Shelby Shay:

Puppy/Adult Update Questions:

  • Weight: 15 LBS.
  • Height: 15 1/4″
  • Length: from tip of nose to base of tail 26″
  • Do they shed? No shedding
  • Do you have problems with allergies and does your dog affect your allergies? No allergies
  • Are they curly, wavy? Wavy soft
  • Do they mat? No Mats, also water repels nicely off her fur.
  • How many times have you had to take them in to the groomer? We groomed her 1 time ourselves and a groomer 1 time. plan every 8 weeks.
  • Are they timid or shy? She is not timid but is cautious and protective when a new person comes to our house but then warms up.
  • What is the energy level/Temperament does your dog have? MEDIUM HIGH –  She has a lot of energy. She loves to play with her toys and her favorite thing to play with us is tug-a-war with the towel we dry her with from the rain and fetch. She also loves to tease us especially with socks. She will steal a sock and bring it to us so we see it in her mouth. When we go to get it she runs and the game continues..it’s a hoot!!

She has such an awesome personality we absolutely love her to pieces

– Nikki



Thank you for checking in! Rio is doing awesome, my son and him have such a special bond. One of the main factors of deciding to get a Labradoodle was because I am allergic to dogs.

My allergies have been perfect around Rio, he absolutely does not shed and I suspect he has very low dander if I am not experiencing any allergic reaction around him. I love his coat, it is a balance between curly and wavy. We get so many compliments on how handsome Rio is but most of all, he is the most sweetest puppy I have ever been around.

He comes into the office with me everyday and I have to say he has touched a lot of people’s hearts and has made a ton of friends. He has been very easy to train which was very important to me since he does come to the office with me and encounters different people everyday.

We started with crate training at night and now he sleeps in my son’s room on his own bed. I have had no issues with chewing things he is not suppose to, potty training was a cake walk and no anxiety issues, he’s laid back and very patient.

I will say he is a big boy, probably 60- 65 lbs already! I think he is a special pup and one of best decisions I made for my son and I!




“Wags” now named Lola is a multigen Labradoodle from Tippy and Hershey - she went home with her new family to Seattle Read more: https://www.dreamydoodles.com/2013-multi-gen-labradoodle-puppies-hershey-tippy/#ixzz2ZkViFoLC Under Creative Commons License: Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike Follow us: @Dreamydoodles on Twitter | DreamydoodlesNW on Facebook

“Wags” now named Lola is a multigen Labradoodle from Tippy and Hershey – she went home with her new family to Seattle

Hi Barbara,

We have really been enjoying getting to know our Lola girl! She is such a sweet and loving part of the family. I can’t believe she is 6 months old. She is still so soft and snuggly. She had her first haircut and i was amazed by how much softer she could get! We have been reminiscing about our first meeting as we drove by Woodland this weekend on our first real road trip with her. We are in Hood River for a couple nights and she is making lots of friends.

We recently met a dog at our neighborhood dog park in Seattle that looked a lot like Lola. It turns out she is Lola’s aunt! They had a great time playing and we’ve seen them a few times since. After looking back at your website I think some friends of ours may have one of Lola’s uncles. I’ll let you know what I find out:) Small world!

Laura, Rob, Tyson, Tristan and Lola




Hi Barbara. Agnes is doing great. we just adore her. if u can – feel free to forward my email to dyan who took pink girl (manhattan beach) – maybe i can chat with her about doing a puppy class together! then the girls can be reunited! best, Nancy

Agnes - Mini Aussiedoodle Puppy

Agnes – Mini Aussiedoodle Puppy

Agnes is doing great. she is a hit with the neighborhood kids. and is such a good girl. so sweet. i am feeling she is pretty well potty trained. she pooped in the house only once, and that was the first day or so we had her. as far as pee – she hasn’t had an accident in about a week…but we are all very attentive. and if we crate her if we leave, it is usually no more than 2-3 hours.

I am just anxiously awaiting all of her shots, so we can bring her out more in the world, going on longer walks in public and hiking trails. so she can come along.

she likes to be nearby more than clingy. i can throw a load of laundry in and leave her unattended, and she doesn’t make a peep. I try not to crate her unless we are leaving the house, and she is tired. but she doesn’t cry or whine to go in or get out of crate. so that was the main goal. she is like my shadow though. very cute. when i feed her and walk away, she walks after me, just to make sure i am nearby when she eats. I also have her trained to sit and stay when i put the bowl of food down. just trying to set the precedent for the future.

But hey, don’t get me wrong – i have had a couple of breakdowns thru the process…my friend called it post partum puppy syndrome….and that is the truth. it is not always easy.

But we just love her!



Maybelle - Multigen Labradoodle from Tippy and HersheyMaybelle is great! She has not had one single accident yet. In fact, she scratched at the back door when she had to go earlier! She eats well this morning and is now napping.  She’s adorable though, and so mellow. I love her!

Thanks so much!



Clementine is the size of a standard poodle. People always ask if she is a Portuguese Water Dog. She is the most loving dog and sweet dog you will ever meet.

She wants to be where you are. She is very gentle and has the kindness mannerisms. She loves taking rides in the car and coming to work with me.

She was very easy to crate/ potty train. She loves to make new friends (human/dog/cat…. Pretty much any living thing…. Even our hermit crabs)

Clementine is very smart (too smart sometimes) she figures out all the treat puzzles we get for her immediately and is Houdini…. She figured out how to open our latched gate and her crate ( I have no idea how she does it) she thinks she can fly and jumps off our deck like super dog…. Sometimes I think she is going to get hurt but nope…. She just keeps running around the back yard.

Clementine does not like to be left alone for very long (probably because we have always had nannys home and or taken her to work with us. She is very good with our one year old and eight year old kids and all the other kids that come to play. We are working on personal space and anxiety issues but she is still a puppy so I’m sure in time these behaviors will go away.
Here are some from my phone but they don’t ever turn out very well because she is so dark. I will get some more off my camera/ computer when I get home from work. – Julie


Hi Barbara,

I just have to tell you that Maybelle is SO smart! She already knows how to sit and she went for her first walk today. I had her sit before we crossed any street and when I said “come” she would come. What a smarty! She’s also already potty trained. Anytime she has to go she either scratches at the door or whines. I am in love and so impressed with my new baby girl!

Thanks so much,



F1b Labradoodle Kobe 6 weeks F1b Labradoodle Kobe  F1b Labradoodle Kobe

 Hi Barbara. Here are a couple of photos of Kobe (F1b Labradoodle from Daisy) from March 2011. He is MUCH bigger now. I will try to send a more current pic soon. He is doing great. House training was really easy and quick, and he is crate trained. We are going through a tough chewing phase with Kobe right now and he tries to eat everything, so we are still working on that!!! The kids love having a dog and we have had no allergy problems at all! Kobe goes with us to soccer games, dog parks, hikes etc. How are the other pups from the liter? – Kim



“Truly, this dog is one in million. Ever since adopting her, I am always hearing about horrible stories about puppies and how they wrecked havoc on the owner’s house, but she has been great with very minor issues. I am constantly amazed at her intelligence and intuitive-ness. 🙂 I think she is one of the smartest dogs I have ever known, and sooooo very sweet in temperment. She really just likes to be with us, and she makes me laugh every day”. – Kate


Hi Barbara and family,
We have been very busy with Teddy this last month, as you can imagine!  We want to do everything right.
First I wanted to say how much we just LOVE LOVE LOVE little Teddy.  What an amazing sweetheart – and I give all credit to you and your family.  I tell everyone I know that he had to have had some amazingly great socialization with you and your children (and hubby) to be so wonderful and loving with people.  Teddy loves everybody.  My son was here to visit for a week this month and he and Teddy really bonded.  I will try to attach a picture of he and teddy at the beach.  We wanted to introduce him to the experience.  He loved the water.  He also does very well on the leash and loves walking with me. – Joan

F1b Labradoodles Testimonials

Spring 2011 Litter

Tate – Labradoodle

Tate cried for the first ~5 mins on the car ride home, but then he fell asleep and he didn’t get sick at all!  He has really been a dream so far (I know it’s only been 24 hours, but still no inside accidents and he even whines at the front door when he has to go!!!) He’s not very happy with the crate though…we’ll have to work that one out over the coming days!  He follows me everywhere in my house – I felt bad this morning when I was putting away laundry and he kept following me, laying down where I was and then having to move again!
Here’s a couple cute pics!  He’s gotten really attached to his monkey toy :)Will send more photos as Tate keeps growing!



Moose – Labradoodle


Moose is doing good within 20 mins of leaving he was starting to whine so we stopped and he went pee and poop then got back in the van and laid down on the pillow and went to sleep the rest of he way home.  When we got hom the 1st thing we did was take him straight to the yard and he peed.  He only had one accident in the house last night.  At 1st last night he didn’t like the kennel at bedtime but we didn’t give into him and after about 10 mins. he went to sleep.  This morning he woke up and was whinning so I got him and straight outside we went and he went pee and poop.  He is eating and drinking.  He has found that my living room couch is very comfortable.  We went and got him some more toys like you have and he loves them.
You also have a great family and home.  Attached are some pictures we took of Moose last night. I will send you emails once or twice a week on how he is doing, maybe more if I have any questions.


Moose in the Snow! Moose all grown up!

Reece – Parchment Labradoodle

Happy reece - F1b Chocolate Labradoodle

Thanks so much for all the pictures!! Reece is doing awesome! She is such a wonderful part of our family! She doesnt even get in trouble anymore! haha She only chews on what we give her. She is 50 lbs at last vet visit.

Sara and Family

reece as a puppy reece as a puppy

f1b chocolate Labradoodle - reece 

Reece as an Adult

Reece was the cutest puppy and everyone just loved her! Her coat has developed into a beautiful shade of chocolate knows as Parchment just like her grandmother and also like her sister Tippy. I call it milk chocolate. She is very much loved as is totally apparent in the pictures of her at home with her family. Her Mom sends me updates often and for that I am forever grateful.

reece - 1 year old - Parchment coat reece - 1 year old reece - 1 year old - Parchment coat

 Tippy Rose – Parchment Labradoodle

Tippy Rose - Parchment Labradoodle

Puppies Going Home

Going Home

Moose and his new Family!

reece Going Home!

reece Going Home!

Tate and his new Mommy, Maggie ~ She was so excited!

Tate Going Home with Mama Maggie!

Charlie and her new kids - Going Home!

Charlie and her new kids – Going Home! Charlie was rolling in the grass!

Purple Girl going home..

Purple Girl going home..

F1 Goldendoodle - Mac - 12wks

F1 Goldendoodle – Mac going home – 12wks

Pinky going home with her new Best Friend

Pinky going home with her new Best Friend

Macalister and Matteo

F1 Goldendoodle Testimonials

Summer 2010 Litter

Here are some pictures and emails from the parents of our last litter of puppies. This was Daisy’s first litter. It was an all black litter of standard F1 Goldendoodles. Picture don’t even do them justice. They’re majestic, regal creatures with shiny coats and calm sweet temperments. They were truly a pleasure to have around. We will always miss them and remember them with joy in our hearts.

Gilly – Black Goldendoodle

We have loved our Goldendoodle, Gilly, the instant we picked her at Barbara’s house! We couldn’t wait to come back and pick her up to take her home. We were so impressed with the care of the dogs, their health, socialization, home, and obvious happiness. I love Dreamydoodles helpful and interesting website also. It’s apparent these owners really love and care about their dogs. I regularly check their website to see the newest pictures and posts.

Gilly within the first couple of weeks of coming home. Everything around her (except the laundry basket) had been claimed as hers!

Absolutely all of our dealings with Dreamydoodles was top notch. I highly recommend them and am still telling everyone who asks about our puppy about them! Our goldendoodle is happy, healthy, well adjusted, and a loving addition to our family. As promised, she does not shed! It was something I intentionally looked for in a breed, as I suffer from pet allergies. The breed shares the best traits of their parents – intelligence, loyalty, friendly and affectionate. So much fun to have with two active teenagers and extended family with many other dogs around. It is a complete joy owning one of Dreamydoodles goldendoodles. – Kristen

(Thank you Kristen! It’s easy to excel when you LOVE what your doing.)

Gilly with her Goldendoodle Cousin

Little Miss Pink is now Gilly, and is doing soooo well!!! We love her so much and she is such a happy little thing!! My daughter just keeps saying “I can’t believe how much she just loves us!” (like we had to earn it or something!) Our Chihuahua was nervous at first I guess, must be what she’s remembering. Gilly is just attacking us with love! She is a nut! She is also very smart. After constantly showing her the back door and taking her out continually to potty, she was already going to that door by the end of the first day! The only accident she had the first two days was when I went to the store and the kids were home alone with her and didn’t get her outside in time after a nap. She’s doing great in the kennel at night.

She sleeps next to my daughter’s bed. We got up with her 3 or 4 times the first night and only once the second night. She’s just doing awesome. Today is her first day at home alone in the kennel, every two hours one of us will be able to go home and let her out. No accidents in the kennel – we sectioned it off to make it small, as advised. The kids and I need to sit down together and watch all of the videos. I know they will be very helpful. All of our family met the puppy over the weekend as well. Of course they’re also in love with her.

My brother with the other goldendoodle brought his over last night. His dog is just about a year and a half old and is HUGE. She was really intimidated by him because he has no body awareness yet and just pounced at her! Eventually she came around, but the adult dog was too big and clumsy to play with yet! All in all, we’re doing fabulous. I’ll send you pictures!  Thanks for staying in touch and caring so much about your dogs. I think that’s awesome. – Kristen


Gilly as an adult..F1 Black Goldendoodle – Summer 2010 Litter

Good Girl Gilly!

Gilly is so pretty!

Lyla Lou – Black Goldendoodle

Lady Lyla

Emails from Sandra, Don and their puppy Lyla

Lyla is doing great.  We had our visit to Fremont Vet Clinic yesterday and  Lyla came though fine – perfectly healthy! She’s quite relaxed & adaptable.  Last night she slept beside me, in her bed, woke a few times but went back to sleep when stroked & reassured.  This morning very frisky, jumped all over Minntah (grand-daughter) when she came over, was very excited.  Had lots of walks around neighborhood, doing well on leash.  Played with all four grandkids.  Eating well. – Sandra and Don

I’m lucky enough to get to see Lyla now and then in downtown Portland with her parents and they even brought her by my office downtown one afternoon just so I could see her and she was so beautiful!! I was excited to see her again and I swear she still recognized me.  Haha! ~ Barbara – Dreamydoodles NW

Layla Lou all grown up!

Layla Lou all grown up!

Matteo – Black Goldendoodle

Just wanted to let you know how smart this little Matteo is. He’s just like a little sponge when I am trying to teach him something. Especially I’ve noticed since there are treats involved. That he caught on to almost instantaneously. This is so cute. If I say “Matteo can I rub your little belly?” He quickly rolls over onto his back with his front paws in the air going a mile a minute because he’s so excited he’s going to get his tummy rubbed and then get a treat. I’m going to try to attach a photo so you can see how big he has gotten. I weighed him yesterday and he was exactly 30 pounds. He is such a bear. He is just so so so awesomely cute!

Mellow Matteo

You are truly an awesome person. You go way above and beyond any breeder I’ve ever dealt with. The patience, compassion and loving  kindness you most obviously showed these puppies at their most vulnerable time is so obvious in the calm and loving nature I see in Matteo, and I’m sure the others.

And about your website – it is filled with so very much helpful information and also fun stuff and adorable pictures.
I feel blessed that I found you as a breeder.
~ Rosalie

McAllistar (Mac) – Black Goldendoodle

F1 Goldendoodle - Mac - 12wks

F1 Goldendoodle – Mac – 12wks

Email from Mac’s Mommy,
I am glad you care about him so much.  It shows the quality of care he received and makes me feel very good about recommending you to anyone who would want to get a doodle.  Laurel has already decided when she gets another doodle that she will wait for one of your litters.
His first night was great.  He did get quite sick in the car, but other than that he slept the whole way home.  Of course that meant major energy for when he got home!  He seems very comfortable and slept very well last night.  I was very impressed with how well he took to his kennel.  I figure it is probably because he had his bed and giraffe.  Thank you so much for giving us those – I am sure it helps greatly with his transition.

Mac – 12 weeks

Mac has been a great addition to my life.  I get giddy when I come home from work so we can play.  He is such a smart and easy guy and so good with children.  I get approached often by small kids who want to hug on him because he is so fluffy and he just sits there and lets them squeeze him or rolls over on his belly so they can play with him.  His temperment and easy training has made me look into seeing if he can be a volunteer dog for the Delta Society.  They have dogs and handlers that come to hospitals and hospice homes to cheer up the terminally ill.  I am waiting until he gets a little older so he won’t be too overwhelmed.

The vet complimented me on how healthy he was when he went in for his initial puppy check up and enjoys seeing him.  She said about him “If everyone had a dog like him, the world would be a much happier place.”  He is such a cheerful pooch that when he was neutered, he woke up from the anesthesia and wanted to play.  Don’t worry, he hasn’t been to the vet often, he just left a big impression on them.  🙂

As you can hopefully see from his picture, he has a beautiful coat.  He is such a handsome guy and is doing fabulously.

Oliver – Black Goldendoodle

Oliver and Teddy – Hey! Your paw is almost as big as mine? What!!

Hi Barbara,
I am writing to you to thank you for bringing Oliver (aka Blue Boy into my life. When you said he was going to change my life I didn’t quite know what you meant… but I do now. The amount of love and companionship I have found in him is boundless. I am in total love. People make fun of me because I am a crazy dog mom. For example, when I took him to the vet to get neutered I cried my eyes out and paced around the house all day. He is the joy of my day and my best friend. I couldn’t picture life without him. Thank you, Kathleen

Cooper – Black Goldendoodle

Cooper – Almost all grown up!

Cooper looking soulful..

Cooper on sofa -Black F1 Goldendoodle from Daisy

Cooper on sofa -Black F1 Goldendoodle from Daisy

Letter from Calley and Cooper

Cooper is doing really well – we adore him!  He has been such a great addition to our family, and has such a wonderful personality. He is so happy to meet new people and his tail is always wagging a mile a minute. He is very perceptive and picks up on people’s moods so well. We have a friend who recently had to put his dog down, and when he came over the next day to visit, Cooper immediately went and sat right next to him and snuggled. Usually when we have guests over, Cooper goes from person to person and wants to play, and this was the first time we had seen him do this. He also puts on a bit of a “guard dog” mentality when my husband is gone. He is super alert to any sounds that happen around the house during the night and will get up to investigate where they come from, whereas when my husband is home Cooper sleeps like a log!

He has been like a sponge with learning different commands – the only ones we are still working on are stay and heel. Both of those he can do for a while, but then he gets distracted by something and forgets what he is supposed to be doing. So we practice them in short increments, and have been gradually making him do it for longer; he is easy to re-direct when he gets distracted, because he wants to please us!

Last time we weighed him he was 54 pounds – that was probably at the very beginning of April or end of March 2011, so I would guess that he is somewhere between 55-60 now. His coat is soft and silky, with loose curls. It is black, but he has white hairs throughout, especially along his back, with a few around each eye! It definitely isn’t a fleecy coat, it feels more like a golden retriever than a poodle. He does shed some, but nothing like a lab or retriever.  Brook hasn’t had the allergic reaction that he typically has with dogs, it has been much more mild (he is pretty miserable without medication at people’s houses who have shedding dogs, but with Cooper his allergies have been much easier to handle.) We knew when we got him that because he was F1 there would still be a chance for shedding, and the allergies that come with it.

We always get compliments about what a beautiful and friendly dog he is! Thank you for checking in!

Best, Calley and Brook

Cooper in the snow - Black F1 Goldendoodle

Cooper in the snow – Black F1 Goldendoodle

I’ve attached several new pics of Cooper. It can be so hard to get cute pictures of him because he is so dark – but feel free to use them on the website if you’d like. He sheds a little – but nothing like a golden retriever or labrador. His body type is definitely tall and super skinny! He weighs between 55-60 lbs.  I’ve attached a picture of him “standing” up with me when we were on the ferry. I’m 5’11” – so it gives you a good idea of how tall he is!
He LOVES to cuddle and his favorite spot is sitting between Brook and me on the sofa…even if it doesn’t look like there is enough space, he figures out a way to squirm his way in. He is also quite the social butterfly – he loves other dogs and people, and has a ton of energy when he is in a “party” setting.  We have a lot of friends who have dogs, and we’ll often bring them over to each other’s houses when we have get togethers. At the end of the night the other dogs will happily lie down out in the grass, while Cooper will just go from person to person getting attention, and hoping to perform his tricks (sit, lie down, high five, high ten, shake, roll over) for leftovers! He will pass out when we get home, but he has serious FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) in a party setting. All of our friends compare him to Clifford the Big Red Dog (two different groups of friends have mentioned it independently of each other), which might give you an indication of his personality!

Best, Calley and Brook

Cooper all grown up!

Cooper all grown up!

Lucy – Black Goldendoodle

Letter from Marlene and Lucy

Lucy is doing great!  Just finished Obediance training and she did great and they recommended her to be a “therapy dog” to go on field trips to places like Children’s hospital for kids to pet and snuggle with.  She’s very happy and mellow and loving. Here’s a couple pictures from our play date w/ her brother Cooper (above) in Seattle.

– Marlene

Watch Out! Doodle In the Snow!

Watch Out! Doodle In the Snow!

Lucy and Cooper’s Playdate

Lucy and her Cockapoo “sister”

a Dreamydoodle Puppy reunion – Lucy and Cooper



Mini Aussiedoodle - Nash at 4 month

Mini Aussiedoodle – Nash at 4 month

Nash - 6 weeks old Mini Aussiedoodle

Nash – 6 weeks old Mini Aussiedoodle

Puppy Update From Nashville’s Mom:

Hi Barbara,

Thanks for writing. We are happy to give you a report on Nashville. She is the perfect dog in every way-we love her personality, her energy, her coat and her size. I think Molly and Concho are a perfect combination.

As you know we had a hard time trying to decide which puppy to pick based on energy levels. Nash turned out to be just right for us. She can keep up with our family on walks and adventures and has a great spark to her. However she has a magic switch that turns off when it is time to relax and she can cuddle and relax with us.

More important is the question of her temperament. She has a wonderful spark and zest yet she very much knows her place in our family. She is NOT a dominate alpha dog-she is playful and inquisitive but she is submissive when she should be. PERFECT!

Nash - 3 months old - Mini Aussiedoodle

Nash – 3 months old – Mini Aussiedoodle

Nashi stands about 15 inches tall. She weighs about 6-8 pounds. Sorry to not be exact but we don’t have a scale around here. These dogs do seem to have air in their bones…they are very lightweight.

Her coat is wavy. It is really pretty but it does tend to mat. Especially the underneath-her belly/chest and her legs. We have gotten her groomed twice but probably should have done it more often (or kept up better ourselves) as 2 days ago we had her shaved on the legs and belly/chest because her mats were too bad. She looks kinda funny now but it will grow back…

The groomer says it is the worst now because her puppy hair is still in and the other hair is growing in and it wants to mat up where the new hair comes in because the puppy hair is still there as it doesn’t shed. So grooming needs to be more of a process with these dogs. Nash’s hair was about 3 1/2 inches long on the top when we got her groomed. It didn’t mat on the top and sides…only the belly/chest and the legs.

Nash doesn’t shed. It is lovely on my carpets and bedding! My husband is allergic slightly to dogs and he has not had a reaction to Nash (and we even have her sleep with us-shhh, don’t tell 🙂 And she smells good…not all doggy.

She potty trained easily and soon was going to the door to let us know she had to go. We took her out OFTEN at first and tried to always use the same door. We crated her in our room at night and even before she was fully potty trained she could last in the crate at night for about 8 hours. She is now out of the crate at night and sleeps peacefully with us.

Well sorry to have taken so much of your time but I wanted to let you know how thrilled we are with our Nashi-poo. My Mom calls her the perfect dog.

I will try to send some pictures but she looks ridiculous now because of her shaving!




Ziggy F1 Mini Aussiedoodle from Dreamydoodles

From Ziggy’s Mom

Hi Barbara!

We are doing absolutely great with Ziggy. We love him so much. He is a great little dog. I wish we were closer so you could see him! Anyway, here are the answers to your questions.Ziggy turns 9 months old today (for reference).

Size Questions:
-He weighs 18 1/2 lbs.- He stands 16″ tall (at the shoulders). His legs are long.

-Ziggy does shed a little bit. It’s not that much, but compared to our Wheaten Terrier, he does. Compared to, for example, our friends’ Golden Retriever, he barely sheds at all! I have a funny feeling that some of the other litter mates may not shed – the ones that have more of a “doodle” look to them. He still has characteristics of an Aussie, like not much hair on his legs, feathers behind his upper legs, etc., although he is starting to look more and more “doodle-y”.

– We do not have allergies to dogs in our family so I can’t really answer that except to say that we have friends (a couple) who are allergic to dogs and they don’t seem to have a problem with him. But that isn’t the same as living with a dog, and I have hardwood floors and run air filters to keep the air clean (not because of the dog).

– His coat is not curly. It’s more wavy. It never mats at all, even though I’ve never cut it (yet) and hardly ever brush it. He has an unbelievably gorgeous coat.- As I said, he never, ever mats.

– I had him groomed once (it was just a bath and nails) to get him used to it. Now, when the groomer comes to do our Wheaten, I have her do Ziggy’s nails, but he hasn’t needed grooming yet. I bathe him myself.

– I would say that this dog is not shy at all. He loves everybody and will jump right into the lap of a stranger (and kiss their face if they aren’t careful). He is also super friendly with other dogs. And he is extremely cuddly and affectionate.

– I will say one thing – he has had some fears of wierd things like scooters, roller blades, that sort of thing. But we are working on that and it’s getting better.

– I would call this a fairly high energy dog – he needs an activity every day – BUT he is super mellow the rest of the time. As long as he gets some action at some point. This could be in the form of a walk, a romp in the park with other dogs, a training session. I notice he is much happier when given a job to do. He loves training. Having said all of this, I think it’s important to remember that he is still a puppy. I don’t know – maybe he will mellow with age (or need less sleep?).

– You didn’t ask this but I wanted to add that this is an extremely easy to train dog. I’ve never had a herding breed before and I’m amazed at the focus and intelligence. It’s remarkable. We are always surprised by him.

– This is a very human focused dog. Therefore, our biggest difficulty has been working on “social isolation” (the hardest part of the Canine Good Citizen test). I love that he wants to be with us so much but we are still working on him learning to be calm when we leave him. I’m finding the most effective way to combat this is an extended “down stay”. He’s doing great with this.

I’ve posted a few pictures so you have some of him. If you want any more, just let me know. – Amy


Tug ToyI thought you might like to know how smart your little mini Aussies really are. Ziggy was a very busy little man this morning, and so I thought I’d give him something to do that would take him a lot of time. I have a ball that we use for agility training.

It velcros shut so that you can put a treat in it, close it would you believe he had it open in 15 seconds??????? I nearly died. My big challenge is to find a puzzle that challenges him. I’ve bought a couple and he has figured them out right away. Kudos to you. Such a smart little dog. 🙂 – Amy

Ziggy also participates in Agility and is a real superstar

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