Potty Training Tips


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Potty Training Tips

  1. Feed your puppy on a strict time schedule so you have a better idea of when they’ll need to go potty.
  2. Take your puppy directly to their designated potty place after they eat, sleep or play.
  3. Seclude your puppy. Don’t give them free reign of your home because that will just set your puppy up to fail. You can use a dog crate, a puppy play pen, a crate inside of a puppy play pen or even a section of the house you’ve sectioned off and designated as your puppy zone. You can easily use baby gates to section off an area in your home.
  4. When taking your puppy out to go potty make sure you use your body language and your voice to help your puppy understand that this is potty time not play time.
  5. Repeat a potty que like “Go potty” over and over until they finally go and then give them a party with LOTS & LOTS of praise and maybe even a small treat.Don’t go overboard with the treats one or two small treats is all you need and make sure to give it to them right after they go potty so they know what the treat is for.
  6. Try holding your excitment in unti the deed is done. Don’t start praising your puppy while their still going potty because if you say “Good Puppy!!!” while their still going most likely all you’ll do is startle them into stopping.



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