Goldendoodle and Labradoodle Videos


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This is one of the first videos I saw of a Goldendoodle and I just fell in love!

The famous Youtube Simba showing off at 11 weeks. His owners did a great job with him. Too Cute! So Smart.

Simba at 8 weeks..

Simba showing off again this time at 2 years old..

Smartest Goldendoodle Puppy Video – Stella at 12 weeks old.. she is much smaller then Simba WOW!

5 Bottles 1 Doodle – Stella as an adult blowing our minds.. prepare to be amazed..!! Haha!

Tricks and commands he learned at 6 months old!! Goldendoodles have to be one of the smartest hybrid dogs!

5 month old Goldendoodle Toffee rolling over, sitting, playing dead, and doing other dog tricks

labradoodle puppy @ 6 months old welcoming home his mummy

Crazy antics by a love-able mini Labradoodle named Petey

Coco 6 Month Old Chocolate Labradoodle – Going mental

Duncan the labradoodle loves to be held and cuddled even though he is 90 pounds. It’s just so cute we can’t help but indulge him! 🙂

My dog Shilo really listens and tries to understand what I’m saying. He does this head tilting thing all the time ( I LOVE this Video)!!!

Labradoodle Puppy Playing with Her First Toys

Buster does this twice a day, every day. Another Buster trick here

Brewer the mini goldendoodle’s tricks! Only 14 weeks old!!

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