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Chocolate Mini Aussiedoodle from Freya and Rio!

I get this question from our puppy families… a lot and while I don’t have one answer to fit every puppy, there are some common possibilities!

  • My #1 tip – During the potty training period, keep your puppy on a pretty strict sleep/feed/potty schedule!
    When you take them out to go potty, don’t start praising them until they’ve completely finished the task, wait until they stand back up and THEN give them LOTS of praise MAYBE treats are just too exciting of a reward for your puppy and they might be rushing to get it done and not fully emptying their bladders first… so, instead of treats try JUST verbal praise and affection, try not to get them overly excited though, use your “calm but happy tone”!
    This behavior can also be a symptom of a “bladder infection” which can cause puppies to feel the need to go potty a lot more than usual but will only pee a little at a time, they may also start to lick their genitals a lot as well. Check the Bladder infection symptoms. Bladder infections are pretty common in puppies so try not to freak out but they would need to see a Vet as soon as possible. Bladder infections can be incredibly painful and uncomfortable. Not to mention back potty training.

  • #4 Their not let outside long enough to completely empty their bladder and bowel. Some puppies may need to go potty and then again 15 mins later. Make a potty area in your yard and it shouldn’t be used for playtime that’s why using a leash comes in handy.
  • #5 Put your puppy on a leash during potty breaks. Yes, even in your own backyard! Leashes give us control of our puppy’s movements and we can also see if they’ve gone potty or not.
  • #6 Teach your puppy to “go potty” on command! Yes, and this technique is simple and it works quickly! You just need to use and repeat the same verbal queue or phrase every time you go outside, for example, you could say, “Go Potty” over and over kinda like an annoying parrot, 🦜 until they go. Wait for them to finish and then shower them with praise and include your potty queue word again for example “Oh look you went potty outside! Good Boy”! 


Not watching if they really go potty or not. Then, when the puppy comes back from outside, they pee in the house.

– Having unrealistic expectations with young puppies. Not taking them out often enough or long enough or at the wrong time. Expecting them to get it faster or hold it longer than they can.

– Failing to clean previously soiled areas with products made for potty mistakes like *Nature’s Miricle. Puppies will pee in spots they previously peed in more often than other spots.

– Failing to learn your puppies’ potty cues or not paying close enough attention to watch for them once back inside and missing them. Potty cues are usually circling and sniffing and sometimes whining if they’re semi-potty trained and prefer to go outside or on absorbent material so if they can’t get to the grass your carpet will do.

– Leaving the puppy in a crate for more than he can hold it, causing him to have accidents in the crate which is against their natural instincts of not going potty where they sleep. Crates can be used for longer amounts of time once they’re 12 weeks and older but for younger pups, it’s 2-3 hours max. They can go longer at night, like 4-6 hours.

– If you work all day then it might help to set up a playpen area with 3 distinct areas for sleeping, eating, playing, and eliminating during the day, this is to be used ONLY if you can’t let them out of the crate every 2 hours during a more strict couple weeks of potty training.

– Giving a puppy 24/7 access to food and water. This allows them to graze all day but then they also go potty all day. Don’t use an enclosure or a schedule. If you do this then you have no idea when or where they’ll need to go.
This would be the true definition of a “flying by the seat of your pants” POTTY TRAINING protocol. 😅 *Not recommended.

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