Aussie Labradoodle Puppies – 2015

Aussie Labradoodle Puppies – 2015


Aussie Labradoodle litter!

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WEBSITE UPDATED: Feb 10th, 2015

The Parents

Tippy is such a kind soul she loves everyone she meets  927d

Tippy & Rally had 11 puppies on Thanksgiving night!!

All three breeds.. the Lab, Poodle and Aussie included in this mix are some of the very easiest to train, the smartest and the most loving family dogs you can find. We expect them to have a low to non-shedding coat, medium to high energy level with the traffic stopping coloring found in the Aussie.

Size: Small/Medium Size Dogs
Tippy is 50 lbs and 21 inches tall
Rally is 65 lbs and 22 inches tall

We predict the puppies to be in the range between their parent’s sizes. Boys being on the bigger side of the range.

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Rally the Daddy

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Aussie Labradoodles – Video Playlist

This is a playlist of ALL our videos that we took of their litter from birth to now. Most recent videos will play first and the first one is of us playing outside in the rain. Most recent video taken on Feb 7th.

In the most the videos she is referred to as red/green collar girl.


Me with the puppies at 6 weeks old and a neighbor girl who was visiting. It’s a Puppy Life..

Our Available Puppies3



Skye is a sweet baby and if very pretty. She has a nice curl to her coat and will most likely be wavy as an adult and be low to non-shedding. She will also most likely have lots of color changes as she matures..she is already starting to lighten up in her face I predict her to be a beige or a creamy cocoa color as an adult. She is a medium/high energy puppy with loads of personality! She loves kids and wants to play, run and bounce. She is ready to go home today and is already used to sleeping in her crate and is 95% potty trained. She is also doggy door and crate trained. She loves to cuddle and will be the perfect family dog for an active & loving family. She is a little star! bullet_star_red1 She wants to be the center of the fun but she is not an overly hyper puppy.. I may have said otherwise when she was 6 weeks old but now at 11 weeks she has calmed down considerably and now I would say she is just a medium energy puppy who loves your attention. She does have an off switch. She will most likely be about 40-50 pounds full grown so a smaller to medium size Doodle. She has a great solid and proportioned body structure and an adorable face with big expressive eyes. She has light greenish/hazel eyes.

Watch her playing for yourself in the video above of her and her doggy family playing outside in the rain.
The video was taken on Feb 7th, 2015

She will look like an F1 Labradoodle as an adult with a wavy coat. She does not have a Poodle coat.

Newly posted pictures from Feb, 10th below

12 Week Old Pictures

Skye_Labradoodle_7 Skye_Labradoodle_1 Skye_Labradoodle_2 Skye_Labradoodle_3 Skye_Labradoodle_4 Skye_Labradoodle_5 Skye_Labradoodle_6 Skye_Labradoodle_8 Skye_Labradoodle_10 Skye_Labradoodle_11 Skye_Labradoodle_12 Skye_Labradoodle_13 Skye_Labradoodle_14 Skye_Labradoodle_15 Skye_Labradoodle_16 Skye_Labradoodle_17 Skye_Labradoodle_18 IMG_3248 IMG_3252 IMG_3258 IMG_3290 IMG_3312 IMG_3314 IMG_3316 IMG_3318 IMG_3323 IMG_3333 IMG_3345 IMG_3346 IMG_3347 IMG_3348 IMG_3350 IMG_3351 IMG_3364 IMG_3364f IMG_3345 IMG_3346 IMG_3372


9 Week Old Pictures

IMG_3004 IMG_3003 IMG_3002 IMG_2997 IMG_2995 IMG_2993 IMG_2982 IMG_2981 IMG_2980 IMG_2979 IMG_2978 IMG_2977 IMG_2976 IMG_2973 IMG_2971 

6 Week Photos

IMG_1735 IMG_1736 IMG_1737 IMG_1739  IMG_1738   IMG_2417   IMG_2408 IMG_2410 IMG_2418  IMG_2427f IMG_1725 IMG_2418h

Trained Puppy! 
She is a great little puppy with a beautiful coat, face and temperament.

Trained Puppy Price $1,800

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What will they look like as adults?

Finley the Aussiedoodle - He is also one of Rally's sons

Finley the Aussiedoodle – He is also one of Rally’s sons – I love the Chocolates!


F1 Labradoodle Chocolate – I predict Skye will look like this as she gets older.. This puppy comes from her Grandmother Daisy


Chocolate F1 Labradoodle – I predict Skye will resemble an F1 Labradoodle as an adult


Finley! Puppy from Rally’s last litter



Speckle – Merle – Male 

Going home with Tricia and Sam!


Light Green – Chocolate – Male

Going home with Sandra and family!


Dark Green – Chocolate – Male

Going home with Michael G. and Family!


Brown – Merle – Female

Picked by Christina to be a service dog!


Pink Girl – Merle – Female

Going home with Jennifer and Jon!


Blue – Merle – Male

Picked by Tyler and Family!


Dark Green – Merle - Male

Going home with Brenda and Jessica!


Purple  – Chocolate – Female

Going home with Chris and Family!


Beige – Merle - Male

Going home with Lauren S. & Michael S.!

Beige - Merle - Male and Pink - Merle - Female (left to right)

Pipa – Merle - Female

Going home with Rebecca!

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Aussie Labradoodle Newborns


Yes, We can Ship Puppies anywhere in the United States and Canada 



Your Dreamydoodle puppy comes with:

Aussidoodle Puppy

  • Leash and collar
  • 1 toy
  • Vaccination and Health Records
  • 2 Year Health Warranty contract
  • Initial puppy vaccination
  • Initial wormings at 2, 4, 6 and 8 weeks
  • Sample of puppies current high quality food
  • Shipping Crate (if shipping)
  • One happy and healthy well socialized Dreamydoodle Puppy

Aussie/Labradoodle Current Litter List

Name and Pick Order Pickup/Ship Puppy Picked Location
1.  Rebecca F. and Family  Shipping  Turquoise Girl Cincinnati, Ohio 
2. Christina & Adam S. Pickup  Brown Girl La Center, WA
3. Jennifer & Jon C.
Pickup  Pink Girl Seattle, WA
4. Tyler M. & Family Shipping  Blue Boy Tulsa, OK
5. Brenda and Family Pickup Dark Green Merle Redmond, WA
6. Chris M. and Family Pickup  Purple Girl  Eugene, OR
7. Lauren S. & Michael S. Shipping  Beige Boy New York, NY
8. Michael G. and Family Pickup  Dark Green Boy Chocolate Spokane, WA
9. Sandra M. and Family Pickup  Light Green Boy Chocolate Vancouver, CA
10. Tricia & Sam  Shipping  Speckle Male   Fullerton, CA
11. Open Slot    Red/Green Girl  



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