The Aussiedor – Australian Shepherd-Labrador Puppies

The Aussiedor – Australian Shepherd-Labrador Puppies

The Aussiedor – Australian Shepherd & Labrador Hybrid Puppies

The Aussiedor - Australian Shepherd-Labrador Puppies

The Aussiedor – Australian Shepherd and Lab mix

The Aussiedor is a BEAUTIFUL and SMART hybrid mix between an Australian Shepherd and a Labrador Retriever

Dreamydoodles and Heather M. have professionally parted ways.

So..We NO longer breed the Aussiedor mix puppy but Dreamydoodles does plan on breeding an Aussiedoodle plus Labradoodle mix puppy this year (2016).

Please visit our Available Page or Text me at 360-448-1477 for more info on upcoming litters!


Aussiedor Puppies Aussiedor Puppies

Scout - The Aussiedor is an Australian Shepherd and Labrador Retriever  Mix

Scout – The Aussiedor is an Australian Shepherd and Labrador Retriever Mix

The Aussie Labradoodle – Australian Shepherd, Poodle and Lab mix Puppies

Aussiedor Puppies Available Now

The Aussiedor is an Australian Shepherd and Labrador Retriever  Mix

Bandit and her BarkBox subscription – Link below to get your own

Bandit - The Aussiedor is an Australian Shepherd and Labrador Retriever  Mix

Bandit the Aussiedor

The Aussie Labradoodle - Australian Shepherd, Poodle and Lab mix Puppies

The Aussie Labradoodle – Australian Shepherd, Poodle and Lab mix Puppies



The Aussiedor has been called the Sheprador….and the Aussie Shepherd


The Aussiedor is a hybrid, also known as a cross-breed. Opening your heart and home to a hybrid dog is like opening a beautifully wrapped package on your birthday: you never know what’s going to be inside. A hybrid will combine the best of two or more breeds. You get smart, easy to train, loyal, striking, har-working and loving all wrapped in one beautiful package. The make GREAT service and therapy dogs and our parents are certified therapy and service dogs.

They may have silly names to describe them..just like the rest of the new “designer breeds” but this hybrid is No Joke. They’re incredibly smart, dedicated and sweet.

The Aussiedor is not a purebred dog. It is a cross between two pure-bred dogs the AKC registered Australian Shepherd and the AKC registered Labrador Retriever. 

Labrador Retrievers and Australian Shepherds are both well-known for their high level of intelligence, loyalty and train-ability. When bred together, their offspring inherit their smarts and beauty from both sides. 

Facts About the Australian Shepherd-Labrador Mix Breed

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 pawprint If your looking for a dogs who’s affectionate, loving, and playful…

great at dog sports and hunting.. and most of all…

a patient & loyal family companion!

Then this is the Dog for you!



New Puppy Pack

shipping_puppies_2Every New Puppy Parent Receives:

  • First Puppy Vaccine (Five Way Puppy Vaccine) DA2PPV
  • Health & Vaccine Record
  • Age appropriate worming                                                                             
  • Collar, Leash and Toy
  • Sample of current Dog Food 
  • Shipping crate and Vet check (if shipping) *extra fees do apply for shipping

Best of all, a well socialized, happy, loving lifetime pet!


What’s an Aussiedor and Why?

The Aussiedor is classified as the following breed(s): herding and sporting. Herding dog breeds are a pastoral dog-type. Herding dogs have an uncanny ability to react to whistles and/or verbal commands, which is why they are typically trained to herd. Sporting breeds can help hunt birds and other small game (Note: not all animals that have this function are classified as sporting breeds). Although each dog will be unique, temperament can also help dictate each dog breeds' general disposition. The Aussiedor would be a good fit for owners looking for dogs who are affectionate, loving, and playful.

What’s the difference between a designer dog and a mutt? Generally, a mutt is of uncertain ancestry. A designer dog has documented purebred ancestry, and one knows for sure what it is. Mixed breed dogs tend to be healthier than pure-bred dogs and that has to do with something called Hybrid-Vigor (Heterosis Effect). This is also why some designer or hybrid dogs are quickly becoming as popular as many of the AKC registered pure breeds.

All the pure bred dog breeds were designed by man to accomplish certain tasks, jobs or physical features. Dog breeders have been mixing the breeds for years to develop new breeds.  In fact the Australian Shepherd breed was not even recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) until as late as 1993.

The shaping of ‘dog breeds’ first came about thousands of years ago by humans selectively breeding dogs of a certain type together with other dogs of the same or similar type. This was done in an effort to produce dogs that would resemble their parents both mentally and physically, and the reason they were doing this was because back then, dogs were needed to do specific jobs, to work. As different kinds of dogs were better at certain types of work – different dog breeds began to materialize.

So, it is no shock *to me at least* that this continues today.



 About the Parent Breeds

The Labrador Retriever

 Chocolate Labrador RetrieverLabrador retrievers are one of the most popular breeds in the USA, the Labrador Retriever is loyal, loving, affectionate and patient, making a great family dog. Highly intelligent, very willing and eager to please, it is among the top choices for service dog work. Labs love to play, especially in water, never wanting to pass up the opportunity for a good swim. These lively dogs have an excellent, reliable temperament and are friendly, superb with children and equable with other dogs. They crave human leadership and need to feel as though they are part of the family. Labs are easily trained.

Labrador Retrievers excel at flyball, dock diving, tracking, search and rescue, field trials and hunting, assistance dog work SD Denaliand obedience. They’re stellar hiking partners. Fortunately for most Service Dog handlers, Labrador Retrievers are quite adaptable. Once out of the puppy phase, they’re flexible with their needs. If you need a day to simply relax and lounge, they’re happy to keep you company. Once you’re ready to face the world, they’ll always be by your side, shoring you up, no matter what you’re doing or where you’re going.

The Australian Shepherd

Aussie's excel at all dog sports including agilityAustralian Shepherds or the “Aussie” are easy-going, remaining puppy-like even in their adult years. This courageous dog makes a good watchdog for the home. Aussies are excellent with children, even with an active child, as they love to play. They are devoted, loyal friends and guardians, for they are naturally protective. Affectionate, very lively, agile and attentive—they are eager to please, with a sixth sense about what the owner wants. Australian Shepherds are highly intelligent and easy to train. Love to work for their owner and have a job to do. There is just not enough room to write all the high points of the Aussie or words to express them. 

Aussie’s excel at all dog sports including agility, dock jumping, frisbee tricks, herding, hunting.. you name it an Aussie can do it. Aussies excel in simple obedience training, and once they have mastered the basics should be enrolled in an advanced course, or more appropriately, agility training.

One of the most intelligent breeds and easiest to train, Australian Shepherds can be trained to do just about any task put before them. A firm hand is not needed to train this breed; positive reinforcement works just fine. They are a people-pleasing breed and quickly learn behaviors that are consistently rewarded with praise, or a small treat. 

Training should begin early with Aussies and the Aussiedor.

The Australian shepherd is a medium sized breed of solid build. They can be anywhere from 30–65 pounds and anywhere from 17–26 inches in height.

Combine all of the qualities of these two breeds… and it gives you a dog that is smart, active, easy to train and loyal to the end and lets not forget BEAUTIFUL!

*We’re not in love with any of the names given to this hybrid mix so far… but we have had some really heart-felt testimonials from Aussiedor families that say this is by far the best dog they’ve ever owned or trained so we can live with the names.. if Labradoodle and Auss-Tzu owners can so can we…(wink). You’ll have to look-up the Auss-Tzu if you’re curious.


Personality Traits, Temperament, and Training

australian-shepherd-chocolate-lab-mixcharlie-the-labrador-mix-puppies-daily-puppy-kwnkgwa7â—¼ The Labrador-Shepherd mix is a very friendly dog. He is an absolute delight to have around.

â—¼ His shepherding instincts are bound to be strong; although with mixed breeds, it’s difficult to ascertain the personality, as the offspring takes on qualities of both parent breeds.

â—¼ This dog is mild-mannered, and is very patient as well. This makes him a good pet to have around young children.

◼  These dogs love to play for hours on end, and enjoy the outdoors. 

â—¼ Their high energy levels make it mandatory to indulge them in heavy physical exercise every day. As the parent breeds are mainly field dogs, don’t expect this breed to be couch potatoes.

â—¼ Along with physical activity, these dogs need plenty of mental stimulation, given their high level of intelligence. Teach your dog tricks to keep his/her interest alive, or even design treasure hunts to keep her engaged while you’re away at work.

â—¼ While the breed is inherently gentle, their herding instincts may at times take over, making them a little overbearing with young children or other small pets in the household.

â—¼ To avoid this, behavioral training is necessary since puppyhood. Besides the basic commands like ‘up’, ‘sit’, and ‘heel’, your dog needs to obey the sound of his pack leader’s (your) voice and retreat immediately. You can avail the services of professional trainers to get the techniques right.

Red Tri colored Aussiedor - Australian Shepherd-Labrador mix puppy

Red Tri colored Aussiedor – Australian Shepherd-Labrador mix puppy

Australian Shepherd-Labrador Mix as Adults

â—¼ Aussiedors tend to get bored with inactivity, so there’s a chance that your mix breed may behave the same. These dogs are not satisfied with a 10-minute walk around the block, but love vigorous exercise.

â—¼ They hate spending time indoors all day, so it isn’t a good idea to keep them locked up in an apartment. They are more suitable for people who will spend ample time with them each day and indulge in playing and exercise.

◼ Australian Shepherd-Labradors can take on the appearance of either parent, or are a mix of both. Therefore, your Lab-Shepherd mix may have varying colors, medium density coat, and the expressive eyes from both breeds.

â—¼ They are mid-sized dogs, with their weight ranging between 35 to 55 pounds.

 Australian Shepherd / Labrador mix. Beaux - Aussiedor Adult

“This is my wonderful best friend Beaux (I am his owner)! He is an Australian Shepherd / Labrador mix. Beaux is almost 11 months old and still a big puppy that loves to play. He is very loving, loyal and I think he got the best of both breeds!”

(found quote and picture on

Aussiedor Videos…

*Share your Aussiedor Videos and Pictures with us, we would love to see them!

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I am a cage and kennel free in-home dog breeder. I am very much against housing dogs in cages for breeding purposes. All our dogs are considered family pets but have also been hand selected from around the country for their solid temperaments, pedigree and good health. I take my job very seriously and you can tell by the quality of my dogs and puppies. I feed our dogs a nutritious well rounded diet for optimal health and all our puppies are raised in our home with our family and well socialized from day one. You are welcome to visit my home and pick up your puppy and see with your own eyes exactly how we do it.

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Aussiedor Puppy Nursing Aussiedor Puppy Pile

*These puppies do not come with AKC papers but can be registered with the Continental Kennel Club (CKC) if you like, both parents are registered with the AKC and are pure-bred.


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