Why Breed a “Mutt”?

Why Breed a “Mutt”?

Why Breed a “Mutt”?

Kona - F1 Mini Aussiedoodle

Kona – F1 Mini Aussiedoodle

I get asked a lot.. “why breed a mutt?” We breed these dogs because we’re basically addicted to Doodles and we 100% believe that they’re the very best family dogs and I would never call them Mutts, I call them hybrids which is what they are. Some people (especially the “pure bred” dog breeding community) believe that breeders who breed Poodle Hybrids or “Designer Dogs” (and I hate that term by the way) are not as serious or as educated as they are or we’re only in it for the money and I can tell you right now… that’s a load of rubbish.

All PURE dog breeds were designed by man, you’re not going to find cave drawings of a Pug or a German shepherd.. because these breeds have all been developed by man, for man. So, who says that we’re done creating new breeds? Who says that all new breeds are BAD? The purebred dog breeders? Who are the breed police anyway? The AKC? I think not.

There are some very unscrupulous “Doodle” dog breeders out there JUST like there are unscrupulous pure bred dog breeders. It’s just from my personal experience is where I am coming from here… I have not had the best experiences with breeders in general but for the most part I have found that the really serious breeders do it by the book while others… well.. they are literally in it for the quick buck which doesn’t usually work out for them anyway.

Just because Doodle breeders don’t breed our dogs for show does not mean diddly in regards to our passion, morals, breeding goals and our husbandry knowledge. Doodle breeder are some of the very best I’ve met in the dog breeding industry. Hands down. So don’t listen to the hype that all doodle breeders are “backyard breeders” or just in it for the money. Some are yes, but so are pure dog breeders. It’s an unfair blanket statement and it’s false.

((steps off soapbox))

It’s been recently announced that “Mixed Breeds” can compete in AKC sporting events now!

The Facts on Pure Breeds and Mixed Breeds:

  • As many as 25 percent of the 20 million purebred dogs in the US are afflicted with a serious genetic problem due to over breeding.
  • Mixed breeds, on the other hand, have something called hybrid vigor. When you mix two or more separate gene pools, the recessive genes that carry the health problems are buried. As a result, you get a healthier animal. Simply put, mixed-breed dogs are, in general, healthier than their purebred cousins and typically require fewer visits to the veterinarian.
  • Mixed breeds are also more temperamentally sound than purebreds. Not all chows are aggressive, not all cockers have a nervous tendency to bite and not all retrievers are gentle, but generalizations about breed temperament often hold true, at least to some extent. Mixed breeds are typically less extreme temperamentally. Character and behavioral traits do manifest in mixed-breed dogs, but in a diluted form.
  • They’re Healthy, Reliable and what Nature intended in the First Place.

So.. now you know why I breed a mixed breed.. because I love them and our families love them too.


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