Cancer in Dogs – NuVet Plus

Cancer in Dogs – NuVet Plus







hdr_trynuvetTry NuVet Plus for two months at no risk with
our 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

This supplement is not available in stores or directly to the general public. You can only purchase NuVet Plus when you get a recommendation from a pet professional such as a Veterinarian. For a limited time, we are providing concerned and caring pet owners a special accommodation to acquire this vital supplement directly from the manufacturer, at a price every dedicated pet owner can afford.
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“Tumor Shrinking”
“We started Jimmy D on NuVet Plus, twice a day, in Feb 2010. The tumor was almost the size of my thumb nail and bothering Jimmy a lot. After about two weeks Jimmy seemed to be more alert and more energetic. From day one Jimmy ate the tablet with pleasure. He looks forward to his treat morning and night. No fooling around with his treat he LOVES them. After about a month he seems to have lost some weight and had a spring in his step. He seemed to get some puppy back in him. He was healthier all around.

I also noticed the tumor was not growing and seemed to be getting smaller. A black tip formed at the end of the tumor. Two weeks later it was noticeably smaller. It was SHRINKING! The tumor was the size of my index finger nail and getting smaller week by week. This was a miracle to us. By the time two months have passed, Jimmy’s tumor is nearly disappeared. Jimmy has never been better.

We are so pleased with the result, we recommend this to anyone with a dog, with or without issues. Jimmy had gone back in age not forward. We are so grateful to NuVet and will keep giving him this tablet as a multi vitamin to keep him happy and healthy… We are so confident and believe NuVet to help in many ways we have started our other Pug, Roxy, of 9 years on one tablet a day…

Thank you NuVet, we don’t know what we would have done if we didn’t find your web site.”

Donna Sullivan,
New Hampshire


“Almost Completely Dissolved!”
“My name is Lisa and I want to start by saying thank you Jesus for leading me to this product, and thank you Nuvet for making a product like this available. I have a 9 year old Boxer that I adopted 8 years ago. She has always been in good health and one day I noticed a growth on her ear that continued to get bigger.

Afraid of what the vet would say I decided to research online and came across Nuvet. I decided to pray and try this first, not very optimistic and desperate. So we began our treatment one in the morning and one and night… and I’m happy to say 6 weeks later this thing has almost completely dissolved!!! Her hair is starting to grow back, and it’s gone!”

Thank you Nuvet!

Lisa Steele and Brandi,


“Tremen-dous Results!”
“On behalf of my family and Rocky, we would like to thank you NuVet!
The NuVet Plus wafers are showing tremendous results in Rocky’s fatty tumors.
He has more energy and his eyes have become clearer.”

Josh Dwyer,



Your Dog’s Tumors & Lumps Can Be Helped Today!

Lumps and tumors have a wide spectrum of symptoms and causes. The biggest challenge is that the source of the problem is often not addressed and subsequently mistreated. The symptoms are treated without solving the underlying issue. NuVet Plus not only helps addresses the symptoms, it also helps deal with the core problem, safely helping to heal and rebuild damaged nerve sheaths that have become hypersensitive due to numerous elements. NuVet Plus helps to eliminate the issue!



NuVet Plus consists of natural amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, herbs, and more – and the ingredient’s in NuVet are easy for your dog’s body to absorb. Nutrients are quickly used by your pet’s metabolism, providing the full benefit of each critical ingredient. This supplement should not interfere with any medications your dog may be taking. Because NuVet Plus is natural, mostly water soluble using the highest quality, human-grade ingredients, this supplement will not irritate your dog even if he or she has a sensitive stomach.

Tumors & Lumps Can Be Helped Now

An unhealthy diet, environmental contaminants, viruses, and a weakened immune system are clearly some of the causes that leads to lump & tumor growth and cancer break out. No wonder why dog cancer occurs mostly among older dogs, 10 years and above because older dogs generally have a weaker immune system.

Made with the Same Strict Guidelines as Human Supplements

That’s why this wonder dog health supplement is primarily designed to boost your dog’s immune system and keep it in a healthy balance. By doing so, your dog is better able to fight the damage of free radicals that attack its cells daily, and that eventually lead to growth lumps and tumors sometimes which are even cancerous. The best method for long term success is a two-pronged attack on the tumor or lump. The first step is to reduce the size (See Ingredient shark cartilage below). The second step is to address the underlying cause of the problem which is a failure of your pet’s body to recognize unsafe/cancerous cells as intruders and eliminate them. The failure to recognize these dangerous cells is what allows the tumors or lumps to originate, grow, and return if not dealt with.

Put an End to Expensive Vet Bills

Where other solutions stop working this supplement starts healing the immune system by flushing toxins out of the bloodstream. It helps to improve the dog’s metabolism of fat which is how the body absorbs and process’ crucial enzymes, vitamins, and minerals so your dog can get the full healing properties of the natural ingredients. It accelerates the body’s absorption of amino acids which repairs damaged cells and helps your dog maintain the proper balance of hormones and enzymes to maintain a healthy Thyroid and Pituitary. By aggressively addressing the issue at the source, the tumor or lumps can be eliminated, while concurrently strengthening its resistance to the cause of the problem.

Over 30 Natural Ingredients & Nutrients
– Formulated for Easy Digestion

Below are a Few that Specifically Target Lumps & Tumors


Alfalfa exhibits anti-bacterial and anti-tumor properties. It is a rich source of many vitamins, minerals, amino acids (such as tryptophan), digestive enzymes, and proteins that are necessary for a balanced diet. These nutrients build a strong and healthy body that can resist attacks from invading organisms that would otherwise weaken the immune system. Considered a very nutritious herb, Alfalfa also contains chlorophyll, which cleanses the blood stream and colon.

Blue Green Algae is a rich chlorophyll source that has been shown to be a detoxifier that strengthens the immune system and promotes intestinal regularity. It also boosts hemoglobin production and helps purify the blood. The trace minerals found in Blue Green Algae are Boron, Calcium, Chlorine, Chromium, Cobalt, Copper, Fluorine, Geranium, Iodine, Iron, Magnesium, Manganese, Molybdenum, Nickel, Phosphorus, Potassium, Silicon, Sodium, Tin, Titanium, Vanadium, and Zinc.

Papain contains anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor properties. Fundamentally aids in the digestion of protein. Papain’s activity helps to cleanse the tissues and intestinal walls. Papain has a unique ability to break down protein and convert a portion of it into Arginine (an amino acid that is an essential dietary nutrient). Arginine is extremely important because in its natural form, it has been found to influence the production of HGH. HGH, produced in the pituitary gland, is directly responsible for DNA and RNA replication as well as synthesis in liver, muscle, cartilage, and adipose tissues.

Selenium is an essential trace mineral whose principal function is to inhibit the oxidation of lipids (fats). It is a vital antioxidant, especially when combined with Vitamin E. It protects the immune system by preventing the formation of free radicals. It has also been found to function as a preventative against the formation of certain types of tumors.. Selenium deficiency has been linked to cancer and heart disease.

Shark Cartilage contains proteins that stop angiogenesis, the process of blood vessel development. Tumors need a network of blood vessels to survive and grow, so cutting off a tumor’s blood supply starves it of nutrients, causing it to shrink or disappear. Like all other living things, if the tumor is denied nourishment, it will die. The shark cartilage in NuVet Plus® is obtained from non-endangered species, and is sourced from a renewable fishing industry in the Atlantic. Shark cartilage also stimulates the cellular and hormonal components of the immune system.

See Full Ingredient List


Thousands of America’s Veterinarians and Pet Professionals have been using NuVet as the cornerstone for the health of their client’s pets as well as their own. Their common bond is that they are all animal lovers and they share the positive goals of NuVet Labs®. Their veterinary expertise helps make NuVet Labs® the leader in new, innovative products for pet heath throughout the world.





“Lumps are Gone”
“Sandy, our 3 year old Goldendoodle started to get a mysterious lump on her nose about a year ago. I took her to the vet who was clueless as to what the bump could be. All three vets in the practice didn’t know what could have caused that bump. We tried antibiotics, anti-inflammatories (2 kinds), but nothing worked…Another vet tried another anti-inflammatory that seemed to work a little. Over the last few months my dog developed a strange lump on her lip that slowly grew to about 1/4″, and several lumps under her skin on her body. One lump was the size of a quarter on her side. The lump on her nose grew back, and was the size of a nickel and around 1/2” high. Two weeks ago I googled “dog tumors” and NuVet popped up. After reading the glowing reviews I ordered it… We gave the supplements to Sandy now for a week exactly, (2 tablets a day) and I am here to tell you that the lumps are all GONE! After a WEEK!! I would have NEVER believed this! Thank you so much NUVET! Now, do y’all make this in human formula?”

Harriet Duranthon,



“Changed our Lives”
“I was nearly in tears the night I discovered your web site. My 11 year old dog Issabelle had lumps growing on her sides and belly. While my dog is worth more to me than anything I cannot spend the thousands of dollars I was reading about to deal with the problems I could see developing. I read the articles and stumbled across your site and took a chance, and ordered the NuVet plus hoping what I read was true, and it was! I am ready to order my second bottle and my dog will take these pills for the rest of her life. She could not get into the car on her own two months ago and was not very active. I could tell even going out to go to the bathroom was a chore for her. Within three weeks she was like a puppy again! She is her old self again and I cannot be more thankful. And the lumps are shrinking. It has changed her and my life. Thank you so much for giving me more time with my dog. I gladly tell everyone I know about your product. Again thank you.”

Chris Williamson,


“No More Growths”
“Hojy’s pills arrived recently and that reminded me that I owe you a follow-up email. If you’ll recall, I phoned you in late 2011 after we had had such a horrible time with allergies, vet visits, steroid shots and sprawling growths with our Hojy.

Well, during 2012, since she’s been on your pills, she has had no vet visits related to allergies, no steroid shots and no more sprawling growths. What a blessing that has been…And I did want to mention that Hojy will be 12 later this year and is as spry and frisky as a puppy, and still hikes about 5-miles or more on her twice-a-day walks with her two much larger buddies. Thanks for listening, and thanks for your product.”

Bill Hudec,


“Totally Different Dog”
“I have to tell you how truly grateful we are for your WONDERFUL product. Our 3 1/2 year old little rescue dog Lacey is a new dog. One day I found a lumps on her and that scared me. I have had a precious dog die from mammary cancer… So when I found this on my new little dog I was totally in tears. I did some research and after just a few days the lump started to grow and felt like a bunch all connected. I just couldn’t put her through what my precious Misty had been through…That’s when I found your product. I couldn’t believe it but after her lumps growing every day more and more after only 4 days (I know that sounds unbelievable) the lumps were harder to find…I can happily say that after 10 days they were GONE! That was over 6 months ago and they have shown no sign of returning…THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I can’t ever thank you enough.. just a side blessing her skin and hair is more silky and full. She looks like a totally different dog…”

Betsy Stevwing,
North Carolina




“Tumor is 99% Gone”
“About 2 1/2 yrs ago, my then 2 yr old American Pit Bull Terrier had developed a tumor, the size of a large pea on the outside of his front paw. It grew rapidly but stopped and remained that size for a couple of months. It never seemed to bother him but the vet advised that it was to be removed as soon as possible and had to be biopsied. Luckily it was benign, however, his recovery took 2.5 months. His wound was unable to heal because of where the tumor was located, there was insufficient skin to be stitched together so the inside of the wound had been left open. I didn’t want to see him suffer again when I sadly discovered 4 weeks ago another tumor growing on his back paw. I researched as much as possible, hoping to find an alternative, when I came across NuVet. I immediately placed an order and 7 days after the onset of the tumor, I began Kikoda on 1 wafer a day for the first week, then 2 a day thereafter. It is now exactly 25 days later and the tumor is 99% gone. I have included pictures of his progression. I cannot say enough how grateful I am as well as in awe. Thank you NuVet Plus for helping and healing my best friend.”

Tara Brousseau,


“Seeing is Definitely Believing!!”
At basically one month of giving my beloved mixed breed therapy dog Beck, NuVet Plus, his skin where I’ve felt lumps and bumps of superficial tumors (diagnosed by our vet as not serious currently) in the past now feels TUMOR-FREE! I am so blown away…I really didn’t expect it to work to the degree that is has, but I know this dog inside and out, and I know all the little bumps I would feel in various spots along his body. They are gone!

Kathi Jo Zornes,



Your dog’s safety is protected by the same strict guidelines reserved for human pharmaceuticals! NuVet products are manufactured in a human-grade FDA-registered laboratory with GMP standards, using only the highest quality ingredients, all of which are microscopically tested and quarantined through every step of the manufacturing process. We manufacture in California which demands lead testing that is much more stringent than what the federal standards are. A Certificate of Analysis (CofA) is provided with each separate ingredient used, verifying that all product specifications are met.

Virtually no other pet supplements are manufactured this way because of the expense and close monitoring required.

Over Eight Years to Develop this Formula

NuVet products were developed over eight years by veterinarians, a nutritional scientist, a pharmacist, and a physician who were concerned with the sub-standard nutrition and nutritional supplements in the pet industry. The formula is synergistic and developed for optimal health.

Cold-Processed to Retain the Nutrients of the Unique Ingredients

NuVet Plus is never heat treated during any of the processing stages. By eliminating heat from the manufacturing process, the natural healing properties of the vitamins, enzymes, and omega fatty acids are preserved. To maintain optimum potency, we use real chicken liver that is ‘paddle dried’ using a patented process.

Natural & Safe

The pet food and pet supplement industries are not regulated as closely as the human food industries, leading to incidents of pet food and supplement contamination and toxicity. Where other companies seek to cut costs and sacrifice quality, NuVet Labs has maintained a perfect safety record with no recalls.

For a limited time – we are now offering NuVet Plus directly from the manufacturer. We want to provide loving pet owners the ability to purchase our revolutionary product because you have taken the time to educate yourself about proper pet nutrition and you care in trying to help your dog or cat. We want to provide this opportunity at a price every devoted pet owner can afford.

You could spend hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars
on expensive treatments and still not get results.

The best part about this opportunity is, that it’s risk free.

For dogs and cats weighing 5 lbs to 110 lbs, a supply is…

ONLY (90 servings) – $55.50 or just 62 cents a day!

Auto Ship Discount (90 servings) – $47.15 or just 53 cents a day!bottle_wbullets_01_r1

NuVet is not available in stores or directly to the general public. You can only purchase NuVet Plus when you get a recommendation from a pet professional such as a Veterinarian. For a limited time, we are providing concerned and caring pet owners a special accommodation to acquire this vital supplement directly from the manufacturer, at a price every dedicated pet owner can afford.


Standard maintenance dosage for healthy pets:

Weight Dosage
Up to 5 lbs. 1/2 wafer (or tsps. of powder) per day
5-100 lbs. 1 wafer (or tsps. of powder) per day
Over 100 lbs. 2 wafers (or tsps. of powder) per day


Initial dosage for pets experiencing health conditions:

Weight Dosage
Up to 10 lbs. 1-1.5* wafers (or tsps. of powder) per day
11-30 lbs. 1.5-2* wafers (or tsps. of powder) per day
31-70 lbs. 2-3* wafers (or tsps. of powder) per day
Over 70 lbs. 3-4* wafers (or tsps. of powder) per day


The above listed temporary dosages are higher than the standard maintenance dosages listed on the bottle. The increased dosage should be followed until significant improvement is apparent, after which the standard dosages should be sufficient for ongoing maintenance of optimal health.

The time frame necessary to see improvement can vary; many factors can affect the healing process (e.g., genetics, environment, diet, age, severity of the condition).


Call-Toll Free:1-800-474-7044  use ref: 25290

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