Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

Dreamydoodles Code of Ethics

The Breeder will have the welfare of their breeding dogs and their Labradoodles and/or Aussiedoodle foremost in mind and never knowingly or willingly do anything that compromises their well being.

The Breeder will ensure that they have the necessary time, facilities and resources to properly care for the all the dogs on their property.

The Breeder will provide quality shelter, nourishment, grooming, exercise,
proper socialization, health protection and veterinary care for all the dogs.

The Breeder will never sell, give or trade their breeding dogs, Labradoodles or Aussiedoodles to a research laboratory, pet shop, broker, and dealer or to anyone known to sell to such enterprises.

The Breeder will never abandon or place their breeding dogs, Labradoodles or Aussiedoodles (dogs or puppies) in a shelter, pound, SPCA, Humane Society or similar facility.

The Breeder will perform due diligence in selecting and pairing their breeding dogs, and will perform at a minimum, hip testing on medium and standard size breeding dogs. Hip testing is optional for miniature breeding dogs.
They will provide a breeding dogs’ medical history, medical test results and pedigrees upon the request of a prospective purchaser.

The Breeder will not knowingly breed any dog that has been diagnosed with any significant medical condition that affects the health of the dog or puppies. Nor shall the Breeder knowingly breed any dog that has received poor test scores
for condition(s) that can potentially affects the health and long term quality of life of the puppies.

The Breeder will not dock healthy tails of the Labradoodles or Aussiedoodles.

The Breeder will only breed dogs with balanced temperaments. (Extreme shyness or aggressiveness will not be bred.)

The Breeder’s facility shall, at some point in the purchase of a puppy, be available for viewing by the buyer. The Breeder can restrict the conditions, area and time available for such viewing in order to protect the health of their dogs.

The Breeder will provide a minimum of a 2-year written Health Warranty, which will be provided for each puppy sold.

The Breeder will provide the Health Warranty (either electronic or paper) to any person considering one of their dogs. A deposit or commitment is not required for this information.

The Breeder will carefully screen prospective purchasers to find the most suitable homes. The Breeder will not place a puppy in a new home before the age of eight weeks.

The Breeder will provide each dog purchaser with at least the following:
1. A written contract and/or agreement explaining the terms of sale
2. A minimum of a two-year Health Warranty
3. Complete and accurate medical records of the puppy
4. Details on proper care and feeding

The Breeder will encourage (or require) doodle purchaser to:
1. Spay or Neuter their puppy
2. Provide indoor shelter
3. Properly train and socialize
4. Provide proper vet care, nutrition and exercise
5. Contact them in the event that they can no longer keep the doodle

The Breeder may permit guardianship, stud services and lease studs or bitches, but only to individuals who give satisfactory evidence they will give them proper care and attention and are in accord with this Code of Ethics.

The Breeder will strive to be easy to talk to, eager to answer questions, responsive in returning calls or e-mails in a timely manner.

The Breeder will refrain from any deceptive advertising and will be honest and professional when dealing with other breeders and doodle owners.

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