Dreamydoodles and AKC Canine Sports and Obedience Competitions and Training Certificates for Doodles and other Mixed Breed Dogs!

Dreamydoodles and AKC Canine Sports and Obedience Competitions and Training Certificates for Doodles and other Mixed Breed Dogs!


Standard size Multigen Labradoodle - Aero - Dock Diving Diving - Agility Rock Star!The AKC obviously does not recognize our AMAZING Doodle mixed dogs as pure bred dogs so they don’t come with AKC papers but with the AKC Canine Partner Program you can register your Labradoodle to participate in the AKC Canine Sports and Obedience!

The AKC Family Dog Program offers to teach families how to best communicate with their dogs (including the AKC S.T.A.R. PuppyCanine Good Citizen, and AKC Community Canine and Urban Canine Good Citizen Test) they begin by teaching basic skills such as sit, down, and come and they build on these skills as dogs move from one activity to the next.

The result is a dog that any owner can be proud to take into the community and if you wanna go the extra mile…There’s also 5 AKC Trick Dog titles you can earn with your dog! 

Dreamydoodle Aero who is a Multigen Labradoodle has passed his “Canine Good Citizen” obedience test before the age of one and Ollie a Mini Aussiedoodle (pic above) passed his CGC test at 8 months also one of the youngest in his class!

Ollie is also a registered Therapy Dog.  Aero also started Dock Diving and Agility and now at only 2 years old he’s very quickly becoming a agility and dock diving champ!  Thanks to his Mom Sharon who’s given Aero the opportunities too reach his full potential and he’s one VERY happy & accomplished Dood!

You Will Get Out What You Put Into Your Puppy!

Of course, it’s not all that EASY either… we can’t promise you the perfect all around dog from day one.. we can however provide you with a well proven & great base puppy to work with!  But of course you still need to socialize and train your puppy for them to reach their full potential! 

Mini Aussiedoodle training in agility

Aussiedoodles and Labradoodles are both highly intelligent,  adaptable and intuitive dogs.

The Poodle is the #2 Most Intelligent breed only after the Border Collie.  The Labrador Retriever and the Australian Shepherd are two of the easiest to train and most loyal dog breeds.

So, if you’re looking for a smart and easy to train dog then look no further. 

If you put in the time and consistent training our Labradoodles and Aussiedoodles can not only compete alongside the “pure bred” dogs in the AKC DOG SPORTING COMPETITIONS but they can also blow some of those pure bred dogs clean out of the water and win!

Our Puppy Training Incentive Program

Mini Australian Shepherd Labradoodle Winnie Graduates

Alot of our Dreamydoodles have passed the Canine Good Citizen test and I am proud of each and every one of them and had no doubts that they easily could! Dreamydoodles recently started a Puppy Training Incentive Program where you can actually win prizes for your puppies accomplishments! If you’re puppy graduates a 6 wk Puppy Training Class, we’ll send you a Personalized Leash and Collar or Toy pack! Same goes if your puppy passes the Good Citizen Test or is enrolled in any formal dog sports. Just send us a picture and we’ll ship you your prize! We want to encourage our families to take training seriously!

Bonanza the Labradoodles certificate of achievement


Mini Aussiedoodle - "Goose" - jumping poles in agility!

Luckily we have some pretty amazing Dreamydoodle families, who’ve kept us up to date on all their Doods lives,  so we’ve gotten to see them do it all from surfing, yes really, to riding on jet skis!! 

Aussiedoodle Kula and owner Syd on a wave runner

Standard Aussiedoodle “Kula” and his owner Syd on a wave runner!

Check out more of Kula’s adventures for yourself! Hop over to our Featured Families Page and also our Family Group Page on Facebook! To see more updates on our Dreamydoodles lives! 

Mini Aussiedoodle Ollie after passing his Good Citizen Test! “Great Dogs are not just Born or Bred, Great Dogs are also Trained”.

The first 4 months of a dogs life is the most important stage of development!  Just stay away from high dog traffic areas until after 16 wks but get them out into the world right away and I have no doubt your Dreamydoodle can do whatever you have your heart set on doing!  

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