Drug Dosage Chart for Dog Breeders

Drug Dosage Chart for Dog Breeders

Drug Dosage Chart for Dog Breeders

Included in the chart is the dosages for Albon,  Amoxicillin,  Baytril,  Cephalexin,  Asprin,  Clavamox,  Corid, Benadryl for dogs and puppies etc… 

Click here to download the full .xlsx file…..

Drug Dosage Chart for Dog Breeders

Click the image to view full size image, Click the text link (above) to download the actual working spreadsheet file…

This is a XLSX file extension or spreadsheet file which can be opened with Windows Excel. However,  If you do not own Excel you can download “Open Office” for free at the link below: 


This file was created by a Vet’s office, however,  I am not a vet myself.  All dosages of ANY medication should ALWAYS be double checked by YOUR Vet first. Please use this chart at your own risk. 

Thank you to Lori from Starcreekkennel.com for sharing this file with me.



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