Mini Blue-Eyed F1 Aussiedoodle Puppies

Mini Blue-Eyed F1 Aussiedoodle Puppies

Mini Blue-Eyed F1 Aussiedoodle Puppies

Mini Aussiedoodle -

Molly had 9 puppies on 6/12/2013


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Our Mini Aussiedoodle puppies are a mix between our Moyen size Poodle and Toy Australian Shepherd.

Aussiedoodles have been around for years now but are just now starting to see the kind of popularity other poodle hybrid dogs like the Labradoodle and Goldendoodle have had for some time. Thing is not very many Doodle breeders have caught onto what an amazing hybrid this is!! So they’re much harder to find…especially Aussiedoodles with genetic testing behind them. I’ve personally owned and bred the Labradoodle, Goldendoodle and Aussiedoodle and the Aussiedoodle is my favorite. Not just because of their amazing coat colors and beautiful eyes but because of how smart and willing to please they are.. just like the Australian Shepherd. If you have ever watched an Australian Shepherd working with his trainer then you know what I mean…you can see in their face how much they’re engaged and enjoying working for their owner. Treats are not even necessary to train an Australian Shepherd or Aussiedoodle. Praise is enough and that is why I love the Aussiedoodle. They want nothing more than to make their owners happy… and PLUS they don’t shed or smell! Who could ask for more in a dog? 

These puppies will be Mini in size between 16-18 pounds full grown and 16-18 inches tall (from floor to top of front shoulder). They will be VERY low to NON-SHEDDING dogs. They also have low dander which makes them a great choice for the dog and pet allergy sufferers.

A common misconception about pet allergies is that people are allergic to the dog fur. But as the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America points out, “People with pet allergies have supersensitive immune systems that react to harmless proteins in the pet’s dander (dead skin that is shed), saliva or urine. These proteins are called allergens.” 

Learn more about the Aussiedoode by visiting our page, All About Aussiedoodles!

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Mini Aussiedoodles

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Current Puppy Litter List:

  1. Amy & Family – Baby Blue Merle Boy
  2. Jay & Nancy – Red Collar Merle Girl
  3. Sam and Sharon – Purple Girl – Puppy Boot Camp
  4. Tomas, Nikkie & Alicia – Yellow Girl
  5. Dyan - Pink Ribbon Girl
  6. Don & Kristin- Red Ribbon Merle Female
  7. Christine & Joe – Orange ribbon girl
  8. Katie – Female Red collar Brown girl

Individual Pictures of our Mini Aussiedoodle Litter

Video of the Aussiedoodles Playing…

Individual Slideshows – 6 wks

Red Ribbon Merle Girl……Kristin & Don

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Baby Pink Merle Girl…Dyan

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She has two color eyes at this point.. she is also one of the smallest

Red Collar “Brown” Girl…Katie

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Orange Girl Merle Female..Christine & Joe

Chocolate Merle. Green Hazel eyes. Heart shaped nose.

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Purple Ribbon Girl “Brown Girl”…Sam & Sharon

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Red Collar “Merle” Girl…Jay & Nancy

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Yellow Girl Merle…Tomas, Nikkie & Alicia

This is Yellow Girl and Baby Blue Boy together. They both have two color eyes.
(she is the darker & smaller of the two)

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Baby Blue Merle Boy…Amy and Family

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He has two color eyes, he is on the left and the bigger of the two
 she’s one of the smallest

Both Chocolate girls Together…

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When Olivia is holding them in her lap.. Red collar girl is on the left and Purple girl is on the right.
Hope this helps. Both will be curlier when they get bigger! They do have different ear sets.. one has tufts around her ears and one does not. Red girl is a higher energy puppy..and has patches of lighter chocolate on her legs.. she also has a white tipped tail. Purple girl is taken. Red Collar Chocolate girl has amazing coloring… she has lighter brown markings on her legs.. kinda like a phantom.

Group Pictures

5 weeks old…Group Pics

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Puppies at 4 weeks old…Group Pics

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Puppies at 2 weeks old…Group Pics

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Molly – CKC Moyen Poodle

Molly - Moyen Poodle

Molly – Moyen Poodle

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Molly is our Moyen Poodle Female and the Mommy of this litter. This is her second litter and he first litter was only one puppy so you can imagine our shock when this time around she had 9 puppies and had them all in an hour and a half!  Molly is about 16 inches tall and 18 pounds. She is apricot in color with a chocolate nose (points) and has green eyes. She is not a mini so she does not have the temperament that some of the mini and toy poodles have been known to have (small dog syndrome).

Moyens are more like a small standard poodle in regards to temperament. Moyen is the French word for the fourth size of Poodle in France, but the remainder of Europe refers to them as Klein Poodles or Kliens.  The Moyen poodle size falls in between the Miniature and the Standard Poodle, but it is not obtained by crossing the two; it is an actual fourth size in Europe and is not a new size.

The Moyen Poodle is an intelligent, joyful, companion dog. The Moyen Poodle has a large amount of energy and has a very playful attitude. Poodles love to be around their owners. This dog gets along with other dog breeds and likes other animals.  Strangers can make poodles nervous at first, but once they gets over being nervous they are friendly. The Moyen Poodle is easy to train as it loves to learn and catches on quickly. This breed can make an excellent watchdog, but doesn’t do well as a guard dog. Grooming takes a true commitment on the owner’s part with this dog. The Moyen Poodle is somewhat resistant to cold weather and has good resistance towards hot environments. Poodles are not meant to spend long periods of time alone. Poodles want to be in the home with their families. These are true companion dogs.

Video of Molly & her 1st Puppy

Molly playing with her Mini Aussiedoodle Puppy from her 1st Litter – Tate!

The Sire of this Litter

If you want pictures of the Daddy or Sire of this litter, please contact me. He is a Toy Australian Shepherd show dog and since I do not personally own him, I can only email pictures of him per his stud contract. I was very lucky to be able to use this amazing stud.. finding high quality Australian Shepherd Studs is not an easy task when your breeding Aussiedoodles.. because mixed dogs are frowned upon by the pure dog breeders. Which I think is silly considering the Australian Shepherd was mixed with many different dog breeds to develop the breed we all know and love today in fact all “pure” dog breeds were originally mixed with other breeds to develop the traits and attributes that breeders were looking for.

Anyway, the Sire is a beautiful red merle Toy Australian Shepherd and temperament wise he’s an obedient,  mellow sweetheart who just wants to please you. He is not at all a high strung. He is a medium energy Aussie. He is sweet perfection just like the Dam “Miss Molly”.

He’s 16 pounds and about 16 inches tall.

Best of Both Breeds.. Learn More…

Dogs 101 – Australian Shepherd Video

Dogs 101 – The Poodle Video

Interested in a Puppy?

The following is a list of things will help you to understand the whole process. We accept deposits for our puppy’s on a first come first serve basis, such as — first deposit gets first pick of the litter, second deposit gets second pick, third deposit gets third pick, and so on, you get the idea. Actual picks are done once the puppies are 5 weeks old.

All puppies come with a spay/neuter contract unless we’ve discussed breeding possibilities and you’re an established reputable breeder with a similar breeding program to ours. Meaning.. no kennels, no dog runs etc. All our puppies must live in the home as a member of the family even those who have been sold with breeding in mind.

  1. A $300 non-refundable deposit is required to hold your puppy selection (Make a Deposit).
  2. After you make a deposit, you must fill out our puppy application, you will be contacted shortly after for a short conversation to answer questions.
  3. Picks are done at 5 weeks old. Puppies are selected in the order that deposits are received.
  4. Dreamydoodles NW will pick a date close to when the puppies are ready to go home and schedule times for pick-up.
  5. If shipping is necessary then arrangements must be made at least a week prior to shipping and will be arranged with the puppy buyer over the phone.
  6. The remaining total of the puppy must be paid in cash or money order. We do not accept checks.

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