Multigeneration Labradoodle Girls – Tippy and Hershey litter – Born Dec 3rd, 2013

Here are the 3 little girls from Tippy and Hershey’s litter of Multigeneration Labradoodles at 4 weeks old. They’re still really tiny and everything is all new to them… including kids toys, carpets, counter tops and flashing cameras…they’re like human newborns in a couple weeks they will be toddlers.

So, we have pink girl who is the tiniest and has two white back paws and a little white on her chin and then red girl who is the biggest and solid brown and we have purple girl who is solid brown and is in the middle between the two in regards to size she is VERY confident. She’s also the only puppy so far who escapes the puppy pool and has to be put back in about 10 times a day. Haha!

They’re all sweet and adorable and will have beautiful fleece coats and weigh between 45 and 65 pounds. the size they are now means very little in regards to how big they are in comparison to each other as adults. Pink girl might turn out to be bigger than both her sisters even though she is the smallest now.



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