Our Dogs

Our Dogs

Below are pictures of our dogs. We currently have one beautiful Standard Poodle Dam and two hopefuls. Baby and Molly will be added too our program once they both mature and pass they’re genetic testing..

Dreamydoodles “Daisy Brown Sugar”AKC Chocolate Standard Poodle

AKC Chocolate Standard Poodle: Daisy is my beautful and sweet Standard Poodle. She has a chocolate coat with some silver highlights. She is a very healthy girl from great blood lines and has produced a healthy fat litter of Goldendoodle for us last summer. She was a very nurturing Mother and her puppies from her first litter have all received rave reviews from their families. Daisy is one of the prettiest poodles I’ve ever seen and is incredibly intelligent which is pretty common for standard poodles.

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To see an example of Daisy in action please click on the video link below, she was starting the weaning process in this video so you’ll see her running from her puppies but this is just the natural process of weaning. She loves her puppies and is a wonderful Mother. It’s amazing to watch the natural instincts of a Mother dog. No one teaches them how to do it..they just know exactly what to do and when.. Nature really is so amazing.

Watch this: Video of Daisy with her Goldendoodle Puppies (last summer)

Dreamydoodles “Baby” White Standard F1 Goldendoodle

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F1 Goldendoodle Female: Baby is our BEAUTIFUL F1 Goldendoodle from a well known breeder in the Northwest. She is almost pure white and should produce cream and white F1b Goldendoodles. Baby has “officially” been added to our breeding program after passing all her genetic testing this April. She is soft and sweet and we’re very excited to see her puppies. She is our Baby Angel.

Baby is considered a medium sized Goldendoodle she is 40 pounds and 20 inches. Baby really is the perfect size for a Goldendoodle.

This summer in June Baby was bred to a beautiful Silver Beige Standard Poodle and if  the breeding took then her litter would be due around August 5th, 2011 – however her pregnancy is still not confirmed.

If you’d like to be notified when she delivers please sign up for our Litter Notification List.

Up & Coming Dreamydoodle Northwest Females

Dreamydoodles “Molly” Apricot Moyen Poodle

Molly is our new Moyen Poodle puppy “hopeful”! She comes to us all the way from Confetti Poodles and Doodles in Buford, GA.
She reminds me of a little Goldendoodle. She’s incredibly sweet. She has green eyes and a beautiful apricot and cream coat. She has a great little personality and she loves to cuddle. She will be added to our program in 2013 if she passes all her genetic testing. We’re looking to produce some smaller sized Labradoodles and Goldendoodles with Molly.

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Dreamydoodles “Honey” Apricot F1 Goldendoodle

Honey is a F1 Goldendoodle female who has been placed in a guardian home on Vashon Island, WA. She is estimated to be 40-50 pounds full grown and will be added to our program after passing all her genetic testing in 2013. More pictures of Honey



If you want more information on how to get one of our FREE pick of the litter Doodle puppies, please check out our Guardian page for a description on how the program works.

Teddy Bear the Aussiedoodle

There would be no Dreamydoodles with out our Teddy! He is the dog that made me go crazy for Doodles. Teddy is an F1 Standard Aussiedoodle male from Oregon Aussiedoodles (an Aussidoodle is half Australian Shepard & Half Standard Poodle) he is highly intelligent, adorable and sweet and super cool. We all could never imagine our home with out our sweet Teddy. Teddy is not part of our breeding program not because he’s not amazing but because he was sold to us with a spay/neuter contract and we stick by our agreements. He’s very special to us and we highly recommend his breeders if your looking for an Aussiedoodle.

Teddy playing with the puppies

Teddy doing the adorable head tilt..

Teddy is a member of the Dreamydoodle Team.. we consider Teddy to be our puppy socializer and he does an amazing job! View the video below for an example of Teddy in action.

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