Dreamydoodles Parent Dogs – Pele – AKC Standard Parti Poodle Female – Champion Bloodlines

Dreamydoodles Parent Dogs – Pele – AKC Standard Parti Poodle Female – Champion Bloodlines

Dreamydoodles Parent Dogs - Pele - Standard Poodle Mom Pele

Dreamydoodle Parent Dogs

Pele – Standard Parti Poodle Female (AKC,  CKC)


Dreamydoodles Miss Pele (Pay-lay) Comes From A Line Of Beautiful AKC Poodle Champions And Service/Therapy Dogs! 

More About Her:

  • 45 lb and 21 inches Tall
  • Registered AKC & CKC
  • Apricot & White Parti
  • Pure Bred – Standard Poodle
  • Champion Bloodline
  • Genetic Testing Clear – Hips,  Eyes,  Heart Good

Mommy Pele - Polaroid Picture - Apricot & White Parti Standard Poodle Dam


Pele with her Mom and her littermates

Parti Poodle Dam “Amber”  nursing her and her littermates

Alex - Standard Parti Poodle

Alex – Standard Parti Poodle Sire

Pele’s parents are Amber and Alex and they’re both trained and registered service dogs from Heritage Service Dogs located in Milton-Freewater, Oregon (http://heritageservicedogs.org)

Alex - Pele's Standard Parti Poodle Sire - Heritage Service Dog

Alex & his Owner/Breeder Barbara – Pele’s Standard Parti Poodle Sire – Heritage Service Dog


Pele as a puppyIt honestly took me forever to find a pair of parti poodle parents I liked everything about. I was so picky! Probaby annoyingly picky but I finally found the perfect match at Heritage Service Dogs! 

She was a Beautiful Baby – White and Apricot Fluffy Poodle Puppy that we eventually named “Lil’ Miss Pele”! 

Alex Pele’s Father enjoying the Poodle Life at Heritage Service Dogs!

Alex- Heritage Service Dogs

Finding the Perfect Parti Poodle Girl! 

Pele,  Ivy and Tippy on the deck

Yep, that’s Me!! 

My breeding goal was to breed a smaller 35-45 LB – 21-22 inch tall Standard Aussiedoodle and Labradoodle and I was looking for a Parti colored Poodle. I wanted a parti so we could produce the most color possible in our Aussiedoodle and Labradoodle mix puppies.

Finding the medium size parents I wanted was kinda difficult back then, they were either way too tall or minis. Now it seems to be a lot easier 

Pele - Standard Parti Poodle Female

Pele at 9-10 wks old – I know what your thinking…she doesn’t look Parti… Haha! Well she is an Apricot and White Parti… but the apricot was very light and has since faded. I just wanted the Parti color genetics for my Aussiedoodle bloodline so that was fine with me. Pele has produced some stunning colors as an adult.

Heritage Service Dogs “Amber” – Pele’s Mom

When I found Pele’s Dam (Mother) “Amber “she was exactly what I was looking for in a Poodle! 

Amber was the perfect size at 21 inches tall and 40-45 pounds, Amber’s body structure was beautiful,  the proportionate body structure I like and she also had a pretty face. 

More importantly,  Amber had all her genetic testing completed and the cherry on top was she was a registered service dog! 

Alex the sire was also perfect and came from a long line of champions including the #1 poodle 

Therapy & Service Dog Temperament 

Amber- Standard Parti Poodle Service Dog - Working PoodleTemperament is absolutely key for me and  I 100% believe temperament is genetic in dogs.

A lot of families come to Dreamydoodles looking for a Labradoodles or Aussiedoodle puppy they can train for service or therapy work.

Pele definitely has that therapy dog quality temperament like her parents. 

She has a very gentle, friendly,  kind and intuitive disposition with a relaxing energy that makes her a joy to be around and she’s passed these traits down to her puppies as well.

Two ragamuffins in need of a groom hanging at the gate.. Pele and Apollo

Everyone who owns a Pele puppy says the same things… They think their Doodle is the best dog in the world!  We have a few families now who actually own a couple Pele puppies! They liked their Pele puppies so much they came back for a second one! ❤

Miss Kenzie – Pele’s Daughter & Newest Addition to Our Program

Kenzie - Dreamydoodles Multigen Labradoodle Dam - Our Dogs

We kept one of Pele’s Blue Silver Multigen Labradoodle daughters “Miss Kenzie” and she has the same friendly,  relaxing energy like her Mom. It’s actually crazy how much alike they are.

Kenzie comes from the “Pele and Hershey Spring Litter 2017″. 

Kenzie recently had her fire Alitter of 11 Multigen Labradoodle puppies with our Merle Australian Labradoodle sire “Apollo” in March,  2019!


Miss Kenzie (Multigen Labradoodle) is sleeping above with her Apollo 11 litter! She’s nursing 5 and 6 are asleep! Her and Daddy Apollo had 1 blue merle and 3 red merles, 1 chocolate girl, 3 creams and 3 black (or silvers that’s yet to be determined)

Kenzie looks alot like her Mom and has her Grandpa’s coloring, Kaiser, the first Silver Poodle to be awarded #1 standard poodle in AKC history! (below)

Kenzie - Multigen Australian Labradoodle - Silver Labradoodle - Blue Labradoodle - Merle Labradoodle

Kenzie has such a sweet face!

AKC Champion Bloodline:

Ch. JC Pioneer Kaiser

Ch. JC Pioneer Kaiser

Ch. JC Pioneer Kaiser

Grandsire: Ch. JC Pioneer Kaiser

Pele’s father Alex comes from a long line of beautiful Standard Poodles. His Grandsire is a silver, the first silver to be awarded number one poodle in the AKC. Ch. JC Pioneer Kaiser – was Ranked #1 Standard Poodle In 2003-2004. He also won Best in Show ribbons several times and awards of excellence at the Westminster and Eukanuba nationals. He has even been “invited to the prestigious Crufts dog show several times”.


Pele’s Sire (or Dad) is “Alex” who is a service dog and comes from a long line of AKC champions. His Grandsire is AM CH JC Pioneer Kaiser

Kaisers Accomplishments:

  • Ranked #1 Standard Poodle in 2003/2004
  • First silver standard to receive #1 ranking in AKC
  • He won the variety at the national specialty (the first silver male standard to ever do so)
  • Top producer
  • MBIS winner (Multiple Best In Show) 
  • Several awards of merit at both the Eukanuba invitational and Westminster Kennels Club show
  • Received Several invitations to the Crufts show

A Pretty Impressive Boy! 

Below are pictures I found online of the Poodle Variety magazines I found with “Pioneer Kiaser” on the front.. not the best quality but still great and always interesting…

View His Pedigree: AM CH JC Pioneer’s Kaiser TP

06-11-2006_Kaiser PV  MVC-002S proplan2

Picking Up Pele…

Me holding our standard poodle puppy "Pele"!

Oregon Here We Come… 

Pele - Standard Parti Poodle Female

Our whole family drove down to Oregon to pick Pele up!  

Pele Standard Poodle Puppy - Dreamydoodles Northwest

My 13 year old daughter “Olivia” was only 8 at the time we got Pele and she wanted to name her “Pele” after the Hawaiian goddess of fire they were learning about it class which I was not too excited about at first but.. the name has grown on me… Connor my 16 year old son (at the time),  convinced himself that she was being named after “Pele” the famous and male soccer star..?  Yep, that’s it! 

She can be named after them both!  ❤

Olivia and her Poodle Pele! 


Pele - small standard apricot and white parti in color femaleMe and Pele around 6 months old!

Pele such a beautiful girlPele such a beautiful girl

Pele’s Pretty Family Tree

Alex's Family Tree

Alex - Pele's Standard Parti Poodle Sire - Heritage Service DogAlex – Pele’s Sire (the larger male)

More Pictures… 

The many looks of our special girl……


Pele can look like the CUTEST TEDDY BEAR DOODLE with her coat all grown out or the FANCIEST STANDARD POODLE depending on her haircut.

Pele getting groomed in our garage by our groomer and my daughter - Pele's best friend

Getting groomed in our garage by our groomer and my daughter – Pele’s best friend

Pele and Tippy - Dreamydoodles Northwest - Poodle and Labradoodle Best Friends

Pele and Tippy – Poodle and Labradoodle – Best Friends!

She LOVES other dogs especially her Labradoodle “girlfriend Miss Tippy” 

Pele Poodle - Dreamydoodles Northwest - Poodle Stretch

Pele is constantly play bowing…

Pele - Dreamydoodles Northwest - Poodle Afro Pele - Dreamydoodles Northwest - Poodle Afro

Pele - Dreamydoodles Northwest Poodle Dam and Tippy her Best Doodle Buddy

Pele – Dreamydoodles Northwest Poodle Dam and Tippy her Best Doodle Buddy

Pele is amazing wirh puppies whether they belong to her or someone else... doesn't matter she will care for them. She is a natural Mom.

Pele is amazing wirh puppies whether they belong to her or even anothed Mom.. doesn’t matter to her..  she’ll  care for them all the same.  She’s a natural Mom. This pic is of her snuggling£ with one of Tippy’s puppies “Sox”! 

Pele - Dreamydoodles Northwest Poodle Dam Pele - Dreamydoodles Northwest Poodle Dam and Tippy her Best Doodle Buddy Pele - Dreamydoodles Northwest Poodle Dam and Tippy her Best Doodle Buddy Pele - Dreamydoodles Northwest Poodle DamPele Poodle


I bred Pele with our AKC registered Red Merle Australian Shepherd Sire “Rally” and they had 5 amazing F1 Aussiedoodle puppies with perfect coats and colors. 

Exactly what I was hoping for PLUS MORE!

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Pele has the most amazing coat!


Pele giving my daughter some love

Pele giving my  8 year old daughter some love.. she thinks she’s a lap dog

Pele and my oldest Daughter... Pele kisses watch out!!

Pele and my oldest Daughter… Pele kisses watch out!!

pele with my other 2 girls.. they love eachother

My pack of Poodle and Doodle beauties.. Pele is in the back


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Pele with her pack playing in our backyard

Pele trying to steal a bone from my other dogs puppy pool… Haha! She had already been given 2 bones of her own. This video does show how well behaved she is since most dogs would just snatch the bone. Believe me, she wanted too.. but she also wants to listen to her Mom (Me) So, she just stared at it a LOT! 😳🍖


12308235_992656570795077_345393859108878224_n 12316419_992656497461751_1058888077428395505_n 12313929_992656534128414_2461463121206857926_n 12294885_992656357461765_1510330077550524900_n 12316556_992236047503796_1980999750333850584_n 12279213_992235847503816_5346201995229372704_n 12243349_987233918004009_3916747046661555876_n 12249628_986653218062079_3622923370146894050_n 12208806_984604771600257_921758698038727375_n 12115472_984604871600247_3486786992543651078_n 12190807_982198581840876_3033704316056304607_n 12195817_982857778441623_2692687580044354049_n 12191849_979364382124296_6049703741634132431_n 12115539_979363192124415_5664340474737631740_n 12186756_979357218791679_6990127793552478604_o 886064_979357018791699_6677433518675443150_o 12027631_979356918791709_3156171260167017863_n 11232297_979356808791720_1983477708051486417_o 12196233_979356815458386_6581848622010464803_n 11219586_979356788791722_739928454812082996_n 12091409_970193126374755_1581839772234413520_o 12087179_970193123041422_295531130702292655_o 12038878_970193273041407_4911729851353562401_o 11230796_968864383174296_8424239525644649846_o


Pele - Just a Lover

Pele – Just a Lover

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