Puppy Picks – Mini Aussiedoodles 2014

Puppy Picks – Mini Aussiedoodles 2014

 Puppy Picks – Champion Sired Mini Aussiedoodles 2014

This page was created for the families who have put down their deposit and are now picking from our available litter of Mini Aussiedoodle puppies. Only the puppies who have not been picked are posted on this page.

We have two puppies left to purchase, Yellow Girl and Green Boy are Available. If you are interested in one of these puppies – they will be ready to go home on March 22nd, payment in full would be due. They’re already 8 weeks old but I like to keep my puppies a week longer if I can. If you would need them right away that is fine as well.

Yellow Girl

Yellow Girl sleeping.. she is such a sweet little  angel.


  1. Breeders Pick – Purple Female
  2. Daniel & Jessica – – Pink Girl – New York (Name: “Bardot”)
  3. Kathleen L. and Family – Green Girl – California
  4. Emily and Family – Blue Boy –  Washington State
  5. Andrea and Family – White Boy-  Illinois
  6. Cheryl and Family – Red Boy – Florida
  7. YELLOW GIRL AVAILABLE (she is going to be Toy in size, 15 pounds predicted)

Green boy was sold but his future Mom broke both her ankles the day before he was to go home so she is going to wait for our next litter which will be towards the end of 2014.

You might ask your self why they all look so much alike…. well… there was two sets of twins in this litter. I believe green boy and green girl are twins and white boy and blue boy are also twins. 🙂 Twins are two puppies in the same sack. Some say Dogs can not have identical twins.. but I don’t know I like to think of them as twins anyway. Haha! Enjoy and remember they’re all awesome!!


Red Boy – SOLD

Red boy is a darker chocolate…. you can’t always tell with the flash. I love the picture of him with his little tail.. all of their tails curl up over their back and I think it is so cute!! You can see the difference in color in picture #4 how his coat is a darker brown the green boys who is really a light brown.

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Green Boy with Yellow Girl – Both Available

Green boy is on the right. Yellow girl is a wee bit smaller then the other puppies but girls are usually smaller then boys. They are the same pretty light brown. You can see by their paws how she is smaller.

I think Green boy is one of the prettiest puppies in this litter. He has a very handsome face and is super playful and sweet.

yellow_girl_green_boy7wks yellow_girl_green_boy7wks2 mini aussiedoodles 7 weeks 012 036

Yellow Girl – AVAILABLE

She is going to be on the smaller size of the spectrum.

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Mini Aussiedoodle Video – 8 weeks old

My niece took this video of the puppies playing in the backyard on the 15th of March.


If you are interested in one of these puppies you can text me at 360-448-1477 or email me at info@dreamydoodles.com – Make sure to read our Mini Aussiedoodle testimonials from the families of our last litter of the same parents. If you want pictures of the sire Concho please email me and I will send you some. He does not belong to me so I can not post him on my website per the request of his breeder. Not something I would usually agree to but because he is the best Toy Australian Shepherd in the Northwest I agreed. He is a champion Toy Aussie and has won many awards in the show ring. (email me for links and pictures.) You are also welcome to contact her and I will provide his website and contact info via email only.

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