Our Recommended Aussiedoodle Breeders List

Our Recommended Aussiedoodle Breeders List

Aussiedoodles Breeders I trust enough to recommend...


Can’t find a puppy of your dreams with us? Try one of these Aussiedoodle breeders…

Recommended Aussiedoodle Breeders I Trust… 

If you’re looking for a Reputable Aussiedoodle Breeder and either we don’t have any available or you can’t find what you’re looking for with us here at Dreamydoodles then,  please check out one of these breeders…. 

Please be careful when searching for an Aussiedoodle puppy online. Don’t just go with the cheapest Aussiedoodle puppy you can find. There’s usually a reason why those puppies are priced lower then everyone else’s….and it’s not just because they’re breeders are really nice and want to save YOU money.


  • Sandlakekennels.com – I love Sandlake Aussiedoodles and they have the prettiest Standard size Aussiedoodle that I have found.   Nancy Jark Krumm is the name if the owner of Sand Lake Kennels.  Nancy is knowledgeable,  she knows what she’s doing and she’s just an all around good person and I trust her.  I would LOVE  to buy an Aussiedoodle from her myself someday.. they’re so pretty!!
  • Awesomedoodle.com –  Mini Aussiedoodle breeder who not only continues to impress me but I also mentored him when he first started.  Great breeder. His name is Tom. His bteeding program has several partners involved multiple locations now. Good People. 
  • Littletonranchpuppies.blogspot.com – Beautiful Mini Aussiedoodles and like me located in Washington state – Jennifer Littleton is the owner.  She is also super knowledgeable and experianced.  Shr breeds beautiful Mini Aussiedoodles puppies. 

Of course there are many more… these are just the ones I know and TRUST enough to recommend!

If you have questions please contact me: info@dreamydoodles.com Phone: 360-448-1477


I am sure you have all been warned plenty about horrible puppymills…  so I won’t go to deep into that however,  what I will warn you about is the PUPPY SCAM ARTISTS trolling around online.

These evil criminals don’t even have ‘poorly bred’ puppies to sell.. these people are selling nothing but IMAGINARY DREAM PUPPIES to innocent families who suffer from PUPPY FEVER and HOPE 🙏  and who put their logic and gut instincts aside and sadly,  get taken for a ride. 

Apricot Mini Aussiedoodle Tate - Dreamydoodles Northwest


So,  PLEASE work with an Aussiedoodle Breeder who has a well-known reputation online,  a long-standing website or at least an active social media profile on Facebook or Instagram somewhere you can not only see pictures of past puppies and comments from past families but also somewhere where you can contact, comment and confirm it is indeed even the person who you’ve been talking to.

You want a breeder that has something to lose just like you! Reputable Dog Breeders take their good reputations very seriously and will try to keep their puppy families happy.. and not only because they care about their puppies but also because they care about their good names! It takes years to develop a reputation as a dog breeder and we all want it to be a good one.  

You wanna find a puppy who’s breeder has invested time,  money and PASSION into their breeding dogs and puppies. That is knowledgeable about their breed and can and will gladly answer any questions you might have and do it with some passion in their voice.


I personally want to buy a puppy from a dog breeder who wants to “talk my ear off” about their bloodlines and doesnt just say “yeah, their so cute” but someone who has educated themselves and can easily tell me about their dogs genetic testing, their pedigrees, body structures and temperaments.

I definitely do not want to buy a puppy from a dog breeder who acts like I am annoying them with my questions or is making me feel like I should feel lucky to even be getting one of their puppies…  and either should you! So, stuck up breeders are also a no go for me. 

Especially, not when there are some truly passionate,  knowledgeable and caring Aussiedoodle breeders out there that I can support. 


I run a Doodle Breeders Resource Group on Facebook and there honestly are some AMAZING  DOODLE BREEDERS OUT THERE so don’t just go with the cheapest or cutest Aussiedoodle puppy you can find (regardless where you find it).  DO YOUR RESEARCH! Don’t support the puppymill or backyard breeder industry and yes,  it is a huge industry.


There’s usually a reason why those puppies are priced lower than everyone else’s….and it’s not just because they are really nice and want to save YOU money.


I don’t know ANY reputable Doodle or Pure Bred breeder who use PuppySpot to place their puppies! 

Do Not just buy a cute puppy from a mystery location.

Reputable dog breeders who really care about what they do also care about where their puppies go and would would want to talk to their future families and make sure it’s a right fit and also be able to get updates of them over the years and also make sure their never placed in a rescue or a pound. 

With PuppySpot the breeders can’t talk to the future or potential familes and you as the buyer can’t talk to them. Why would anyone wanna do that when there are better breeders out there?  It is so important to meet or at least see pictures of the parents of your puppies and you absolutely should care about how your puppy was raised and how your puppies parents are cared for and learn about about their bloodlines and health history.

Investigation of Purebred Breeders LLC (now called Puppy Spot) was featured on the Today Show in 2011, after we reported that the site had approximately 800 different web urls, and misled consumers into thinking they were buying from small, local breeders; instead, many consumers ended up with sick puppies from questionable sellers.

Puppy Spot is a Puppy Broker. 

The PuppyFind.com website is also used to advertise ALOT of PuppyMill Puppies BUT the website is also used by reputable breeders to advertise their puppies.  So,  if you find a puppy on PuppyFind – do your research and make sure the breeder ALSO has a LONG-STANDING website and/or an ACTIVE, LONG-STANDING social media profile as well.. and not just an ad on PuppyFind.com. 

Ask for references. Do your research. Good Luck with your Aussiedoodle Puppy Search! 


Mini Aussiedoodle from Awesomedoodle.com

Sandlake Kennels Aussiedoodles - Recommended Aussiedoodle Breeders List

Sable Aussiedoodle from Sandlakekennels.com

Red Merle Standard F1  Aussiedoodle from Sandlakekennels.com

Red Merle Standard F1 Aussiedoodle from Sandlakekennels.com

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