Available Labradoodle and Aussiedoodle Puppies

Available Labradoodle and Aussiedoodle Puppies

Our Doodles Make Amazing Family Dogs, Therapy Dogs & Sporting Dogs!

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Abby one of our beautiful Guardian dogs 

We're expecting a new litter of Aussiedoodles!

Expected Whelp Date March 5th, 2015

Ready to go Home May 1st, 2015

This is a first time breeding for Abby. We expect her to have similar puppies to her two sisters Rasta and Ivy with Rally in regards to color..LOTS of colors.

10913530_1014929925189492_1353899191_n Finley the Aussiedoodle - He is also one of Rally's sons

Mishka and Finley (above) are from Rasta and Ivy with Rally as the Daddy. They are not available. Just an example of the beauty that these dogs can produce.

Rasta, Ivy and Abby are our three small chocolate standard poodle sisters from Daisy and Shaggy.


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loli and clover 033 hershey 

We're expecting a litter of Multigen Labradoodles!

Between Loli and Hershey

This will be a Multigen Labradoodle litter.

Both parents are Labradoodles and produce amazingly beautiful puppies!

Expected Whelp Date March 24th, 2015

Ready to go home May 21st 2015

(these are all estimated dates based on their breeding dates)

Hershey and Loli produced both Cream and Chocolate puppies in their first litter.

Arlo - 8 2k old Cream Multigen Labradoodle Male from Loli and Hershey finn_multigen Labradoodle

If you're interested please contact me using the form at the bottom of the page

or emailing info@dreamydoodles.com

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IMG_3096 IMG_3097

We do not plan to have any Mini Aussiedoodles for at least another 6-8 months. 

If you're looking for a Mini Aussiedoodle now or sooner you can try Littleton Mini Aussiedoodles or Awesome Doodles!






Labradoodles have made quite an impression on popular culture, even making it into the Oxford English Dictionary – creating a new winning word placement for you Scrabble gamers. The famous board game Monopoly has also hopped on the popular hybrids bandwagon, replacing the Scottish terrier icon with a labradoodle on their “Here and Now” game version.


Two Labradoodles and a Poodle accept their Championship at America's Got Talent!

Two Labradoodles and a Poodle accepting their Championship at America's Got Talent!

The Olate Dogs WON America's Got Talent!

Olate dogs is a talented family dog act consisting mostly of Labradoodles and Poodle mixes and they blew away the competition and stole the whole show!

Score for the Doodle and Poodle Lovers!

Read More about the Olate Dogs Here! 


Jennifer Aniston - owns a Labradoodle, bought for her by Brad Pitt, her former husband.
Joe Biden - Current US Vice President, owns a Labradoodle named Brother.
Christie Brinkley - owns a Labradoodle named Maple Sugar.
Barbara Eden - Labradoodle "Djinn" (named after her invisible dog on I Dream of Jeannie).
Jack Nicholas - famous golfer has a labradoodle named Bunker
Lance Bass - former singer in the band N'Sync has a black Labradoodle.
Tiger Woods - the famous golfer has two labradoodles named Yogi & Riley.
Neil Young - famous singer/songwriter has a labradoodle named Carl.
Henry Winkler - has a labradoodle named Charlotte.
David Baldacci – Famous thriller author owns a Labradoodle is named Finn.
Billy Bragg – Political folk/rocker owns a Labradoodle.
Dustin Brown – Professional basketball player owns Milo, a Chocolate Labradoodle.
Jeremy Irons – Actor, has two black Labradoodles.
Neil Young – The singer/songwriter has a Doodle named Carl.
Ellen Degeneres & wife Portia de Rossi - own a Cockapoo and a Standard Poodle
Ian Harding - American actor from TV show Pretty Little Liars owns 2 Labradoodles
Elle MacPherson - super model/actress, owns two Doodles Bella & Moon
Princess Mette-Marit - Norweigan Princess and her Labradoodle Milly Kakao 

Elle MacPherson's dogs: Bella & Moon

Norweigan Princess Mette-Marit and her Labradoodle Milly Kakao  

Norweigan Princess Mette-Marit with Labradoodle Milly Kakao


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