Available Labradoodle and Aussiedoodle Puppies

Available Labradoodle and Aussiedoodle Puppies

Our Doodles Make Amazing Therapy & Sporting Dogs!


All our puppies are $2,500
Puppy Deposits: $300
Shipping: $375

Text or Call - 360-448-1477



Me and our Labradoodle puppies

Dreamydoodles breeds Multigen Labradoodles and F1 Aussiedoodles. Our Multigen Labradoodle bloodline is something I am very proud of. We've spent years developing the Dreamydoodle Labradoodle and we're so proud of them. They're the perfect medium size Doodle (45lbs to 65lbs) and their temperaments are literally a dream come true.
Don't take my word for it though please read our reviews on Facebook!

We hope to help you find the puppy of your DREAMS!

Arlo - 8 2k old Cream Multigen Labradoodle Male from Loli and Hershey

We Have a Litter of Multigen Labradoodles Coming!

Expected Whelping Date August 20, 2015

Go Home Date October 14th 2015

Our Labradoodle females are 40-45 pounds and 20-21 inches tall our males are 55-65 pounds and 21-23 inches tall full grown. We are expecting creams and chocolates in this next litter.

*payment in full due at 6 weeks old*

Holding one of our puppies

Our Puppies are 100% Home Raised! No Cages or Kennels!

Our Labradoodle Parents

Maddie - F1B Small Labradoodle Mommy

Maddie in labor waiting for her puppies to arrive

Maddie in labor waiting for her puppies to arrive

Maddie after her first female puppy was born.. I was just as happy to see her puppy as she was...

Newborn Cream Puppy

Newborn Cream Puppy - Teeny Tiny

Maddie and her litter... so happy!!

Maddie and her litter of Labradoodles... so happy!!

Maddie cleaning her babies..

Maddie cleaning her babies..

Maddie smiling as usual

Maddie smiling as usual

Maddie and Me - F1B Labradoodle from Tippy and Patrick

Me and Maddie in the Kitchen  - Maddie is an F1B Labradoodle from Tippy and Patrick ( she is cut like a poodle here) She is a third generation Dreamydoodle.

Hershey - Multi-gen Australian Labradoodle Stud

The Daddy Multigen Labradoodle Hershey on his birthday!

Hershey - Multigen Labradoodle Daddy

Hershey - Multigen Labradoodle Daddy

Hershey and Maddie

The parents of this litter are both amazing in regards to temperament, so that helps… Maddie is sweet, gentle and very loving and mellow and she has been that way from day one. Hershey is a gorgeous boy, he has a strong and athletic frame and a beautiful coat. He is a huge lover boy, he’s the type of dog you just want to love on and he’s also very obedient… the genes in this bloodline are very strong and their puppies make great family pets. They LOVE kids!

Please read some of our testimonials at the bottom of this page as well as on Our Testimonial page

We have an upcoming litter of Standard size Multigen Labradoodles coming in August between Maddie and Hershey.
Interested? Contact me! info@dreamydoodles.com
(Last Litter Pictures)

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Cream Multigen Labradoodle PuppyFinn Multigen Labradoodle Dreamydoodles.commultigen_labradoodle_going home 003

Porter - Multigen Labradoodleolivia 5 wk old labradoodle dec 13 040

Jack - Available - Multigen Labradoodleolivia 5 wk old labradoodle dec 13 020

Mattie and her buddyLabradoodle Slumber PartyLabradoodle puppy melting into my daughters lap on her back.. I think she passes the restraint test..Olivia on the deck with the Labradoodle puppiesLoli - Labradoodle puppyClementine - 5 month old LabradoodleBruno - 5 month old LabradoodleNala - F1B Chocolate Labradoodle.. Nala will be Parchment color when she grows upRed Girl - F1B Labradoodle Puppy - Dreamydoodles.comF1b Labradoodle Female




Litter Information:

  • Breed: Multigeneration Australian Labradoodles (what does this mean?)
  • Generation: 4th generation Dreamydoodle Multigen Labradoodle – Mom, Grandma and Great Grandma are all on site.
  • Expected adult size: 45-65 pounds full-grown, males are usually bigger
  • Color: Cream and Chocolate
  • Eye Color: our puppies eyes have AMAZING very light green and yellow eyes
  • Coat Texture: Wavy, Fleece, Curly
  • Shedding: Non-shedding – Great for families with moderate to severe pet allergies
  • Shipping: United States, extra fees apply (more info)
  • Health Guarantee: 2 years (Lifetime genetic)


Labradoodle Puppy Videos

Ripley (from the video above) as a Youngster....


All of the puppies in the video above have gone home.
These were Abby and Rally's puppies from this summer 2015 Aussiedoodle Litter.


Our Beautiful Dogs

Our Beautiful Dogs








Click Here for - Future Litter Info and Lists




1. - Patrick and Kim Downes -  Female Merle - Plano, TX (Paid in full minus shipping)



Your Dreamydoodle Puppy Pack:

Aussidoodle Puppy

  • Leash
  • Collar (snap buckle)
  • 1 toy (kong ball & rope chew toy or chuckit ball toy)
  • Vaccination and Health Records
  • 2 Year Health Warranty & Spay and Neuter Contract
  • Initial puppy vaccination (First 5 way puppy vaccine)
  • Initial worming at 2, 4, 6 and 8 weeks
  • Nuvet Sample Pack and Info
  • Sample of dog food (Diamond Naturals - Large Breed Lamb and Rice Formula )
  • Shipping Crate & Shipping Certificate from the Vet (if shipping only - extra fees apply)
  • We also provide you with papers on crate training, their feeding schedule, puppy supplies, vaccinations and your puppies first few weeks at home
  • One happy and healthy well socialized Dreamydoodle Puppy

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QUESTION: Why does one breeder sell puppies for $2,500 - $3,000 while a different breeder sells similar looking Doodle puppies for only $300-$600?

ANSWER:  The difference is usually in the breeding!  A superior pedigree means a superior Doodle in a number of important ways. 
MOST important is the long-term health of a proven bloodline.  Almost ALL of our Dreamydoodle Moms come from the same bloodline so we have a pretty good idea about what to expect in regards to our puppies future health & temperaments based on the feedback we've received from our previous puppy owners and the health and temperaments of our own dogs from the same bloodline.

 predictable traits, good body structure, coat quality, proper care, early socialization, and high quality food.
A good breeder can also provide as many references as a family needs from previous puppy families. Dreamydoodles has a lot of amazing families who've enjoyed the Dreamydoodle experience and who're also more then willing to share info about their Dreamydoodles with future families.

A good breeder takes socialization very seriously and does not raise their puppies or parents in cages. Dreamydoodles makes sure ALL our puppies have a fun and loving environment to grow up in here before they go home. They grow up in the house and the yard and love to dig and run and play and are very well socialized with adults, kids and other dogs before they go home.
Please watch some of our videos to see how our puppies are raised.
On the flip side - Poorly cared for puppies can show some pretty serious emotional and behavior issues that can last a lifetime or at the very least cost you a lot of time to try to fix these emotional issues that are not always fixable and can even be dangerous and can't be comfortable for them like fear of children/men/strangers, fear of other dogs, aggressiveness, fear biting, potty training issues.. this list goes on. 

PLEASE don't buy from a puppy mill.
Poorly bred dogs can show genetic defects as soon as the first year to only a few years later that can cause expensive and heart-breaking conditions.
Buy a puppy from a breeder you trust. A breeder who provides videos and pictures of YOUR PUPPY growing up and how they're cared for and where they live.


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