Available Labradoodle and Aussiedoodle Puppies

Available Labradoodle and Aussiedoodle Puppies

Our Doodles Make Amazing Therapy & Sporting Dogs!


All our puppies are $2,500
Puppy Deposits: $300
Shipping: $375


Me and Loli's Labradoodle puppies (Barbara)

*Picks are done in the order deposits are received. Regardless of sex and color preferences.

Please read the litter notices of our available and expected litters below.

We hope you find the puppy of your DREAMS!

Puppy Deposits are non-refundable but they're transferable.


We Have One Available Aussiedoodle Sable Male ready to go home!

We also have an upcoming litter of Standard size Multigen Labradoodles coming in August between Maddie and Hershey.
Interested? Contact me! info@dreamydoodles.com
(Last Litter Pictures)

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Abby and Rally's Litter 2015 - All Adopted 


My daughter Olivia playing with the puppies on the deck. 6 weeks old.

Watch Abbie's Puppies Videos

All of the puppies in the video above have gone home.
These were Abby and Rally's puppies from this summer 2015 Aussiedoodle Litter.



Rasta & Rally's Litter
Born May 1st, 2015

Our Aussiedoodle Mommies and Daddy

Rasta & Rally's Litter
F1 Aussiedoodle Puppies

Sable Aussiedoodle Male - Available

sable_aussiedoodle_small 11392976_909291092464959_3557166080323035625_n 11391581_909291079131627_553920012013430639_n 11390512_909291109131624_7171985092335439757_n 11390141_909291139131621_7931834629976048360_n 11536097_909291132464955_6233918698744778773_n 11535898_909291062464962_5375062847549978186_n 11401563_909291119131623_2638937785856106902_n

The little boy above is still available and ready to go home this weekend. June 26th-28th!

Miss Rasta is the Standard Poodle Dam of this F1 Standard Aussiedoodle litter and she is also the sister to Ivy and Abby (see girls above)

Little Miss Rasta is smaller than her 2 sisters. She's only 30lbs and 19 inches tall. She is an absolutely BEAUTIFUL small standard poodle!!
She also produces equally beautiful puppies! Rally is the Sire of this litter. Just because Rasta is smaller than Ivy does not guarantee her puppies will her size or smaller than her sisters Ivy's puppies.
The size range for these dogs as adults. 35-55 pounds full grown.


First Week Pics - Full Gallery Here!

Aussiedoodles - Rasta - 3wks- image003 - 2015

Third Week Pics - Click Here

Lil' Miss Rasta and Rally's Aussiedoodles!!!

3 girls and 2 boys

Born May 1st

Go Home Date June 26th-28th


Click Links Below to see Photos of each Puppy!

Merle Male #1  (spoken for)
Sable Male #2 (available)
Apricot and white girl #3 (spoken for)
Merle Female #4 (spoken for)
Merle Female #5 (spoken for)

The Parents


Rasta & Rally's Litter List

1. Faith & Deborah  - Dalton, GA - Picked Merle Female #1
2. Tim and Laura G. - Seattle, WA - Picked Merle Female #2
3. Kitty - Enumclaw, WA - Male Merle #1
4. Marc & Nikki H - Seattle, WA Picked Apricot Female
5. Sable Male - AVAILABLE

IMPORTANT:  Picks are done ONLY in the order deposits are received. Sex and Color preferences do not matter.
Picks are STRICTLY done in order of the puppy litter list (above).

Aussiedoodles - Rasta - 3wks- image007 - 2015 Aussiedoodles - Rasta - 3wks- image009 - 2015 Aussiedoodles - Rasta - 3wks- image008 - 2015Aussiedoodles - Rasta - 3wks- image014 - 2015 Aussiedoodles - Rasta - 3wks- image012 - 2015 Aussiedoodles - Rasta - 3wks- image011 - 2015Aussiedoodles - Rasta - 3wks- image004 - 2015 Aussiedoodles - Rasta - 3wks- image017 - 2015 Aussiedoodles - Rasta - 3wks- image013 - 2015Aussiedoodles - Rasta - 3wks- image005 - 2015 Aussiedoodles - Rasta - 3wks- image010 - 2015 Aussiedoodles - Rasta - 3wks- image001 - 2015

Full 3 week old Gallery - Click Here

Please contact me via text 360-448-1477 (best) or email before putting down a deposit.

10913530_1014929925189492_1353899191_n mishka aussiedoodle

10410387_10152460801997499_2942147270487929026_n 1505060_10152574618487499_3275309277090338882_n

Mishka (above) from Rasta and Rally's first litter

Rasta, Ivy and Abby are our three small chocolate standard poodle sisters from Daisy and Shaggy.
These are the Mothers of our current Aussiedoodle puppies.


Or put down your Deposit Today to be added to the top of the pick order!


Heather Meier - Professional Dog Breeder

Heather and her son Oliver

My Partner Heather Maier (above) raises Ivy and Rasta's litters in her home in Edmonds, WA.
Barbara (me) raise Loli's, Peles, Mya's and the rest of the dogs puppies. All our Aussiedoodle puppies come from the Dreamydoodle bloodline.



Finley - Adult Aussiedoodle Male from Ivy and Rally





My is in heat and we plan on breeding her this week. Puppies will be due in July 2015

This Mini Aussiedoodle List is Full!

Click Here for - Future Litter Info and Lists




1. - Patrick and Kim Downes -  Female Merle - Plano, TX (Paid in full minus shipping)


Your Dreamydoodle Puppy Pack:

Aussidoodle Puppy

  • Leash
  • Collar (snap buckle)
  • 1 toy (kong ball & rope chew toy or chuckit ball toy)
  • Vaccination and Health Records
  • 2 Year Health Warranty & Spay and Neuter Contract
  • Initial puppy vaccination (First 5 way puppy vaccine)
  • Initial worming at 2, 4, 6 and 8 weeks
  • Nuvet Sample Pack and Info
  • Sample of dog food (Diamond Naturals - Large Breed Lamb and Rice Formula )
  • Shipping Crate & Shipping Certificate from the Vet (if shipping only - extra fees apply)
  • We also provide you with papers on crate training, their feeding schedule, puppy supplies, vaccinations and your puppies first few weeks at home
  • One happy and healthy well socialized Dreamydoodle Puppy

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QUESTION: Why does one breeder sell puppies for $2,500 - $3,000 while a different breeder sells similar looking Doodle puppies for only $300-$600?

ANSWER:  The difference is usually in the breeding!  A superior pedigree means a superior Doodle in a number of important ways. 
MOST important is the long-term health of a proven bloodline.  Almost ALL of our Dreamydoodle Moms come from the same bloodline so we have a pretty good idea about what to expect in regards to our puppies future health & temperaments based on the feedback we've received from our previous puppy owners and the health and temperaments of our own dogs from the same bloodline.

 predictable traits, good body structure, coat quality, proper care, early socialization, and high quality food.
A good breeder can also provide as many references as a family needs from previous puppy families. Dreamydoodles has a lot of amazing families who've enjoyed the Dreamydoodle experience and who're also more then willing to share info about their Dreamydoodles with future families.

A good breeder takes socialization very seriously and does not raise their puppies or parents in cages. Dreamydoodles makes sure ALL our puppies have a fun and loving environment to grow up in here before they go home. They grow up in the house and the yard and love to dig and run and play and are very well socialized with adults, kids and other dogs before they go home.
Please watch some of our videos to see how our puppies are raised.
On the flip side - Poorly cared for puppies can show some pretty serious emotional and behavior issues that can last a lifetime or at the very least cost you a lot of time to try to fix these emotional issues that are not always fixable and can even be dangerous and can't be comfortable for them like fear of children/men/strangers, fear of other dogs, aggressiveness, fear biting, potty training issues.. this list goes on. 

PLEASE don't buy from a puppy mill.
Poorly bred dogs can show genetic defects as soon as the first year to only a few years later that can cause expensive and heart-breaking conditions.
Buy a puppy from a breeder you trust. A breeder who provides videos and pictures of YOUR PUPPY growing up and how they're cared for and where they live.


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