Why We Recommend Nuvet Plus Vitamins for our Puppies!

Why We Recommend Nuvet Plus Supplements for our Doodle Puppies! Your new puppy deserves the best start in life… Nuvet Plus is a multi vitamin, including essential minerals and an immune system builder/booster! It provides essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids,

The Truth About… Dog Vaccinations

This is reposted information and not necessarily the opinion of Dreamydoodles. Dreamydoodles follows the current recommended vaccine protocol of a 5 way vaccine at 8 weeks old containing the core vaccines a couple days before our puppies go home and then we leave it

The Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test – How to Test Your Puppies Temperament

The Puppy Aptitude Test WHAT IS PUPPY APTITUDE TESTING? The Volhard “Puppy Aptitude Test or “PAT” was created by Joachim and Wendy Volhard as a way to test behavioral tendencies and predict what a puppy will be like as an

Natural Ways for Getting Rid of Dog Fleas

Flea saliva is one of the most allergenic substances known to man. Some 10% of cats and dogs will suffer from Flea Allergic Dermatitis, a skin condition that causes major irritation and hair loss.
If you’re leery of using chemical products on your dog or home, there are a number of plant, vitamin, and herbal-based natural flea treatments available. Adding garlic or brewer’s yeast…

Colloidal Silver – an ALL Natural Treatment for your Labradoodle

Colloidal Silver has been shown to be effective against more than 650 disease-causing organisms, including ringworm, mange, salmonella, E coli, Candida Albicans and other yeast infections.
Colloidal Silver can be used against viral, bacterial and fungal infections and works best when it comes….

Dr. Jean Dodds – Recommended Vaccination Schedule for Dogs and Puppies

Recommended Vaccinations Protocol for Puppies This page includes Dr.  Dodd’s Vaccine Protocol for Puppies and Dogs.   Maternal immunity lasts until 8-14 weeks of age, so being vaccinated at 6 weeks will neutralize the vaccine and only give (0-38%) protection. Vaccination

Blue Power Ear Formula – Home Recipe for Dogs

Homeopathic Blue Power Ear Formula – DIY Home Recipes for Dogs I have shared this with several people, all of whom reported success. Perhaps it will be the solution you’ve been seeking. This formula has been handed down from a

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