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Finding the Best Pet Insurance for your Puppy

Pet insurance is a must have for any new pet owner because it can save you from massive veterinarian bills. You only need to pay a small premium every month to give you peace of mind and to keep away from those scary vet bills that come very quickly if your pet runs into any trouble…even something small can end up costing you a fortune in vet bills. However, knowing which pet insurance plan to pick is not an easy task. You’ll need to figure out which pet insurance plan is best for you..and there are a few basic questions you’ll need to have answered before you decide which insurer you’ll be giving your money too every month. You want the most bang for your buck.

The nice thing is that it’s very easy and also fairly harmless to get a quote from several dog insurance companies online. The Internet age is so awesome!

5 week old F1b Labradoodle

5 week old F1b Labradoodle

Here are a few things they’ll ask you..

  • Your dog’s health history. Does he have any inherited diseases?
  • The pedigree or species of the dog.
  • Where the dog lives? Insurance is usually higher in heavily populated areas.
  • The pet’s age
  • The dog’s risk factors; the likelihood of developing a disease

There are generally two types of pet insurance, premium and basic. Most pet owners only buy pet insurance for specific conditions. If your dog has diabetes, then the health coverage would only pay for diabetes related treatments. If your dog suddenly develops heart disease, then it would not be covered under the diabetes policy.

When you are getting pet insurance, make sure you find a plan that will meet your pet’s needs. Surprise illnesses could place quite a burden on your wallet and believe me.. vet bills are not cheap. So make sure you pick the plan that will cover some of the genetic issues for your breed just in case and don’t just go with the cheapest plan..make sure to compare plans and what they actually cover.

Owners of older dogs may find it more difficult to obtain insurance for these canine seniors. Many insurers even have cut-off rates which vary with the breed of the dog. So watch out for this one and get insurance as soon as possible once you get your new puppy. The younger you start the better!! AND Cheaper!!

No Fun!!

No Fun!!

Why Should You Compare Pet Insurance Companies?

Pet insurance plans can be as complicated as insurance plans for humans, so as a consumer, it’s crucial that you study the different options each company has to offer. Even more important, when you compare pet insurance quotes, you will realize it’s not always about price, but about how your pet insurance company will take care of both you and your pet if an accident does occur.

There are free dog insurance quote providers online that will give you quotes from several different providers.. just make sure to compare which each one covers… cheaper is not always better.

What are other people’s experiences of pet insurance and in particular of the insurance company that you are considering?

Pet insurance reviews are an essential tool in your quest for information about the companies you are looking into. They are easy to find on the internet. Try putting company name pet insurance reviews into your favorite search engine! You will find people’s genuine experiences of the main pet insurance companies. These will tell you more about other pet owners experiences of pet insurance companies than their glossy brochures ever will; and this will be a good indication of what your experiences might be!

Visit: Pet Insurance Reviews

Pet Insurance: Full Report (Consumer Search)

Beware of Scam Pet Insurance Reviews!

You will need to be your own judge of the authenticity of these reviews. Read as many pet insurance reviews as you can so that you can get an overall feeling for the company; and it is better to read reviews for several of the top pet insurance companies. If you read reviews that stand out from the crowd, either in a positive way or in a nasty way, it’s best to ignore them. People often have axes to grind. Try to take an overall view.

Get as much knowledge of pet insurance policies as you can, what’s right for some may not be the best for you.

Research what kind of policies are available and at what price. What does the standard policy cover? What are considered extras? What are the deductibles and what are the co-pays ? Is it a lifetime cover or will you be affected by the pre-existing condition clauses? Research, research and more research.

Toby – F1 Goldendoodle Puppy

Most Common reasons for a Vet Trip..

Common reasons dogs need veterinary care:
•   Foreign body ingestion – socks, toys, rocks
•   Accidental poisoning – chemicals, chocolate, medications
•   Animal and insect bites and stings
•   Vehicle accidents
•   Fights with other animals
•   Cancer
•   Bloat

Insurance advantages to look for in a provider:
•   Online claims filing
•   Choose any licensed vet, anywhere
•   Choose from a variety of deductibles and coverage levels
•   No upper age limits, so senior dogs get the same coverage as puppies
•   Discounts for enrolling multiple pets or paying annually

Black F1 Goldendoodle

A Bah Hum Bug - Black F1 Goldendoodle

Pet Insurance … A Bah Hum Bug?

If you are unable or uninterested in getting insurance coverage for your dog or puppy, then another option would be to put away a small amount of money every month in your bank account or some type of savings account. That way if your dog or puppy has an emergency, there will be a safety net to pull from. If your dog is rarely ill, then that money is safe in the bank and earning interest! Yeh Money!!

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