Puppy Contract & Guarantee

Puppy Contract & Guarantee

Dreamydoodles Northwest – Puppy Contract & Guarantee

This Puppy Sales Contract includes a Health Warrantee and Spay and Neuter Contract and is between _____________ , with Dreamydoodles Northwest hereinafter referred to as BREEDER and _____________ , hereinafter referred to as BUYER(S).

Puppy Family Contact Information


Dreamydoodles NW Contact Information

Name: Barbara Dearaujo
Website: Dreamydoodles.com
Phone: 360-448-1477
Email: info@dreamydoodles.com
Address: 449 Windflower Dr. Woodland, WA 98674

Puppy’s Information and Description 

Breed/Generation: _______________
Puppies Date of Birth: ____________
Color & Description: _________ Gender: __________

Sire: ______________

Dam: ______________

INITIAL Vaccination Date:____________ 8 week vaccine – Nobivac Canine 1-DAPPv (initial core vaccine, the only vaccination given)

Final Deworming Date: _______Last deworming dose at 8 wks – Safe-guard (fenbendazole)

Shipping Fees ($425 if applicable): N/A

In consideration of the purchase price of $_______, of which $300.00 is a non-refundable deposit, BREEDER(S) agrees to transfer over all rights and responsibilities associated with the ownership of this Puppy to the BUYER(S) as of Transfer/Pickup Date:________

This warranty and guarantee represents the entire agreement between BREEDER(S) and BUYER(S) in an outright sale. Payment in full is due before the PUPPY may leave the BREEDER(S)’S premises.

By signing this contract you agree that you are 100% satisfied with the puppy you’ve picked, their temperament type, energy level and your adoption experience with Dreamydoodles. Under no circumstances will you be pressured into taking home a puppy that you did not first agree to. This contract states you agree to all of the above.

General Health Guarantee

Dreamydoodles NW guarantees this puppy to be in good health and free from any congenital defects to the best of our knowledge, at the time of purchase. Buyer must have this puppy examined by a veterinarian within 1 week of receiving this puppy. If buyer’s veterinarian finds this puppy to have any serious or chronic health issues, the buyer(s) may immediately return the puppy along with the report and diagnose issued by a Veterinarian.

Dreamydoodles NW will offer to either replace the puppy with another available puppy of equal value, a puppy of equal value from the next available litter or a full refund of the purchase price.

BUYER(S) may issue a request to return this Puppy for any reason for a full refund of the original purchase price minus the $300 deposit within 3 days of signing this contract, however, the puppy must have a vet check and clear fecal tests completed 24 hours before we can take this puppy back onto our property and the puppy must be returned within 7 days before any refund is issued after 7 days a partial refund may or may not be offered depending on the circumstances and will decided by the BREEDER(S) at that time.

This is not to be difficult but to protect any young puppies we may have on our property. We have no way of knowing what this puppy has been exposed to while away and some deadly and very contagious diseases like Parvo could potentially wipe out a whole litter, so we just have to be very protective of our environment when bringing puppies or any dogs for that matter into our environment, even if its only been away for a few days. All travel expenses to return the puppy will be the responsibility of the buyers.

Genetic Health Warranty

Dreamydoodles NW guarantees this Puppy to be healthy and free of any congenital defects to the best of our knowledge at the time of purchase. A Warranty is provided for two (2) years after the birthdate of this Puppy for any hereditary, congenital or genetic defects that would cause the dog to lose quality of life before the age of five (5) or shorten their expected life span.

All medical documentation and records MUST be provided to the BREEDER(S) directly from the Veterinarian who examined and diagnosed the puppy/dog and it must be confirmed in writing that it is an inherited genetic disorder, defect or disease.

All genetic diagnoses must be provided to the BREEDER(S) from a veterinary specialist. Genetic Eye Diseases must be documented and diagnosed by a Veterinary Ophthalmologists. Genetic Heart Diseases or congenital defects must be documented and diagnosed by a licensed Veterinary Cardiologist, documentation and a diagnosis from the BUYER(S) general veterinarian alone will not be accepted by the BREEDER(S).

If a genetic disease diagnosis is confirmed, the BUYER(S) will then be refunded half the original purchase price of this puppy in total. (excluding any/all additional expenses travel, shipping, food, vet supplies, and Veterinarian costs).

We do NOT require the puppy/dog to be returned to us and we do not offer a replacement puppy. Please notify us if your puppy/dog is ever diagnosed with a genetic illness, regardless of age.

We believe the partial “cash” refund guarantee is more logical and fair in comparison to the more commonly used “replacement puppy” ONLY offer found in a large majority of dog breeders contracts. 

Not everyone is interested in or even capable of taking on the responsibility of a new puppy, especially if they’re already caring for a dog with an illness. We’ve read through alot of breeders contracts available online and we put a lot of thought into writing our puppy purchase agreement, spay and nueter contract and gentic health guarantee to make sure it offered protection and peace of mind not only for the BREEDER(S) but for both the BUYER(S) and the BREEDER(S).

Hip Dysplasia Warranty

A Warranty for Hip Dysplasia is provided for two (2) years after the birthdate of this Puppy. If this puppy is diagnosed with hip dysplasia, buyer must provide OFA or Penn HIP certified x-rays proving a Hip Dysplasia diagnosis.

All hip testing to be done at BUYER(S)’s expense. BREEDER(S) will not honor a hip dysplasia diagnosis by the buyers veterinarian, the hip x-rays must be sent into the OFA (orthopedic foundation for Animals) or PennHIP for a confirmation of the hip dysplasia diagnosis and a copy of the results must be sent directly from the OFA or PennHIP to the BREEDER(S). The BREEDER(S) also retains the right to have a second hip xray done by a veterinarian of the BREEDER(S) choice and sent into OFA at the BREEDER(S) expense. Proper positioning is critical.

We do NOT require the puppy/dog to be returned to us and a replacement puppy will not be offered.

If a hip dysplasia diagnoses is confirmed by OFA or Pennhip, then the BUYER(S) will be refunded half the original puppies purchase price (excluding any/all additional expenses travel, shipping, food, vet supplies, and Veterinarian costs).

Umbilical Hernias

Umbilical Hernias: BREEDER(S) offer to refund a $100 if this puppy is diagnosed with an umbilical hernia, however, if the BUYER(S) decides to return the puppy within the 7-day post purchase exam period because of an umbilical hernia diagnosis a full refund will be provided minus the $300 deposit.

We usually discover umbilical hernias before 8 wks. and will offer $100 off at the time of purchase, but if this puppy is diagnosed during the post purchase exam, provide BREEDER(S) with the documentation of the diagnosis and we will reimburse $100 to the buyer.

Umbilical hernias are a pretty common and are usually caused by the dam cutting the umbilical cord too short during whelping. Some Umbilical hernias will close on their own by 4 months, if not they are fixed during the spay and neuter operation.

Warranty Limitations

This Health Guarantee – Warranty does not cover health issues that cannot be proven to be inherited from the parents or their specific bloodline (genetic) such as but not limited to: all types of cancer, viral illnesses, internal or external parasites (end parasites), bacterial infections, fungal infections, skin disorders, diabetes, hernias, food or skin allergies, improper bites, heart murmurs that are not congenital or are considered “innocent”, heart diseases that are not proven to be genetic, gastrointestinal or digestive issues, protozoal diseases like giardia, coccidiosis, urinary infections, ear or eye infections. It also does not cover illnesses due to the ingestion of foreign objects, food, chemicals, stress related issues, behavioral issues, physical injuries and/or illnesses which may have occurred, developed and/or contracted during or after transport to the BUYER(S).

Spay and Neuter Contract

The BUYER(S) affirms that this puppy is being purchased as a pet only and will not be used for breeding purposes.

This puppy does not come with breeding rights.

The BUYER(S) agrees to spay or neuter this puppy no later than 12 months of age and documented proof of the spay or neuter operation must be provided to the BREEDER(S) from the BUYER(S) veterinarian.

Documentation must include the veterinarian’s letterhead and contact information. The BREEDER(S) must be able to contact the buyer’s veterinarian and confirm the operation was completed.

If this purchased puppy is not spayed or neutered by 12 months of age (without the BREEDER(S) consent), the BREEDER(S) will be entitled to be compensated for a breach of contract and the price of a breeding quality dog will be paid to the BREEDER(S) by the buyer(s).

The BUYER(S) then agrees to pay the BREEDER(S) an additional $5,000 and if any puppies are produced without the BREEDER(S) consent, the buyer agrees to pay the BREEDER(S) an additional $2,000 per puppy produced from the whelping.

All puppies produced from a litter would also need be sold with the same terms of this spay and neuter contract. None of the puppies may be sold or kept by the buyer as future breeding dogs.

This puppies genetic and health guarantee would become null and void if the spay/neuter contract is violated. This is meant to protect our reputation and our bloodline. The price of one of our breeding dogs is $6,000 to $10,000.

Vaccinations & Deworming

The BREEDER(S) guarantees this if under 12 weeks at the time of purchase has received at least one set of the core canine vaccines, puppies with us until 12 weeks of age will receive 2 vaccinations.

Buyer will be provided with a vaccination booklet and any additional medical records at the time of purchase. The same information will also be listed below:

INITIAL Vaccine Given on __________:
One Dose of Nobivac Canine 1-DAPPv – which includes, Canine Distemper Virus, Canine Adenovirus 2, Canine Parainfluenza Virus, Canine Parvovirus (modified live viruses).

This puppy will be due for their next vaccination in 3-4 wks. (from pick-up date or last vaccination date above).

Deworming Protocol:

Dreamydoodles NW de-worms all our puppies at 2,4,6,8 wks. and if puppies are with us past 8 wks. we deworm them again at 10 & 12 weeks.

Your Puppies Deworming Info:

2nd & 4th week dewormer: Nemex 2 (Pyrantel Pamoate) for roundworms and hookworms
6th and 8th week dewormer: Safe-Guard (Fenbendazole) for tapeworms, roundworms, hookworms, whipworms and Giardia.
Last dose: Safeguard Date:____________

Adult Predictions

The BREEDER(S) does not offer any guarantees for the coat, color, size or temperament of this Puppy. All predictions made by the BREEDER(S) about this puppy’s adult size, coat type and temperament are based off Dreamydoodles NW’s experience as a BREEDER(S), our experience and knowledge of the breed and this specific puppy in comparison to past puppies from the same bloodline including, their parents and grandparents.

Even with all that prior experience and knowledge to guide us, each puppy is still uniquely different and will mature at different rates and their sizes and coat types may not always turn out as we had originally predicted and even though we’re usually pretty close, we still can not guarantee it.

Allergies and Shedding

This puppy should shed very little hair and dander and we’ve had many customers in the past who have moderate to severe pet allergies and who have also done great with our Multigen Labradoodles and Aussiedoodles, however, all people will react differently and all dogs may shed some dander and hair, especially when allowed to become matted or are not properly groomed, therefore, Dreamydoodles NW cannot guarantee this puppy to be a 100% “non-shedding” or be a “hypo-allergenic” dog. This puppy should be a great dog for people looking for a low shedding dog and are considered to be one of the best breeds for families with pet allergies.

Temperament and Socialization

Between 3 weeks and 16 weeks of age, puppies go through the most important and most “critical socialization period”.

Dreamydoodles NW guarantees this puppy was born in our home(s) and been exposed to all the sights, sounds and smells of a busy household the entire time they’re in our care. They’ve been handled and loved by all ages of humans, including but not limited to children. They’ve been exposed to other dogs of different sizes and ages and raised with full access to their mother and littermates.

Once this puppy leaves our care, it will be the responsibility of the buyer to continue the socialization process and to start the obedience and house-training process. The BREEDER(S) makes no guarantees or promises to how this puppy will continue to develop once they leave our care since the BREEDER(S) have no control how this puppy is raised, socialized or trained by the BUYER(S), we can only give the new family our training and socialization advice and then hope the buyer follows through.

Early and positive experiences are especially critical in shaping behavior patterns, coping skills and temperament. Puppies who are isolated from other puppies and dogs as well as sufficient human interaction with new people and new experiences in the physical world around them during this time can cause puppies to develop insufficient social skills, poor problem-solving skills as well as develop unhealthy fears and fear responses, puppies who are not properly trained to be calm alone can also develop separation anxiety.

Crate training your puppy early on is not only a great way to potty train them it also trains them how to be comfortable and calm alone. Dreamydoodles HIGHLY recommends Crate Training your puppy the first few months home.

Socializing Your Puppy Before Fully Vaccinating

There are plenty of places and ways you can socialize your puppy with new people, places and friendly, healthy dogs before they’re fully vaccinated and it is critical that you do! Stay away from high dog traffic areas in public places and be logical about where you take them… BUT DO NOT hide your puppy away at home until they’re fully vaccinated. This is an unfortunate mistake a lot of new puppy owners make out of fear of germs, while it’s understandable… it’s also something owners may regret later on. You do need to be smart and careful about where you take them but, please just don’t be so careful, that they miss out on such an important stage of social development.

A constant stream of new experiences is important so, meeting a bunch of new people and dogs all in one day or weekend is great but if they just spend the rest of the month at home, then that is NOT going to be as beneficial as a constant stream of new experiences even if it’s less people or dogs. Try to get them out and about daily and meeting even just one new person, dog or experience everyday for the first few months home, will make a huge impact on how your puppy develops.

Giardia and Puppy Diarrhea

Puppies can get diarrhea for a few reasons but the most common causes are stress related diarrhea, traveling or switching dog food formulas, make sure to do it gradually if you decide to switch your puppies food, Dreamydoodles feeds all our puppies Life Abundance and we should of notified you in advance to place your order online before pickup, if you haven’t recieved your food yet, we do provide you with enough to feed them while you wait.

A low appetite and looser stools can be common in puppies the first few days home away from everything and everyone they’ve ever know, don’t take it personal or panic, you can give them some pumpkin mixed in their kibble, moistened with warm water or even a low sodium chicken broth. Another great option is using a Probiotic like Purina’s Fortaflora – BUT if it lasts for more then a couple days OR if it’s severe, watery, tinged with blood or includes other symptoms like vomiting, lethargy AND no appetite it’s time to collect a stool sample in a clean plastic container or ziplock baggy and get them to the vet ASAP.

After your new puppy has been “out and about” more another common cause of puppy diarrhea is protozoan parasites like giardia and cocidia. This puppy has been treated with Safe-Guard before going home. Safeguard and Panacur are name brands for the antiparasitic medication (Fenbendazole) which not only treats and controls tapeworms, roundworms, hookworms and whipworms. Fenbedazole is also the number one treatment for the intestinal parasite, Giardia, a very contagious and common parasite found in adult dogs and puppies. Giardiasis cysts are shed in the feces of an infected animal and are easily transmitted by sniffing contaminated ground, or drinking contaminated water, like from those rain puddles we have in the Great Northwest! Dogs will usually develop symptoms 5-10 days after exposure.

Main problem is a large majority of infected adult dogs can be totally asymptomatic and have no signs of diarrhea, but can still infect other dogs and when puppies get giardia, they can suffer mild to severe diarrhea. Giardia can also be tough to diagnose in just one stool sample. It’s recommended to deworm your puppy & adult dogs with Safeguard every 3-6 months to avoid intestinal parasites and also to treat – diagnosed or possibly undiagnosed giardia. Fenbendazole is very safe for puppies and even pregnant and lactating adults.

Giardia can be hard to detect in just one stool sample, 3 tests is recommended to accurately diagnose Giardia and Cocidia. Unfortunantly, we’ve also heard and read about some vets who’ve recommending hundreds of dollars’ worth of appointments, testing and prescription diets only to find out a month later, all the puppy ever needed was a $10 dollar – over the counter dewormer (fenbendazole). So, we believe that this info is just too important not to include with every puppy we send home. Dreamydoodles is not suggesting that you shouldn’t take your puppy to the vet for diarrhea, we are only arming you with some extra knowledge to take with you, along with your puppies fresh stool sample!

Safeguard and Panacur are sold over the counter without a prescription and found at most pet stores and big box stores like Walmart, or online at Amazon and Chewy.com.

The Parvo Virus

Young Puppies are especially vulnerable to the parvo virus until they have received all three shots in their vaccination series, which means owners need to take extra precaution during this time to prevent their puppies from contracting this virus.

Puppies should receive a dose of canine parvovirus vaccine between 14 and 16 weeks of age, regardless of how many doses they received earlier, to develop adequate protection.

Visiting the Veterinarian Clinic

The Vets office is NOT a great place to socialize your puppy with other dogs and people. The Vets can actually be one of, if not the most dangerous place to take a puppy who is not fully vaccinated or really anytime.

When you take your puppy to the vet clinic, keep them in a carrier or keep them in your arms for the entire visit, they should go onto the exam table and then directly back into their carrier.

DO NOT allow them to roam freely on the office floors, visit with the other (possibly sick) dogs/puppies or be handled by their owners.

DO NOT even let them go potty on the grass outside a vet clinic. After 16 weeks and after all the core vaccines and boosters have been given, then it will be safe to take your puppy anywhere dogs are welcome. Until then… PLEASE BE SMART AND PATIENT!

BUYER(S) have been made aware this puppy is not safe or fully immune from contracting contagious diseases regardless if they’ve been vaccinated once or twice by the breeder, until they’ve completed the whole vaccination protocol around 16 wks.

Moms antibodies can interfere with how well vaccines work and not until after 16 wks when Moms antibodies are no longer in play, are all vaccines sure to work as designed.

BUYER(S) agree NOT to take this Puppy to any high dog traffic areas, such as the pet store, pet friendly stores, groomers, beaches, hiking trails, rest stops or dog parks until the Puppy has had ALL of his/her vaccinations.

Rehoming a Dreamydoodle:

If for any reason, you are unable to care for your Dreamydoodle puppy or adult dog – PLEASE contact us immediately. Under no circumstances should this puppy (at any age) be relinquished to a pound or rescue. BREEDER(S) will take back full ownership and full responsibilities for any of our puppies at any time (no cash refund).

We can also provide assistance in re-homing your dog or puppy from your location at any age, by advertising them on our website and social media. Although we will not reimburse BUYER(S) personally, they would receive all funds received from the adoption. BUYER(S) would need to be 100% involved in the adoption process from the BUYER(S) location.

If the BREEDER(S) are required or requested to take back ownership of this puppy at any time and the puppy is then rehomed or re-sold from our location, then the original BUYER(S) would have NO claim or rights to any funds received from a second buyer or adoption.

If the BUYER(S) decide to re-home this puppy without our assistance, then the BUYER(S) agree to provide proof of spay or neuter by 12 months of age and the new owners contact information as soon as possible. ALL health warranties included in this purchase agreement become null and void and do not transfer to a second owner(s).

The spay and neuter contract for this puppy will still be the full responsibility of the original BUYER(S) and fully enforced.

AKC Registration & AKC Sports

This puppy can not be registered by the American Kennel Club (AKC) as a pure breed dog because Poodle mix puppies are not recognized pure breed dogs.

Mixed breeds can however participate in AKC sports, such as Agility, AKC Rally, AKC Scent Work, AKC FAST CAT, Obedience, Tracking, and Coursing Ability Events and can also be registered as a “mixed breed” dog. The original pure bred parents of all our puppies are AKC registered.

Eligibility for AKC Recognition of Titles, specifically AKC Canine Good Citizen and AKC Canine Good Citizen-Advanced, AKC Therapy Dog, AKC Trick Dog and AKC Search and Rescue–Wilderness (SAR-W) Dog Program.

AKC also recognize the titles of these sports organizations: Barn Hunt Association, North America Diving Dogs and North American Flyball Association. 

MORE INFO: https://www.akc.org/register/information/canine-partners/

The Commitment of a Puppy

It is crucial the BUYER(S) understand and are fully prepared for the commitment this puppy will require in regards to training, early socialization, veterinary care as well as the grooming requirements a Poodle mix puppy will need for their entire life before signing this contract or taking home one of our puppies.

Hopefully, this is something you’ve already thought through completely before we get to the point of signing this contract but if not, you are never obligated at any time to take home one of our puppies before signing this contract.

Great dogs are not just bred and born, Great dogs are also trained and loved.

So, if you need advice or tips on how to train and properly socialize your new puppy, please let us know, before you reach the overwhelmed stage. Raising a puppy doesn’t have to be hard.

If you have some basic training tools on hand – like puppy crates, baby gates, xpens and treats it can be a lot of fun! If you’re ALSO willing to follow some basic training advice from your BREEDER(S) who have years of experience, then it can be a lot easier too!!

BUYER(S) will be provided with crate training info and schedules along with other helpful training info in their puppy packet, basically everything BUYER(S) will need to be successful for the first few months home with their new puppy.

Enjoy your Dreamydoodle puppy!

Dreamydoodles are very selectively bred for temperament, health and structure. They come from a long line of dogs who’ve all been handpicked by the breeder because they had the qualities we wanted to reproduce in our bloodline.

They come from parents and grandparents who are genetic tested and have great temperaments.

Dreamydoodle puppies are well socialized and beautiful but they’re still just normal puppies, they won’t pee gold, walk on high wires or bypass challenging puppy stages and its important to remember that too.

The BUYER(S) agreements will continue for the duration of this dog’s life and the BREEDER(S) will have the right to enforce these agreements.
BREEDER(S) neither make or imply any warranties or guarantees, express or implied, other than those written in the agreement including without limitation, the warranties of merchantability and fitness. This document constitutes the entire agreement between the BREEDER(S) and BUYER(S) with respect to this sale.

This contract must be signed, upon receipt of this PUPPY or all guarantees and warranties included in this contract will be null and void. (Please retain a copy of this contract for your records).

The BUYER(S) signature below indicates that they have read, fully understand and agree to all the conditions of the Sales Agreement and Contract of Sale. Any disputes, mediation, or legal proceedings will be held in Clark County, State of Washington.

The undersigned agree to uphold all covenants of this agreement as of the date signed below.


Buyer Signature: ______________________________________________

Date: ______________


Seller Signature: ______________________________________________

Date: ______________

* This Health Guarantee is Non-Transferable. All Guarantees pertain to the original purchaser only.    



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