Whelping Supplies and Resources for Dog Breeders

Whelping Supplies and Resources for Dog Breeders

Whelping Supplies and Resources for Dog Breeders 

Me and our last litter of Chocolate and Merle Aussie Labradoodles

Me and our last litter of Chocolate and Merle Aussiedoodles

Whelping supplies for Dog Breeders – As a dog breeder myself I’ve created this page for new and experienced dog breeders alike, it’s the supplies I use and recommend for whelping and raising your puppy litters as well as useful resources for your breeding program.

Having the right tools can help make any tough job a lot easier.


I have also included my deworming protocol.

Please visit my other pages and blog posts on this website dedicated to helping my fellow Dog Breeders breed and raise healthier puppies and their parents. 

The basic whelping supply list:

  • Oral Calcium Gel – like Calsorb or Breeders Edge (Read more about how to use Calcium during whelping)
  • Surgical gloves and spermicide free K-Y jelly
  • Thermometer
  • Bulb Syringe – to suck out amniotic fluid from puppies mouth and nose
  • Vaseline- for vaginal exams or stimulating contractions with Feathering (Read More On Stalled Labor and how to handle it by Myra Savant)
  • Paper and Pen – to take notes on each puppy
  • Flashlight & Good light I use a flexy lamp next to the whelping pools so I can see better my Dam can too!
  • Good quality scale – I use a digital battery operated baby scale because I can move it around easier
  • Preemie bottles and canine milk replacer or goats milk powder – just in case
  • NutriCal for puppies and Dam
  • Oral Dosing Syringe to syringe water or broth into dam’s mouth
  • Clean Scissors to cut cord (let the Dam do it herself if possible)
  • Hemostats to crimp cord (if needed)
  • Un-waxed dental floss to tie cord (if needed
  • Foamy sleeping bag and pillow to camp beside whelping box



Daddy Apollo in the whelping pool - Whelping Pool Covers for Dog Breeders

I personally like to use baby pools to whelp and raise my puppies because they’re easy to move around,  easy to clean and keep Mom comfortable while keeping the puppies safe and close by. 

The MagnaBox Whelping BoxI also use the wooden style whelping boxes once my puppies are older and too big for the pools.   I like to keep the puppies in the pools as long as possible and then move them to the boxes once they start jumping out to explore to give them more space and also to contain them better! We also let them out to run around the house and in the backyard to play with their parents during the day. Being in a box all the time is not good for their social or physical development!  Early socialization with humans and other dogs is KEY to producing amazing puppies your customers will gush about!  




I buy handmade whelping pool covers and EZWhelp pool pads to make my life easier and Mama’s life more comfortable and clean. Plus no lost puppies in the folds of blankets and towels. Whelping Pools,  Pool covers and Pads are definitely 3 of my top absolutely cannot live with out breeder supplies. Plus they make for cute litter pictures! 

I get my whelping pool covers from a couple different designers online. Kirsten Fulk on Etsy and Hugs and Stitches on Facebook.


Multigen Labradoodle litter of Chocolates - 1 week old


Snuggle safe: Keep newborn puppies warm - whelping supplies for breeders

You can also use the Snuggle safe heating pads in your whelping pools.  


SnuggleSafe is an awesome hard plastic disk that holds heat for several hours after warmed in the microwave for a couple minutes.  Works very well. I suggest two. The directions reccomend that the disk completely cools before re-warming.


Buy on Amazon

Whelping Pool Pads

Whelping Pool Pad by EZWhelp

I get the EZWhelp brand whelping pool pads and I put them over the fleece whelping pool covers but you can also put them under. I own several of them so I can easily switch them out and wash them daily.

I recommend owning at least 2-4 of each so that you always have a clean cover and pad while your other set is in the wash. Change out the pad daily,  you can usually go every couple of days with the cover especially with newborns but how often you need to swap them out will depend on a few factors but that’s what makes plastic baby pools and pool covers & pads so great! 

Super easy to keep everything really clean and sanitary with minimal effort. Make sure you order the right size to fit your whelping pool. 

EZwhelp Washable Whelping & Puppy Pad 36″ (Round).  Free Shipping with Amazon Prime. 

Buy on Amazon

One of my Labradoodle Dams in the large size Whelping Pool with Cover and Pad

One of my Labradoodle Dams in the large size Whelping Pool with handmade Pool Cover and EZWhelp Pad on top. 

Buy Ezwhelp Whelping Pool or Box Pads on Amazon! 

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paw_print_line1Pre-Made Whelping Supply Kits for Dog Breeders

Whelping Supply Kit for Dog Breeders

Whelping Kits for Dogs – 12 Puppies – Basic on Amazon!

You can get these complete whelping kits on Amazon and Ebay that have all the basic supplies you’ll need to whelp a litter of 8-12 puppies. Make sure to look for the best price.  Some kits are priced much higher than others and include the same supplies. I have linked the best one I could find below. You can also make your own kits of course. 

Puppy Whelping Kit Includes:

  • Digital thermometer to monitor mother’s temperature for predicting the whelp.
  • Tail wrap for dogs tails to protect from draining fluids.
  • 12 Velcro ID Bands to identify puppies.
  • 12 absorbent disposable pads to put under mom.
  • 12 pr. of disposable exam gloves for deliveries.
  • 12 receiving cloths to grip and dry each puppy.
  • Aspiration bulb to suction mucous from puppy’s airway, mouth, nose and throat.
  • Stainless steel umbilical clamp to clamp umbilical cord (individually packaged.)
  • Bandage scissors w/stainless steel blades w/blunt tips to cut umbilical cord (individually packaged.)
  • Package of unwaxed dental floss 12 yards (36 feet) to tie off umbilical cords.
  • 12 packets of Iodine prep pads for cut umbilical cords.

Plus Helpful and Printable Papers included in this Whelping Kit: Things to gather sheet, Temperature plotting sheet to predict the whelp within hours, Birth documentation chart, Weight chart for all puppies as they grow, Emergency contact sheet. 

Buy it on Amazon!

Best Selling Whelping Supplies on Amazon – Click here!

How To Keep or Put Weight On Your Breeding Dogs and Puppies

 Keeping weight on some Breeding dogs while nursing especially some of our picky eaters can be a bit of a challenge sometimes. So,  if I run into this issue with one of my girls I will either supplement them with a meal topper like Stella and Chewy’s or the infamous “Satin Balls”. 

Satin Ball Recipe for Dogs

Here is a recipe for “Satin Balls” which has been a popular recipe amongst dog breeders and show dog owners for years to help put weight on dogs “quickly” (when needed).


Goats milk is the closest you’re gonna get to a Canine Mother’s Milk. You can use it when tube feeding or bottle feeding orphan puppies or runts – you can also add it to your puppy mush once your litters start eating. I recommend the Meyenberg brand Goats Milk (their whole vitamin D formula). The liquid formula is also good but does go bad quickly. 

Do not mix more Goat’s Milk Powder than can be consumed in 24 hours. Do not use a blender. 

Feed puppies 2 tablespoons (30mL) liquid per 4 ounces (115g) of body weight daily. The daily feeding rate should be divided into equal portions for each feeding. Puppies’ needs will vary and this amount may have to be increased or decreased, depending on the individual.

Young and/or weak puppies: should be fed every 3 to 4 hours. Weigh the puppies 3 times a week to assure adequate weight gain. 

Buy Meyenberg Goats Milk on Amazon! 

Buy it on Amazon!

Weight Conversion Chart For Bottle Or Tube Feeding Puppies

Bottle Feeding or Tube Feeding Puppies Weight Conversion Chart on Leerburg.com

Click on Chart for full size view..


Visit “How to Bottle Feed Puppies” plus a homemade recipe for puppy formula here on Leerburg. com

Leerburg.com is a GREAT resource for dog breeders.  I highly recommend you check them out, especially dog breeders who lean towards a more natural way to feed and raise their puppies and dogs. They also have a ton of free videos and info on the RAW dog food diet,  training and raising puppies,  bottle feeding and the risk of vaccines. This was one of the first websites I found useful as a new dog breeder,  years ago. There was not alot of helpful  info online about dog breeding or whelping puppies at the time so I was very appreciative I found them and I still am. 

BEST Bottle Feeding Recipe:

  • 10 oz. of canned evaporated milk OR whole goat’s milk (not pasteurized cow’s milk – this will cause scowers – dogs cannot drink normal cow’s milk. Dogs cannot drink 1%, 2%, Skim, or Whole milk.) Whole goat’s milk is by far the best to use. Walmart sells both evaporated milk, whole goat’s milk and evaporated goats milk. Make sure you are using EITHER evaporated milk OR whole goat’s milk. Do NOT use sweetened condensed milk!
  • 3 oz. sterilized water (baby water OR boiled water that is then cooled). This is NOT needed if using whole goat’s milk.
  • 1 raw egg yolk.
  • 1 cup of plain yogurt (avoid skim or fat free if at all possible).
  • 1/2 tsp Karo Syrup or Corn Syrup (NOT HONEY!)

Best article on Bottle Feeding 🍼 


Tube Feeding Puppies – Kits

Lifeline Pet Supplies Tube Feeding Kit 10FR

  • Having these on hand when you need them can be a lifesaver….literally.
  • Don’t wait to order them when you need them..  because you might not have 2 days to wait for shipping. 

Puppy Tube Feeding Kit Includes:

  • 1 – Size French Style Feeding Tube
  • 1 – 12ml All-Plastic Syringe
  • 1 – Microwave Steam sterilize bag (20 uses per bag)
  • Tubes measure 16″ long

The recommended tube sizes for puppies and kittens are as follows:

  • Size 3.5: Kittens & Small Puppies
  • Size 5: Kittens & Small Puppies
  • Size 8: Puppies & Large Kittens
  • Size 10: Large Puppies

Please follow the instructions on the Tube Feeding Kit.

  • Instructions are included with each kit
  • There are also several good instructional videos on how to tube feed a puppy on YouTube.  Make sure to do your research first. You can also ask your vet to walk you through how to do it. 
  • There are also some great videos showing you exactly how to do it on YouTube 

Watch videos on how to Tube Feed Puppies on YouTube. .. – Click Here


There are a few options for feeding newborn orphaned puppies..  you can use a bottle,  tube feed,  sponge feed or the miricle nipple. Look up videos on YouTube to see how all are done. 

Miracle Nipple for Puppies

The Miracle Nipple is one of the better alternatives to a bottles and it’s easier to measure EXACTLY how much you’re feeding.  It fits either a slip tip or luer lock tip syringe or a small nursing bottle!

Miracle Nipple Large – 2 pack For Larger Puppies 

Miricle Nipple for bottle feeding puppies - whelping supplies

Miracle Nipple Collection – Large, Regular and Mini sizes

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Keeping Mom & Puppies Healthy… 

Breeder’s Edge – Oxy Mate Prenatal Vitamins 

Breeders’ Edge Oxy-Mate Prenatal is a proprietary blend of vitamins, minerals, and selected herbs that are formulated for the specific nutritional needs of pregnant females and her developing embryos. This premium prenatal supplement provides elevated levels of iron, folic acid, and zinc that optimizes the production of red blood cells and blood flow. In addition, this supplement provides the essential nutrients for the development of healthy newborns. Herbal ingredients, such as raspberry leaf, are added to improve uterine tone and to ease birthing.

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Silicone Twister Bulb Syringe 


#1 RECOMMENDED HOSPITAL GRADE SILICONE EAR, THROAT & NASAL ASPIRATOR – These are used during whelping to suck out any amniotic fluid left in the puppies nose and mouth.  100% SILICONE that is naturally resistant to the growth of bacteria, molds and fungus. These last a lot longer the cheap blue bulb syringes. Easier to clean. Affordable. Buy it on Amazon

 Buy it on Amazon!

Newborn Puppies Umbilical Cord Care

Iodine swaps for puppies umbilical cords

Iodine Swabsticks for Puppies

Umbilical Cord Care for Puppies! 

I love these swab sticks but you can also buy the little cotton swabs.  I like these better because they seem more sterile to me and I don’t stain my fingers. Just dab a little on the cord after mom has cut the cord or you’ve cut it and leave it be,  no need to reapply. I try to allow my dams to cut the cords herself whenever possible. If your dam is a healthy female then she’ll usually know exactly what she’s doing and does not need constant human interventions during her whelping. Some first time Moms can be a little clumsy,  obsessively mess with the cord, some may even accidentally cut it too short so I help out in those sitiations by redirecting her attention away from the puppy and the cut cord. 

I think of myself as her emergency backup and helpful and loving assistant…  but I am not the one in control of her delivery,  she is. The more you allow your dam to “free whelp” and follow her instict during whelping,  the better she’ll be as a Mother and whelper in the future. Even first time moms will

 The cord will naturally dry up and fall off by itself in a couple of days. If you need to cut the cord yourself make sure to cut a full inch to an inch and a quarter away from the puppies belly but I allow Mom to do it when possible,  as well as eat at least a 2-3 placentas. This is not pleasant to witness but it is instinctual and natural.  Humans even eat their own placentas nowadays.  No Thanks…  but supposedly very nutritional. You can toss any she leaves behind or if she has a large litter you can start taking them from her.  Too many placentas can cause an upset stomach. 

When puppies umbilical cords are cut too short,  this can cause umbilical hernia. If she becomes obsessive with minding/chewing on the already cut cords just redirect her attention away or move the puppy a little away on its belly but still next to her.  They usually stop. The iodine can sometimes help with obsessive cord cleaning as well. Ingesting Iodine is safe.


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The Tail wrap helps to keep Moms tail clean from all the fluids during whelping. I won’t be able to get Mom all wet after whelping with a bath,  so if she has a big fluffy tail I will sometimes wrap it during the early stages of labor. Some dogs do not mind this and some do. If Mom seems really annoyed just skip it. You can also wash her tail,  legs and face down with a warm wash cloth and some antibacterial hand soap after she’s done whelping and has had some time to recover. 


Buy it on Amazon!

Latex Gloves

whelping supplies latex gloves

Latex Disposable Gloves are a must.  You will be getting your hands dirty. These help keep you and your bitch from cross contaminating germs. Also helpful for internal exams.

Buy it on Amazon!


Oxy Mama

Oxy Mama by Breeders edge is a postnatal vitamin herb chew that contains Fenugreek, Chaste tree fruit, and Motherwort in a form that quickly brings moms into milk. You can expect increased production within 72 hours. 

Use for seven days before birth for females that have had milking issues in the past or before planned C-Sections to bring Mom into milk. Don’t start before 14 days as milking before birth increases their risk of mastitis.

You can also order Fenugreek capsules – lactation supplements on Amazon. 

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Calsorb 12ml SyringeA MUST HAVE ON HAND!  Calsorb is a fast absorbing calcium in a gel base for dogs showing signs of extreme calcium deficiency and in an emergency can save your Mama dogs life from developing a life threatening calcium deficiency known as eclampsia (or milk fever). Comes in a clear syringe for quick and accurate dosing. Ideal to use during every whelp and a life saver during difficult labor,  delayed contractions,  large litters or with fast-growing puppies.


Calcium supplements given prior to whelping will actually cause a dog’s body to stop storing its own calcium tricking into thinking they have an excess of calcium. Then when the calcium is REALLY needed during labor she won’t have it available.

If you have a female that gets shaky or acts “out of it” or she’s still non-stop panting AFTER whelping, she NEEDS CALCIUM! Or if she is in labor and has one or two puppies and clearly has more waiting but labor stalls. Give calcium! You never know for sure if a dog will need it.  Make a habit of having it on hand before every female whelps to prevent problems. Some panting after whelping,  especially during nursing is normal and is due to the utrus contracting but if she also has other symptoms that’s when you should be concerned and administer calcium or just do it anyway. Remember to follow the dosing instructions on the tube. 

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Oral Calcium for Whelping dogs - Mom dogs during labor - Calcium oral gel - Avoid EclampsiaORAL CAL PLUS is another oral Calcium gel by Breeders Edge which also includes Vit D and Magnesium for better absorption.  It is more expensive and I’ve found the Calsorb alone does the trick. If you believe your dog is suffering eclampsia please see your vet for treatment.  They may need IV calcium as well.  This is only too be used as prevention and in an emergency along with your vets support. 

Buy on Amazon

Immune System and GI Tract Support in Puppies

Breeder’s Edge Nuture Mate

Supports immune system and protects the GI tract,  just what you need to help get puppies off to a healthy start in life. Provides newborns with the energy to nurse aggressively and obtain their needed nutrition. An alternative source of colostrum, it helps support a strong immune system in the first days of life. Also good for times of reduced appetites and digestive disorders. Comes in calibrated syringes for easy and accurate dosing. I give this to my puppies the first 24 hours and when needed. Another MUST HAVE ON HAND!  Have used this to save fading puppies. 

Buy on Amazon


Probiotic for Diarrhea in Puppies and Dogs

FortiFlora may help nutritionally manage dogs with diarrhea from stressful situations such as boarding or change in home environment, diet changes or consumption of inappropriate foods, soft stool in puppies due to giardia and/or coccidia, antibiotic therapy, aging pets with weakened immune systems, and pets experiencing weakened immune systems due to illness or treatment. 

Probios – Probiotic Powder for Digestive Issues in Puppies and Adult Dogs 


Probios powder is used to help maintain a healthy digestive system in animal from newborns to adults. Use Probios at weaning and other diet changes, during and after antibiotic therapy, during hospital treatment. Probios helps maintain a healthy appetite and should be used as part of a health maintenance program.

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Nutrical – High Calorie Gel

Great item to keep on hand if you have a small breed dog or puppy (especially puppy) or a dog that at times does not want to eat. This product helps if a puppy or dog has hypoglycemia and can keep it going until you get it to a vet. Also good to stimulate the appetite of adult dogs.

Tomlyn NutriCal Tube Dog 4.25oz

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Amazon Basics Pet Training Pads, Extra-Large

These are great because their extra-large and the price is super nice in comparison to the other puppy pad brands. 

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ProSelect Stainless Steel Puppy Dish – Easy Feeder


ProSelect Stainless Steel Puppy DishAnother must have product.  These are GREAT! Raised center keeps food near the outer rim where it’s easier for puppies to reach and discourages dogs from walking in or sleeping in their food. 

Buy on Amazon

Dyne High Calorie Animal Supplement

High calorie liquid diet and dietary supplement. Aids in nutrition for pregnant and lactating dogs. Aids in recovery from stress, low weight, low energy and whelping. Extra nutrition for runt puppies. Useful in mixing with yucky tasting medicine. 

Buy on Amazon

Zymox Otic Pet Ear Treatment with Hydrocortisone

I love Zymox because it WORKS!  Dare I say..  even better than some of the medications you get from the vets. I highly recommend every dog breeder have some of this on hand just in case. 

  • For treating inflammation of the external ear caused by bacterial, viral, and yeast infections
  • Contains no antibiotics
  • Destroys antibiotic-resistant organisms

Virbac Epi-Otic Advanced Ear Cleaner

Virbac Epi-Otic Advanced Ear Cleaner

Epi-Otic is by far my favorite ear cleaner for dogs especially for Doodles and Poodles who need extra attention and a consistent ear care routine to avoid those pesky ear infections. 

  • Epi-Otic may be used for routine ear cleansing in healthy ear canal or prior to administration of other ear preparations
  • A mild alcohol-free cleansing and drying solution for routine ear care and maintenance. 

Puppy Scale – Baby Scale

Health-o-meter Grow with Me 2-in-1 Baby to Toddler Scale

Health o meter Grow with Me 2-in-1 Baby to Toddler Scale

These are my favorite scales because their battery operated and easy to move,  clean and the puppies fit nicely in the basket. 

  • Health o meter’s baby scale precisely measures the weight of your newborn puppies within 0.5 ounces (or 0.1 kilograms).


Snuggle Safe – Microwave Heating Pad

Snuggle Safe Pet Bed Microwave Heating Pad

Snuggle Safe Heating Pad – to keep puppies warm in the whelping pool and while in holding during whelping or travel.  I would cover the pad with a towel in addition to the soft pad that’s included. Be sure to monitor the heat and keep it at or below body temp as you do not want to dehydrate those puppies by overheating them. How Snuggle Safe works video

Snuggle Safe Pet Bed Microwave Heating Pad


Rubber Hot water bottle  Transparent 2 Liter w/Knit cover

Hot water bottles are handy to have on hand. They will hold warmth longer and are safer than the heating pads and can be refilled with hot water easily when it cools. Nice to have for runt, sickly or orphaned puppies that need extra warmth.  Also nice for trips to the vets.  Very,  very handy. 

Hot Water Bottle with Knit Cover on Amazon 

Electric Heating Pad

  • Electrical Pet heating pad 
  • Two-Level Temperature Control

Best Dog Crates for Breeders

MidWest iCrate Single Door & Double Door Folding Metal Dog Crates

I like the metal Midwest iCrates best and the prices on Amazon are much better then the ones at the big box pet stores. 

GoPets Dematting Comb with 2 Sided Professional Grooming Rake 

These are MUST HAVE for any Doodle owner or breeder. 

GoPets Dematting Comb with 2 Sided Professional Grooming Rake

Read the reviews for this on Amazon!  Button below! 

Solo-Jec 5 – Puppy Vaccines

  • Solo-Jec® 5 offers puppies 5-way disease protection
  • Effective Parvovirus, Distemper and respiratory (CAV-2) protection
  • Convenient single dose package with syringe
  • Intramuscular or subcutaneous 
  • Buy on Revivalanimal.com

Nutri-Vet Milk Replacement for Puppies with Colostrum 

Nutri-Vet Milk Replacement is formulated as a nutritional supplement when the mother’s milk supply is inadequate, as the sole ration for orphan puppies or to supplement runt puppies. I prefer Myenberg Goats Milk because it’s closest to dog milk but this also does the trick.  

Artificial Insemination Kits for Dog Breeders

Artificial Insemination Kit for Dog Breeders

Medium Breed Kit: https://amzn.to/2HjDVYk
Large Breed Kit: https://amzn.to/2HgOLyt
Small Breed Kit: https://amzn.to/2qg4FRs



Microchips – Homeagain

HomeAgain Microchip Implant Kits on Amazon. Easy to administrator and register. Compatible with all microchip readers.  *You don’t need to pay for the yearly membership with Homeagain.  The initial registration includes all your contact info and is saved into the registrar forever and regardless if you pay their yearly membership fee.  

Buy on Amazon

Nuvet Vitamins

Commercial and even raw food diets can leave big gaps in our breeding dogs and puppies nutrition. Nuvet is a quality nutrient supplement that will provide essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes crucial for developing embryos as well as our nursing or pregnant Moms. Also combats lumps and tumors.

Helps Mom keep Beautiful, thick and shiny coats!

Read Why I recommend Nuvet Vitamins Here! 

Nuvet Vitamins Afffiliate Program For Dog Breeders:

You make really good commissions with the Nuvet Affiliate program by just recommending their wonderful product to your families! Nuvet provides you with Free Vitamin sample packets and brochures for as many puppies as you have in your current litters which you can include in your puppy packs when they go home. 

They usually reach out to breeders themselves so unfortunately,  they dont have any info on their company website about the affiliate program so you do have to call them to sign up FREE. 

No “hard sale” techniques needed or encouraged by Nuvet which I really appreciate. 


Contact my account rep,  his name is Erik at 818-865-2600 ext 217 (Please tell him Barbara from Dreamydoodles referred you!) He’s great!


Check out the Lifes Abundance Affiliate program and dog food.  Earn your own dog’s food with referrals as well as a secondary income. Lifesabundance.com


Puppy ID Collars

I’ve used a couple different types of colored ID collars to identity my puppies… The velcro ones,  the nylon collars with velcro and the nylon snap buckle collars. 

Colored Velcro Puppy ID Collars with Record Keeping Charts, Adjustable Color Identification Collars pack

Using colored Puppy ID collars just makes life simpler and helps you keep track of who is who and your customers too.  I use either the velcro or the nylon collars. Each pack has 12 colors. 

I liked these ones because the record keeping charts are also included and even for less money then some of the packs with just the collars. 

Buy on Amazon

Nylon Snap Buckle Puppy ID Collars with Record Charts

These are nice for older puppies.  These nylon collars have a plastic easy release snap buckle and come in several sizes. There are 12 different colors in each pack. 

Buy on Amazon

Nylon with Velcro Puppy ID Colored Collars

Nylon and Velcro Puppy ID CollarsThese collars are made of nylon with a velcro closure and are better for puppies 5-8 wks old depending on size. I use these with my smaller litters because there is only 8 but they are higher quality then the regular velcro ones but also more expensive. 

Buy Velcro ID Collars on Amazon Prime! 

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Puppy Whelping Charts for Record Keeping, bundled with Whelping Colors

These are great for keeping track of daily/weekly weights,  deworming protocol and vaccinations. 

I also buy the plastic sheet covers and 3 ring binders and each litter has their own folder or you can put all your litters in one. 

Record Keeping Charts for Breeders

Buy Puppy Litter Charts on Amazon Prime! 

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Wahl Dog/Puppy Shampoo

  • Cornflower and aloe
  • Smells Fantastic,  Great Price
  • Gentle formula, no tears
  • Great shampoo for first puppy baths
  • Just Read the reviews on Amazon! 

Wahl Puppy Shampoo

Buy on Amazon

Waterpik PPR-252 Pet Wand Pro Dog Shower Attachment

This wand shower 🚿 head is really cool!  But basically ANY type of shower head attachment is a MUST HAVE for me. This one is pretty nifty though! 

Buy on Amazon


Food Allergies Test Kit for Dogs – Amazing!! 

Alot of Dogs have food allergies and environmental  sensitivities so when I found this allergy test kit I could do at home and send in a clipping of my dogs hair and get result back in 3 wks!  I was so happy because we all know how important a healthy diet is to our breeding dogs and how hard it can be trying to figure out what possible allergies or sensitivities they might be causing health issues in or dogs. This test can save you hundreds of dollars trying new foods or eliminations diets etc. Bravo!

Home Environmental and Food Intolerance Test Kit for Pets

  • EXTENSIVE TESTING: This Affordable Allergy Test provides the most comprehensive allergy testing system on the market. They test for common intolerances including turkey, wheat, assorted grasses and over 300 food and environmental items. If they’re intolerant to it, they will find it! 
  • Send in a clipping of your dogs hair and get your results back in 3-4 wks 

Home Test for Food Allergies in Dogs on Amazon!

Puppy Glucose Solution Recipe

This well established advice comes from what many consider as the bible of dog breeding  written by Anne Seranne The Joy of Breeding Your Own Show Dog”. I have used this glucose solution and Anne’s advice for decades with very positive results.

Signs of hypoglycemia are loss of appetite, extreme lethargy, lack of coordination, trembling, muscle twitching, weakness, seizures, and discoloration of skin and gums. Most dogs will not eat or drink when they are in low sugar shock. This is very common in toy and mini dog breeds as well as newborn puppies. 

Prepare this 5% Glucose solution just prior to whelping and store in a dropper bottle:



Deworming Your Puppies:

Pyrantel Pamoate

Breeders need to keep those nasty parasites in check and the best way to do it is to have a good and consistent deworming protocol for not only your puppies but your whole pack of dogs whether they’re pregnant or not if they are on your property you need to deworm everyone at the same time. 

Puppies need to be dewormed at 2,4,6,8 Weeks or every 2 wks until they go home up until 16 weeks and then every 6 months once they go home.

Shop Amazon – Most Wished For Pet Supplies for Dog Breeders List

My Deworming Protocal

I use Pyrantel Pamoate first at 2 and 4 wks (1 day dosage) and then Safeguard (Fenbendazole) starting at 6 weeks.  Once a day for 3 days (and again every 2 weeks until 12 wks). 

Puppies must be at least 6 wks to use the Safeguard,  that’s why I start with the Pyrantel Pamoate for the first 4 weeks. 

*Remember to deworm your whole pack with Safeguard – 2 weeks before whelping a litter and every time you deworm the puppies except I only use the Safeguard on my adults not the Pyrantel because Safeguard covers more types of worms and also treats Giardia

*Remember Adult Dogs can have Giardia and/or Coccidia and pass it onto the puppies while still showing no symptoms themselves. Most adult dogs are immune to giardia by adulthood but it gives young puppies moderate to severe diarrhea and can even kill them if left untreated or they are really young. Giardia and Coccidia have very similar symptoms so you may need to get a fecal test done to diagnose the exact issue.

Safe-guard (Fenbendazole) – Labeled For Goats and Cattle – Safe for Dogs

Safe-Guard Goat Dewormer 1000 ML Bottle on Amazon



Buy on Amazon Safeguard Dewormer 1000 ML Bottle

How To Deworm Your Dogs and Puppies With Safeguard (Fenbendazole)

I use the Safe-guard Brand Bottle labeled for Goats and Cows. Starting at (6wks+)  It is the same exact medication used for dogs it’s just a different strength and dosage chart You get the same medicaton but you get more for your money.  

Safe Guard (Fenbendazole Suspension) – Puppy and Dog Dosage Chart:


Safeguard Dewormer labeled for cows and goats but Safe for Puppies

Safeguard labeled for cows and goats but Safe for Puppies – 125 ML Bottle

Buy the smaller 125 ML Size Bottle On Amazon Here! 

Use a 3ml or 10ml syringe – Buy one on Amazon Here!


Safe-Guard Granules Packets

If you just have one dog you need to deworm you can buy the granule packets.  For the treatment and control of Roundworms (Toxocara canis Toxascaris leonina) Hookworms (Ancylostoma caninum Uncinaria stenocephala) Whipworms (Trichuris vulpis) and Tapeworms (Taenia pisiformis) and Giardia. 

Safe-Guard® (Fenbendazole) Canine is safe for use in puppies 6 weeks or older and adult dogs including pregnant bitches. 

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Pyrantel Pamoate Suspension 50 mg 16 oz

Pyrantel Pamoate Suspension 50 mg 16 oz bottle by Generic

Pyrantel Pamoate Suspension 50 mg 16 oz

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Deworming Puppies & Dogs – Pyrantel Pamoate Dosage Chart (2wks & 4wks):
I use the Pyrantel Pamoate 50 mg to 1 ml Suspension bottle by Columbia Factories (last longer; different dosage chart then Nemex 2).

Dosage Chart 📌 

*Buy the Pyrantel Pamoate 50 mg to 1ml Bottle by Columbia Factories (labeled for humans) on Amazon

Same exact medication just a different dosage chart.  You get WAY more for your money. 

1ml Syringes with Caps (Pack of 25)

Use a 1 ml/cc syringe for Puppies


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3ml Syringe

Use a 3 or 5 ml/cc syringe for Adults


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*For proper dosing use a 1cc -1ml oral dosing syringe for puppies and a 3 or 5 ML oral dosing syringe for Adults.


You can use Nemex 2 instead of the Columbia Factories brand above but it is a different dosage and you will need to spend alot more money in order to deworm everyone in your litter especially if you have multiple litters and multiple dogs.  The dosage instructions are on the bottle. 

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Drug Dosage Chart & Spreadsheet for Dog Breeders

  • Drug Dosage Chart For Dog Breeders – this chart includes dosages for several different drugs used by dog breeders. Included in the chart is the dosages for Albon,  Amoxicillin,  Baytril,  Cephalexin,  Asprin,  Clavamox,  Corid, Benadryl for dogs. 

Here is another dosage chart for drugs commonly used in treating cats & dogs. Dosages are given per pound of body weight.

WARNING: Not be used as a substitute for your veterinarian. Many drugs have adverse effects, some of which can be LETHAL!

Drug Dosage Chart for Cats and Dogs

Drug Dosage Chart for Cats and Dogs



Genetic Testing Info for Breeding Dogs:

Dog/Canine Health Testing Clinics Schedule:
Find a GENETIC health clinic being held in your area on this calendar (updated often). United States and Canada. Specialists come and do testing all in one day or weekend for Dog Breeders all over the country! GREAT prices. ALL BREEDS. *GREAT RESOURCE!!
(OFA testing, CERF eyes, hearing and other tests offered as well as microchips)

Orthopedic Foundation for Animals:
Hip/Patella/heart Testing info etc.

Genetic Blood Panel Tests – DNA, Diseases,  Coat & Color

PawPrint Genetics – Home Genetic Testing

Pawprint Genetics

Genetic Blood Panel testing (testing panels ordered are breed specific).

PawPrint Genetics Coupons:
Make sure to check this link for PawPrints current discounts and coupon codes which are sometimes up to 50% off your order.

CanineHealth Check – Home Test Kit:

Canine Health Check - Genetic Testing Kit
Owned by the same company and lab as Pawprint Genetics (above)  but they only do one round of testing on the sample instead of two, its cheaper but also not recognized by some registrars. They do over 150 genetic tests. (Same test for all breeds). Can be done at home with a cheek swab. 


  • Screen your dog for over 150 dog diseases and traits from the comfort of your home
  • Simply swab the inside of your dog’s mouth for 30 seconds and send in the swab in the pre-paid return kit
  • Test results indicate whether your dog is a carrier for any of the 150 diseases tested and are available online within 7-10 business days from date of receipt
  • Canine genetic screen kit includes: 2 sterile swabs, a prepaid USPS return label, and detailed instructions on how to properly collect the sample
  • Please note: This is NOT a DNA Breed Test, you are ordering a Genetic Screening for 150 canine diseases




Embark | Dog DNA Test | Breed Identification | 160 Health Results | 200K Genetic Markers

Embark Genetic Testing Kit

Embark’s Genetic testing kit tests for DNA and 160 genetic diseases and breed identification. One test for all breeds. Can not pick individual tests. This test has been used by a lot of breeders with great results. 



Breed Registrar Links:

AKC Dog Breeder Resource List:
Registration information http://www.akc.org/dog-breeders/breeder-education/resources/

CKC – Continental Kennel Club
Mixed and Pure Bred Dog Breed Registration

Australian Labradoodle Association of America (ALAA):

Australian Labradoodle Club of America (ALCA):


DVD’s & Books for Dog Breeders:

Puppy Culture DVD: The Powerful First 12 Weeks That Can Shape Your Puppy’s Future

Puppy Culture: The Powerful First 12 Weeks That Can Shape Your Puppy's Future

Puppy Culture: The Powerful First 12 Weeks That Can Shape Your Puppy’s Future

A new film from Jane Killion, Author of When Pigs Fly: Training Success With Impossible Dogs! Everything you need to know about puppies, broken down into easy-to-digest 5-15 minute lessons.

A Complete Program, From Breeder To Puppy Owner! 

Here’s just a sampling of the fun and easy lessons included in Puppy Culture! For Breeders:

Early Neurological Stimulation • Weaning Set Up and Suggestions • Developmental and Fear Periods • Harnessing the Enrichment Effect • Puzzles, Games, and Problem Solving • Safe Early Socialization • Holding a Safe and Effective Puppy Party For Your Litter • Emotional Resiliency Exercises • Anti-Aggression Protocols • Bomb-Proofing Puppies • Placement Options • Preparing Your Puppy Buyers For Puppy Owners: The Critical Socialization Period • Holding a Safe and Effective Puppy Party For Your Puppy • How To Find a Good Puppy Class • Vaccination vs. Socialization • Handling Fear Periods • Leash Walking, Recall, Crate and Potty Training • Clickers • Preventing Common Behavior Problems: Resource Guarding Separation Anxiety Biting and Jumping

The Proof Is In The Puppies!

Buy it on Amazon!


Myra Savant Harris' Canine Reproduction, Whelping and Puppy Intensive Care Seminar: Techniques for a Successful Breeding and Healthy Puppies

Myra Savant Harris – Canine Reproduction, Whelping and Puppy Intensive Care Seminar DVD

Attend Myra Savant Harris’s Breeding Seminar Without Leaving Home!

Myra Savant Harris breeding seminar that she has given to clubs and breeders throughout the country is finally available as a comprehensive 8 hour recorded seminar. Myra applies scientific approaches to every aspect of breeding, dispelling a number of popular myths along the way.

Buy the Seminar on DVD at Amazon.com

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Watch Instantly with Amazon Video  Watch Instantly with Amazon Video

Books For Dog Breeders

These are some of the best books I recommend for Dog Breeders.  Some of them are pretty expensive but still worth it.. especially if you’re a newer dog breeder. 

Canine Reproduction and Neonatology

Canine Reproduction and Neonatology

Winner of Dog Writers Association of America’s Dogwise Best Book Award

Canine Reproduction is a practical guide for veterinarians and an information source for breeders, kennel operators and others with a financial or humane interest in the breeding and maintenance of dogs.

Buy on Amazon

Advanced Canine Reproduction and Puppy Care: The Seminar 

 Answers to common questions and unusual problems encountered even by experienced breeders: Use sunlight to improve breeding results; avoiding C-sections; make AI more successful and much more from a breeder and lecturer who has “been there.”

Buy on Amazon

Canine Reproduction the Breeders Guide

Canine Reproduction: The Breeder’s Guide has been the ultimate reference on dog breeding, whelping and puppy care for more than 30 years. This new third edition features color photographs, the latest veterinary research on reproduction, and an affordable softcover binding. Canine Reproduction covers selection of breeding stock, the science of reproduction, timing the breeding for a successful result, prenatal and postnatal care, whelping, dealing with reproductive problems, illnesses, and more. A complete reference that is a must for any serious dog breeder.

Buy on Amazon

Puppy Intensive Care: A Breeder’s Guide to Care of Newborn Puppies

Get life-saving instructions in text and video on simple measures breeders and canine midwives can take to help newborn puppies in distress. Learn about tube feeding, administering oxygen, hydration and re-warming. Attention shelters and rescue groups: works with orphaned pups

Buy on Amazon

Whelping Calculators & Sample Contracts Online

I could not live without these whelping calculators….

Dog Breeding Business and Advice Links

I have found a lot of great info on the following websites over the years.


Nuvet Vitamins

Attention Breeders: Start your own affiliate business with Nuvet or to Order call 1-800-474-7044 – ext 217

Nuvet is a great company with great products that have honestly helped me to produce and raise healthy dogs and puppies as well as supplement my income as a small at-home dog breeder.  Let them know Dreamydoodles sent you. It’s not a multi-marketing type business so that’s actually not important but I do like my rep so ask for Erik – ext 217!

Read my page on Why I use and recommend Nuvet!

Life’s Abundance

Lifes Abundance Dog Food

Another great company is Life’s Abundance!  To learn more about their amazing products and their business opportunity for Dog breeders and people interested in the pet and health industry

Visit Life’s Abundance Today!



This list will SAVE you a Ton of Time & Money! The BEST Crate Sizes, Food, Toys, Cleaning Supplies.. EVERYTHING!!

Honestly, I wish I could of found a page like this when I got my first puppy!


Click the button below to visit our recommended supply list for Breeders… 

Again, I wish I had a product list like this when I started breeding…



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