What you can expect from us

What you can expect from us

What you can expect from Dreamydoodles..


What you can expect..

  • You can expect us to answer all your questions promptly, patiently and professionally.
  • You can expect clear and accurate communication concerning pickup or shipping.
  • You can expect us to be honest and upfront about our puppies health & temperaments.
  • You can expect to bring home a HEALTHY & HAPPY puppy that you picked and we hope that they will be the puppy of your dreams.

You can expect us to be honest. Period.

What you’ll receive with your new Dreamydoodle Puppy…

  • You will receive updates every week regarding the progress of  your Puppy.
  • We keep you up to date with Photos and Videos posted on our web site and via email throughout the 8 weeks hopefully to help make the wait not feel so long. We know how it feels to wait for a puppy..it’s like waiting for Santa Claus on Christmas Eve!
  • Your puppy will be up to date on their vaccinations and de-worming schedules. All records will be sent home with your puppy.
  • All puppies are covered by a 2 year health guarantee against genetic diseases. This guarantee is outlined on our puppy contract page.
  • 1 weeks worth of Puppy Food (this will be enough food to help you transition them to whatever dog food you decide to feed your puppy)
  • We will be here to support you for the life of your puppy.
F1b Goldendoodle Puppies - 2011 Litter

F1b Goldendoodle Puppies – 2011 Litter

Your part, What we ask from you…

  • Be timely in all correspondence including application, payments and contracts. 
  • Be prepared to take home your puppy at the scheduled Take Home Date. We do offer a few days for free if for whatever reason you can not pick up your puppy on the scheduled date, but after 5 days we will start to charge an extended stay fee of $25 a day for boarding.
  • We ask that you stay in touch after you take your puppy home and send us pictures now and then. These puppies mean a lot to us. Each and every one of them and we remember them all by name.
  • Have a realistic expectations of your Aussiedoodle/Labradoodle puppy. 
  • Labradoodles and Aussiedoodles both come from two very smart parents breeds and can be very smart and easy to train however, we can not guarantee that your puppy will be highly intelligent or easy to train.. we can only guarantee them to be healthy and well socialized for their age… and damn near close to perfect (smile) and the rest is up to you. Our bloodlines have a very good history of producing amazing companions but it does take work on your part as well.
  • Proper training time and consistent and early socialization is necessary in order for your Doodle to become the wonderful pet you’ve been dreaming even… AND then even more socialization…and more training.
  • Please make sure to read my post called Puppy Rule of 12 – Socialization” and Products we Recommend.
  • Be prepared, make sure to have everything ready and have at least done some research on potty training, what their eating and our feeding schedule and what you need to do the first week your puppy is home. We’ve written a lot of posts on our website about raising puppies that should be helpful. Please do your research. If you need help finding the right page text me and I will send you a direct link. You can also use the search tool in the upper right corner of my website to find exactly what your looking for.
  • Be realistic in your expectations of us as your breeders. Remember we have a very busy life and sometimes it takes us longer then planned to get you new puppy pictures or to email you back please be patient with us. Our dogs are our life but we also have a family and a normal life as well.

  • We highly recommend puppy classes at a minimum for basic training.
  • We do suggest the use of a crate for potty training. Potty Training Schedule
  • Please consider before you purchase your puppy… that you are entering into a 12-15 year commitment and the financial and time demands of a puppy. Puppies require toys, food, crates, leashes, bowls, grooming, training, veterinary visits, affection and boundaries. Please consider all of these things before making your decision. Owning a dog will change your day to day life. Are you ready for that?
  • We require that your puppy be examined by a licensed veterinarian 72 hours from the purchase and/or delivery date.
  • We ask that you resist the temptation to show your new puppy off out in public until they have received their complete round of vaccinations at 12 weeks and maybe throw in a few weeks more for good measure before visiting a dog park. Puppies are very vulnerable to disease until fully vaccinated.
  • Contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding your puppy or his/her care.
  • Enjoy & Love your Doodle!


Things you need when bringing a puppy home…


AKC Casablanca Round Solid Pet Bed

Multigen Labradoodle Scarlett

Multigen Labradoodle Scarlett


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