About our Aussiedoodles Breeding Program

About our Aussiedoodles Breeding Program

The Dreamiest Aussiedoodles in the Great Northwest

Our Standard Aussiedoodles
Sammy - Red Merle colored Standard size Aussidoodle Adult

Sammy – Red Merle colored Standard size Aussiedoodle Adult

Aussiedoodles are an intentional hybrid mix between two purebred breeds which is the AKC registered Australian Shepherd and the Poodle and they come in the toy, mini and standard size.

When cross breeding two purebred dogs you also get what is called hybrid vigor, resulting in a healthier dog with superior genetic constitution.



First Generation Aussiedoodles!





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Aussiedoodle Puppy Price: $2,500

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Abby one of our beautiful Guardian dogs - Standard Poodle 030dy

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Our Breeding Program

Our Breeding Dogs

How large will these dogs grow when fully grown?

What’s Next – Puppy Deposits

Puppy Application

Puppy Pack – What comes with your puppy

Our Past Aussiedoodle Pictures

Aussiedoodle Generations

Aussiedoodle Video Playlist

Chips Amazing Life Video


More Available Puppies


Our Aussiedoodle Breeding Dogs




Our Aussiedoodle Mommies and Daddy

Our Aussiedoodle Mommies and Daddy Rally

Rally our Stud as a Puppy! Haha! So CUTE!

“Rally” our Stud as a Puppy! Haha! So CUTE!


Aussiedoodle PERSONALITY

The Aussiedoodle intelligent, active dog with an even disposition; he is good natured, seldom quarrelsome. He may be somewhat reserved in initial meetings.  The Aussiedoodle has a very pleasant personality. They are medium in size, very loving, get along well with other dogs and pets in the family and specially love children.

Chip - Red Merle Standard F1 Aussiedoodle

Chip – Red Merle Standard F1 Aussiedoodle

Aussiedoodle TRAINING

They are very intelligent and love to learn new things. They are fast learners and extremely patient. Training should be done with patience, love, care, reward and firmness. Hard and harsh methods should be avoided.

The Aussiedoodle can excel at dog sports such as agility, obedience, flyball, dock jumping, tracking, rally, lure coursing and herding.

AKC (The American Kennel Club) is now allowing mixed breed dogs that have been registered through their Canine Partners Program to compete in obedience, agility, and rally competitions. 

Dreamydoodles Finley blowing minds everywhere he goes..

Dreamydoodles Finley blowing minds everywhere he goes..


Teddy – F1 Standard Aussiedoodle and Sandra

Our Aussiedoodle Breeding Program

Finley - F1 Aussiedoodle Male from Ivy and Rasta

Finley – F1 Aussiedoodle Male from Ivy and Rasta

Me and my Daughter Tianna

Me and my Daughter Tianna

Our breeding goals are to produce some of the prettiest, healthiest and BEST Standard Aussiedoodles available in the world!

Me and our last litter of Chocolate and Merle Aussie Labradoodles

Me and our last litter of puppies

Finley - F1 Aussiedoodle Male from Ivy and Rasta

Dreamydoodles will continue to produce my beautiful Labradoodle bloodline as well.

When you take a look at some of our dogs below – I think you will see that our Aussiedoodle dreams have already started to come true …


We will never take on more dogs then we can provide everything they deserve in means of affection, training and nutrition.You can rest assured your Dreamydoodle puppy will be raised in a home with children and other dogs and never in a kennel.. a crate yes, but a commercial kennel.. never!

Fresco - Aussiedoodle

We eventually plan to do the F1B and then the Multigen Aussiedoodle and have already held back one female from Daisy and Rally’s 2014 litter. The Aussiedoodle is pretty close to perfect in the first generation! Please, do not compare the F1 Labradoodle coat with the F1 Aussiedoodle coat, they’re not the same. The F1 Labradoodle basically needs to be backcrossed to the poodle again to fix some of the coat issues found in the first cross like shedding and matting but the Aussiedoodle gets it’s soft coat from both parent breeds.. which the F1 Labradoodle lacks due to the straight wiry coat of the Labrador Retriever. Aussiedoodles have a much lower chance of shedding then the F1 Labradoodle. If you want a non-shedding Labradoodle you want a higher generation either an F1B Labradoodle or a Multigen Labradoodle. You’re pretty safe with the F1 Aussiedoodle that you will not get low-shedding.

Kula - Male Aussiedoodle from Daisy and Rally  Kula - Male Aussiedoodle from Daisy and Rally

kula dreamydoodles aussiedoodle 2

Kula the Aussiedoodle and his Human Sydney = Pure Love!

kula dreamydoodles aussiedoodle


Aussiedoodle - abbie and rasta

Hershey - Male Aussiedoodle from Daisy and Rally

Q: How large will these dogs grow when fully grown?

This is one of the most common questions we get. Due to the size of the parents, our Aussiedoodles are typically smaller than your average sized Standard Doodle. Generally, F1 Aussiedoodles are around 40-65 pounds fully grown. Keep in mind that males are almost always larger than females. 

My Daughter Olivia and a Chocolate Aussiedoodle Puppy!

My Daughter Olivia and a Chocolate Aussiedoodle Puppy!




Our Standard Aussiedoodle so far have been in the 19-23″ height range and weigh 40-65 pounds but this may change depending on the parents size, some of our poodle females are smaller than others and so we expect them to produce smaller aussiedoodles.
Unlike the poodle who are very fine boned our stud Rally produces some very thick boned and nicely structured puppies. 


Fresco is home with his new Doodle Family!

Picking out your puppy from a litter…

10712693_769348246459245_4760913211076849895_nWe ask that people wait until our puppies are a little older so that they can get a better idea of what they’re puppy will look like as an adult and also a “sense” of what their temperaments might be like as adults.  However, it is close to impossible to “know for sure” what a 5-6 wk old puppy is going to be like as an adult. Regardless of what all the websites say about how to pick a puppy from a litter, temperament testing etc..I personally believe 70% of a dogs adult personality is based on early and consistent socialization and their life experiences and the other 30% is thanks to genetics.

Over the years raising puppies I have found that even the temperament tests tell us very little and one puppy may test one way one day and then totally different the next day or next week. They’re just far too young at 6,7,8 weeks old to get a consistent result or predictions on what they’ll be like as adults. We will provide you with a great puppy from great parents and we will help you pick in regards to energy levels but it’s ultimately up to you to raise an awesome dog.

For more info on how to pick your puppy from a litter read  Puppy Temperament Test  by dogbreedinfo.com. 

Puppy litters are just that.. a pack of puppies who eat, sleep and play as a pack. If one eats they all eat.. naps are taken together in a puppy pile. Individul personalities take time to cultivate and are based on life experiences. Think about it this way.. a human infant… when you meet a 6 month old baby you can’t know what they’ll be like as an adults and they’re goal in life is very similar to a puppy..  eat, sleep and play and be held and loved. Repeat! If you want to raise and AWESOME dog then you also need to know that Puppies need something more then just snuggles and play time. They need something called RULES! Boundaries and Limitations! Make sure you raise your puppy with the right balance of affection and discipline. Watch this Video by Cesar Milan for more info on what I mean.

Dog training formula: Exercise, discipline and affection (in that order)

Those who take the time to learn how to communicate with their dogs and provide what is instinctually necessary will find themselves with better behaved dog.


Your Dreamydoodle Puppy Pack:

Aussidoodle Puppy

  • 5-6 foot Leash
  • Collar (snap buckle)
  • 1 toy (kong ball & rope chew toy or chuckit ball toy)
  • Vaccination and Health Records
  • 2 Year Health Warranty & Spay and Neuter Contract
  • Initial puppy vaccination (First 5 way puppy vaccine)
  • Initial worming at 2, 4, 6 and 8 weeks
  • 40lb bag of dog food (Diamond Naturals – Large Breed Lamb and Rice Formula )
  • Shipping Crate & Shipping Certificate from the Vet (if shipping only – extra fees apply)
  • We also provide you with papers on crate training, their feeding schedule, puppy supplies, vaccinations and your puppies first few weeks at home
  • One happy and healthy well socialized Dreamydoodle Puppy

Make sure to check out ALL our recommended Products for your New Puppy!

Recommended Products


What’s Next – Puppy Deposits


If you want to purchase a puppy from our current Aussiedoodle litter please contact us first, there are several ways you can reach us, you can use the form on our contact & location page,
email me directly at info@dreamydoodles.com. 

Call me - Barbara at (360) 448-1477 (after 5pm during the weekdays). You can text me at the same number (anytime day or night, it’s never to early or too late).

If you’d like to be added to the waiting list for one of our future Aussiedoodle litters, please contact me first so we’re on the same page about what you’re looking for in a puppy.
If everything sounds good you will redirect back to our payment form on our payments and pricing page to put down a $300 puppy deposit to secure your pick order slot and to fill out our puppy application. Once completed your name will be added to our waiting list on this page and you will be contacted once our next litter is bred and then again when they arrive.

Please be 100% positive you want a Dreamydoodle puppy before placing a deposit.



Puppy Application


Once you put down your deposit and fill out our puppy application (by clicking the button above) you will receive an email to confirm that your deposit was received and to arrange time for a phone call to discuss what you’re looking for in a puppy and to answer any questions you might have. You will be added to the final puppy list in the order your puppy deposits was received (the list is located above). 

Once you fill out the application and place your deposit we will contact you with a confirmation.


The Puppy Application 2


Future Litters

If you would like to be added to our future litter waiting lists please check out our Puppy Nursery to see what we have available and what we’re expecting. Then if you find a litter you’re interested in please fill out the puppy application and put down your deposit. Your name will then be added to one of our litter lists in the order your deposit was received and that will be the pick order for the future or current litter. 


Aussiedoodle Puppies

Rasta's puppies and one adopted one... a lab aussie mix far rightRasta's Aussiedoodle puppies nursing




We have 4 Standard poodle females. Our 3 chocolate small standard poodle sisters,  Rasta, Ivy and Abby, Pele our apricot and white Parti poodle and our stud is a blue eyed Red merle Australian Shepherd named Rally. Our poodle girls are what would be considered smaller Standard size Poodles. We plan to breed a medium size Aussiedoodle. Rasta is 23 pounds and Ivy is 32 pounds and Abby is 45 pounds and Pele is 40 pounds. The sisters Sire was a parti colored moyen poodle named “Shaggy” and their Dam is our small standard poodle ” Daisy ” she is 45 pounds and 21 inches tall (from the top of the shoulder to the floor). Daisy is also the mother of the Aussiedoodles you see on this page. We’re expecting great things from all her daughters as well! Pele is 40 pounds and 21 inches tall and comes from champion bloodlines as well. She is beautiful and we expect great things from her. She is my baby.

These are the beautiful dogs we’ve added to our Standard Aussiedoodle breeding program.


Our Stud Rally with his BIG tongue out..

Our Australian Shepherd Stud Rally


Our Stud Rally – such a beautiful and sweet boy


Rally our Red Merle Australian Shepherd Stud

Future Mama – Parti Poodle Pele

Pele comes from champion AKC bloodlines and is a sweet and loving girl that lives with me.

Pele in her Doodle -Do

Pele in her Doodle -Do

Pele - Just a Lover

Pele – a real Lover Girl

Pele is actually both my daughters girl.. my youngest Olivia (9) has taken to Pele like no other dog but then my oldest daughter Tianna (15) also makes sure Pele is in bed with her every night.. so Olivia is not too happy about that. Pele is a very loving dog and Tianna says that she takes her to bed with her because Pele is the only one who cuddles with her ALL night… while the others will eventually want to come back downstairs with me. Hey..They love ME.. what can I say. ((wink)) Pele is also a beautiful poodle who comes from a long line of show dogs including one of the top standard poodles (see below). I am very proud to have Pele as part of our Dreamydoodles breeding program and she is exactly what I wanted. Pele comes from Heritage Service Dogs in Oregon and both her parents are certified service dogs.

Learn More about Pele

Pele’s Grand Dad (above)

Our Three Amazing Sisters

These girls all come from my heart and soul standard poodle female “Daisy” and “Shaggy” and are considered to be small standards and range between 35-45 pounds and 19-21 inches. Beautiful girls all three of them. All litters are Dreamydoodles puppies and come with the Dreamydoodle guarantee, contracts and puppy packs.

Rasta - Chocolate Standard Poodle

Rasta – Chocolate Standard Poodle


Ivy – Chocolate Standard Poodle

ivy standard poodle dreamydoodles

Ivy Looking Curious!


Abbey – Chocolate Standard Poodle.. her conformation is spot on just like her Mom and sisters!

Raising Aussiedoodle Puppies

aussiedoodle puppies 14  aussiedoodle puppies 13

aussiedoodle puppies 13

A Box full of our Adorable Aussiedoodle Puppies!

Rasta and Her Aussiedoodle Puppies in the Pool!

Rasta and Her Aussiedoodle Puppies in the Pool!

Aussiedoodle Puppy Freckles =s Love!

Aussiedoodle Puppy Nose Freckles Equals…Pure Love!



Aussiedoodle Generations

Daisy and Mattie - Mommy and Aussiedoodle Baby

Daisy and Mattie – Poodle Mommy and Aussiedoodle Baby Mattie… (her adult pic below)

Nigel - F1 Standard Aussiedoodle

The F1 Generation (what we breed):
Is the first generation cross between a purebred AKC Australian Shepherd and purebred AKC Standard Poodle. The outcome is a puppy that is 50% aussie and 50% poodle. The GREAT thing about the F1 generation is that genetic diseases/defects are much less prevalent, it also holds the highest possibilities of “hybrid vigor“.

*F1 Aussiedoodles and F1 Goldendoodle are very low to no shed, with the F1 Labradoodles though there is a higher percent that do shed. That is not usually the case with the F1 Aussiedoodle.

The F1B Generation:
This is where an F1 Aussiedoodle is bred with a standard poodle. The outcome of this is a puppy that is 75% poodle and 25% aussie. The main reason why these dogs are bred is for the quality of the coat. Some people like the curly coat that comes when you add more poodle to the mix. The difference between the F1 and the F1B is more curl to the coat and a better chance at less shedding but I have personally found that the F1 is already a very low to non-shedding coat. I’d say the main difference between the F1 and the F1B is mostly in appearance. The F1 is more wavy and the F1B is more curlier. The F1b also has less hybrid vigor. We do plan on adding the F1B Aussiedoodle to our bloodline in the future, minis in 2015 and standards in 2016.

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mattie blue merle aussiedoodle dreamydoodles adult 4  mattie blue merle aussiedoodle dreamydoodles adult

Aussiedoodle “Mattie” all grown up (puppy pic with Mommy Daisy above)


Sammy - Standard Aussiedoodle

Chip – Standard Aussiedoodle – Red Merle – from Daisy


Mishka Runnin! Mishka is Rally and Rasta’s son

Sammy - F1 Red Merle Aussiedoodle

Sammy – F1 Red Merle Aussiedoodle from Daisy and Shadow


Dreamydoodles Mishka blowing away the competition!

Chip - Standard Aussiedoodle

Chip – Standard Aussiedoodle

Flower - Red Merle Standard Aussiedoodle

Flower – Red Merle Standard Aussiedoodle

Maddie - F1 Standard Aussiedoodle

Maddie – F1 Standard Aussiedoodle

My Aussiedoodle Teddy's got an eye on em...

Aussiedoodle Teddy’s got an eye on em…

aussiedoodle puppy tuuka

Aussiedoodle puppy named.. “Tuuka”

Aussiedoodle puppy Tuuka

Aussiedoodle puppy “Tuuka”

Finley Chocolate Aussiedoodle from Puppy to Adult

Finley Chocolate Aussiedoodle from Puppy to Adult

aussiedoodle HuntfarmsPups.com

12376086_1005386096188791_2759802778632812456_n 1936405_1007247266002674_4255440060346007657_n

Aussiedoodles RULE!

Aussiedoodles RULE!

Aussiedoodle puppies Blue merle Dreamydoodles pele Tuuka - Aussiedoodle puppy 12507157_1013438658716868_447319156716093645_n 1240127_1010660542328013_2454674248697933384_n aussiedoodle puppy tuuka 7 aussiedoodle puppy cinnimon aussiedoodle puppy cinnimon 2 KULA THE AUSSIEDOODLE - DREAMYDOODLES KULA THE AUSSIEDOODLE - DREAMYDOODLES 12316556_992236047503796_1980999750333850584_n 12187676_983178148409586_1262546598910479086_n 12191849_979364382124296_6049703741634132431_n 11219586_979356788791722_739928454812082996_n 12227032_1001014803292587_7138997075712685413_n image004-teal-merle-Aussiedoodle-IvyStandard size Aussiedoodle Puppies 215 11220886_987382551322479_9094277829284194627_n FB_IMG_1446421968597 FB_IMG_1446622411367 251 12105959_975573419170059_1539061078116065498_n daisy aussiedoodles 2015 013 Aussiedoodles - Rasta - 3wks- image010 - 2015 aussiedoodle puppy wally 1 aussiedoodle puppy wally 2 aussiedoodle puppy cinnimon aussiedoodle puppy cinnimon 2

aussiedoodle puppy tuuka

aussiedoodle puppy murphy



Mattie - Blue Merle Standard Aussiedoodle

Mattie – Blue Merle Standard Aussiedoodle

Aussiedoodle Video Playlist

This is a Video Playlist so after one video plays another video will play from our Library of Aussiedoodle Videos.
You can use the forward and backward buttons to skip through the videos.


Chips Life – Chocolate Merle Aussiedoodle



Flower - Red Merle Standard Aussiedoodle

Flower – Red Merle Standard Aussiedoodle from Daisy

Mattie - Blue Merle Standard Aussiedoodle

Mattie – Blue Merle Standard Aussiedoodle’s beautiful tail and markings

We do not dock tails on our Aussiedoodles.


Mattie Swimming at 5 months old..Video

Teddy was a Sable colored as a puppy and he quickly changed to mostly cream with red highlights.

Teddy - Aussiedoodle

Teddy as a Puppy – Aussiedoodle

Teddy - Sable to Cream F1 Standard Aussiedoodle

Teddy the Aussiedoodle - All grown up!

Sammy - Red Merle Standard Aussiedoodle

Sammy – Red Merle Standard Aussiedoodle – from Daisy and Shadow

Sammy - Red Merle Standard Aussiedoodle

Sammy – Red Merle Standard Aussiedoodle – from Daisy and Shadow

Flower - Red Merle Standard Aussiedoodle

Flower – Red Merle Standard Aussiedoodle – also from Daisy and Shadow

Finley - Chocolate Standard F1 Aussiedoodle

Finley – Chocolate Standard F1 Aussiedoodle

Finley - Chocolate Standard F1 Aussiedoodle

Finley – Chocolate Standard F1 Aussiedoodle


Flower - Red Merle Standard Aussiedoodle

Flower – Red Merle Standard Aussiedoodle

Mattie - Blue Merle Standard Aussiedoodle

Mattie – Blue Merle Standard Aussiedoodle



Aussiedoodle Adult -  Teddy

Teddy the Aussiedoodle

Flower and her Kid - F1 Aussiedoodle

Flower and her Kid – F1 Aussiedoodle

F1 Aussiedoodle

F1 Aussiedoodle

Aussiedoodle Adult -  Teddy

Aussiedoodle Adult – Teddy

Aussiedoodle Adult - Chip

Aussiedoodle Adult – Chip


aussiedoodles 8 wks 2013 159



Me with all my Doods

Flower - Standard F1 Aussiedoodle

Flower as a puppy – Chocolate Merle

Standard F1 Aussiedoodle litter with loads of color - Dreamydoodles NW

Sammy and Flower

Sammy and Flower as puppies!

Aussiedoodle puppy Teddy - Dreamydoodles.com

Teddy - F1 Aussiedoodle

F1 Aussiedoodle Female Available

Teddy in need of a grooming.. F1 Aussiedoodle (standard)

2 week old F1 Aussiedoodles

Teddy and his Daddy

Teddy and his Daddy (my husband)

Teddy - Our Aussiedoodle

Teddy - Our Aussiedoodle

Teddy - F1 Aussiedoodle

Teddy - F1 Standard Aussiedoodle - Adult Male

Aussiedoodle Agility Videos

This is Ziggy one of our Mini Aussiedoodles showing the wolrd how it is done. Mixed dogs should never be couted out. They know how to rock it on the Agility course. Here is just an example. You can do it too!

Maisie – I did not breed Maisie but I think she is a great example of Aussiedoodles and Agility. I love her videos on Youtube! Maiaie is from Blazing Star Dooddles!



Hi Barbara! I hope all is well with you and your “pack”!
I just wanted to update you on our life with Mishka and ask some questions. He is VERY smart, my dog trainer is stunned at his intelligence. Commands learned so far: sit, down, stay, wait, leave it (including food), come, go to your bed. We learned one trick so far, “bang, bang”, it’s adorable, he lies on his back as if he was shot. currently working on crossing paws on command. We have a dog trainer, going to obedience classes, and constantly socializing by going to really busy places and inviting people at our house. He sleeps 7 hours per night now (YAY!!!) and potty training is going really well, I don’t remember last time he had an accident. Learning is his favorite activity, maybe second to playing with other dogs. 

Everyone who sees him on the street want to know about the breed, and many people say he is the most beautiful dog they have ever seen, so your warning about attention from strangers came true!!! J We did make 500 friends over the last month though. I constantly advertise DreamyDoodles, so be prepared to breed more of this type of dog!

I really appreciate your input on raising our boy wonder and also would love to hear how his siblings are doing !!!

Thank you so much!

Chip - Standard Aussiedoodle

Chip – Standard Aussiedoodle


Chip is simply a delight. He weighs *53 pounds. He does not shed. We have several friends who are allergic to dogs, and they’re fine with Chip around. He is everybody’s friend, human and dog alike. He’s very active. We can run for ever. He loves the water. He loves the car. He runs on the treadmill. I’ll send you a clip from when we were teaching him.

F1 Aussiedoodle Chip and treadmill training

More Videos Of Chips Amazing Life

We have worked with a trainer, and he’s so well-behaved. His only bad habit is that he really jumps on people when they enter the house, including me. He is very good at all the basic commands. He heals very well. He plays hide and seek in the house with my son.

Our biggest problem is that we can’t go anywhere without being stopped constantly. Everybody wants to know about our dog!

I feel sorry for the family that chose to give him up. We have the best dog ever!

    *From Daisy and Shadow. The people who were supposed to take him home backed out at the last minute so he went home with Anna. LUCKY!

Xmas Toys - Mattie- Standard Aussiedoodle

Xmas Toys – Mattie- Standard Aussiedoodle

Hi Barbara,

Thought we’d send you some Christmas and Birthday pictures of Miss Matilda May (Mattie). That toy she has in the picture lasted about two hours before she tore it to shreds. She never harms our possessions, but her toys are always endangered species. Her size seems to have leveled off at about 25 inches at the withers and 45 pounds. Not bad for the runt of the litter! She’s very lean, athletic, fast, and coordinated. She loves to run. Few humans are fast enough to keep up when she gets to stretching her long powerful legs and she can turn on a dime. She can jump like a deer, gracefully, effortlessly, and with amazing ease. It’s beautiful to watch.

The Aussie DNA is strong and dominant in her behavior. Mattie has gotten more calm in the past three months and is still a handful when she doesn’t get long hard exercise every couple of days. A mile of walking every day doesn’t seem to do the trick. She needs much more. She still loves to lick everything! She’s very friendly and excitable yet never aggressive. She loves to play with children. Mattie loves to go for car rides, anywhere anytime!

We try to keep her beautiful hair trimmed short because she’s like a swiffer mop, picking up dirt and leaves whenever she’s outdoors; then she brings all that mess into the house! With short hair, it minimizes the load she brings in. Plus, it’s easier to keep her brushed and untangled. Mattie’s facial expressions are very similar to those of her brothers and sisters (this includes her littermates as well as Sammy and Flower who are 6-months older) that occasionally get displayed on your FaceBook page. The resemblances are a true testament to genetics. For that reason, we’d love to get one-year updates on her four littermates. How about it people? Care to learn how our five dogs are similar and/or different in more than their physical attributes?

Regards, Jane and Art


Chip as an young adultSammy was 58.6 last time we weighed  him which was about a week and a half ago. He’s 26″. He’s bigger than we thought but more to love. He’s a big clown and makes us laugh all the time. To this day we can’t believe we were lucky enough to get him. He was meant to be ours thanks to you. He’s a very vocal guy. He lets us know exactly what he wants. So cute. Toby and Sammy are very best of friends. They are always together.

We just had 3 of our Grandsons here for a week and they had so much fun with Sammy and Sammy loved them. I think he misses them. We will always keep in touch knowing he was your first born Aussiedoodle. All the new puppy’s are so cute but never as cute as Sammy. We watch the video you sent us when he was 4 weeks old with Olivia on the kitchen counter all the time. Don’t know who was cuter Sammy or Olivia. They both make us laugh when we watch it. You’re children are darling. Have a great summer.

Take care - Diane and John

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