Loli Grace – F1b Labradoodle

Loli Grace – F1b Labradoodle

Tippy's and Patrick's Daughter..

Lollipop - F1B Labradoodle

Lollipop – F1B Labradoodle

Loli Grace

Loli is one of our amazing females from Tippy and Patrick. She’s a small standard chocolate F1B Labradoodle. We actually kept two of Tippy’s first litter because the quality of the puppies was undeniable and unmistakable. We put both girls in wonderful Guardian Homes with a short breeding contract.

I raised Loli until she was 6 months old which gave me time to bond with her then she moved in with her wonderful guardian family who owns a local Alpaca ranch. We got all of her genetic testing done and she passed with flying colors. “She is a beautiful quality Labradoodle female with great bone structure” according to the vet who did her hip testing. *big smile*

Loli after giving birth to her 5 beautiful Labradoodle puppies

We bred Loli with her boyfriend Hershey once in 2014 with amazing results and we plan to breed her one more time in 2015. Hershey is our Multi-Gen Australian Labradoodle stud who also has beautiful bone structure, fleece coat and health testing. Their puppies are what you would call “Multigeneration Labradoodle puppies”. A couple of their puppies have become furry celebrities on our Facebook page. Including the Incredible Arlo!

Arlo - 8 2k old Cream Multigen Labradoodle Male from Loli and Hershey

Arlo – 8 2k old Cream Multigen Labradoodle Male from Loli and Hershey


We now have 4 generations of Dreamydoodle girls all who all originally come from Daisy’s bloodline including her daughter Tippy Rose and Tippy’s daughters Loli Grace and Maddie…and then we’ve have also recently held back and added females from both Loli & Hershey and Maddie & Hershey to our guardian program as future Dreamydoodle breeding females. This bloodline is one that so many people have fallen in love with and that I would love to continue to develop because it’s not easy finding this kind of magic.. I honestly consider myself blessed. All our girls all have fairly short breeding contracts (1-3 litters). We have no reports of any serious genetic health issues to date in this bloodline and I try to keep in touch with as many of our puppies as possible (as much as their parents will let me).

Bella - One of Loli and Hershey's daughters I kept and added to our breeding program

Bella – Loli and Hershey’s daughters who I also added to our breeding program


Loli Grace - F1b Labradoodle Female -

Loli Grace as a puppy covered in dry grass from playing outside. She had THE best coat as a puppy. She looked like a fluffy Bear Cub. she was absolutely beautiful and so sweet as a puppy (still is). 

Lollipop - F1B Labradoodle

Loli Grace on her Ranch

Loli and Clover - Two of our Guardian Dogs

Loli and Clover on their way to their Genetic Testing Appointment

Loli and her Guardian after genetic health testing appointment! Which she passed with EXCELLENT results!

Loli and her Guardian Mom after her genetic health testing appointment! Which she passed with EXCELLENT results!

Loli - F1B Labradoodle from Tippy

Loli – F1B Labradoodle from Tippy

Loli as a young puppy before she moved in with her Forever guardian home

Loli as a young puppy before she moved in with her Forever guardian home. I love her BIG eyes.

Loli Grace - F1b Labradoodle Female -

Loli Grace – F1b Labradoodle Female –

Loli Grace - F1b Labradoodle Female -

Loli Grace – F1b Labradoodle Female –

Labradoodle Puppy and her Mommy..

Loli and her Mommy Tippy..getting some Mommy Love

Loli Grace

Loli Grace sitting pretty in the grass

my daughter and Loli Grace

my daughter Tianna loving on Loli Grace – she looks like a bear cub to me here

Loli’s Parents

Tippy - F1 LabradoodlePatrick - AKC Standard Poodle

Tippy is an F1 Labradoodle and Patrick is an AKC Standard Poodle

Loli’s Maternal Grandparents

Bo - Labrador RetrieverDaisy - Chocolate Standard Poodle

Grand Sire is an AKC Chocolate Lab “Bo”:
Bo is a beautiful AKC chocolate lab with an amazing dark deep chocolate coat which complimented our Daisy’s coloring perfectly. He has a very blocky head which is what you look for in a well bred Lab. He has a very calm and sweet disposition. He is extremely smart and willing to please. He comes from wonderful Lab blood lines.. Bo is from “Sergeant Lucky Ruger”  and ” Allies Lady Luck”. Bred by the Lehnherr family. His line can be traced back 20 generations, coming out of Germany, with field champions and others.

AKC Standard Poodle “Miss Daisy”
Daisy is a 45 pound chocolate poodle. She is considered a small standard in height she is only 21 inches which is measured from the floor to the topof her shoulder. She is incredibly smart, loving and one of the best dogs I’ve ever know. Daisy is our brood bitch. She started my Dreamydoodle bloodlines for both my Aussiedoodles and my Labradoodles. Daisy will be retired in 2013 but her bloodlines will be carried on in our program hopefully for years to come. She is an excellent female.

Pictures of Loli’s Puppies – 2014

Here is Arlo (Loli’s son and bigger puppy) posing with Chloe (Maddies daughter) on pickup day. The humans are also related. It’s a Dreamydoodle Family.

bella Bella Now 1619400_775030665891003_7805481688901420163_n Finn sept 23 2014 10708554_792450580815678_2627039861923195918_o 10636492_752177044843032_2166657752645787623_o 10665753_760105044050232_3410802576045456635_n 1902876_768325966561473_423008753258123708_n 10431680_813294315397971_6098470057349669881_n 10850005_813294308731305_3476821765982413611_n 10623301_752178171509586_7717091135039765949_o




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