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Tippy is my baby,  she’s always happy, willing to please, obedient, extremely athletic and can jump VERY high and run VERY FAST, she is beautiful to watch run! Tippy is also very loving to everyone she meets, her tails is always wagging. We named her Tippy because she tips back and forth the minute you say anything to her.

Her tail wags so hard her whole body wags with it. She’s PATIENT beyond belief and loves her human and furry kids. She’s also great with other dogs big and small. She is the perfect dog. I can not think of one negative thing to say about Tippy.

Tippy and Hershey together produced some sweet, mellow and BEAUTIFUL puppies.

Me and Tippy in the backyard while she is nursing her litter…
Tippy F1 Labradoodle
Tippy is such a kind soul she loves everyone she meets
Tippy F1 Labradoodle - Cocoa color
Tippy F1B Labradoodle – Cocoa color
Tippy and Daisy (her standard poodle Mom)
Tippy and Daisy (her standard poodle Mom)

The best way to explain Tippy is how she is with her puppies… she loves her puppies so much that unlike most Mom dogs she will stand there even when she has not one drop of milk left to share and she will continue to let them try to nurse.

I have tried to have a discussion with Tippy… that her puppies are too old now to nurse but she doesn’t seem to understand me…. <3 or maybe she just doesn’t want to hear me..

Even when they have sharp teeth and are over 10 lbs she will pretend they’re still tiny and need her. That is just Tippy. A very loving and devoted dog to the ones she loves especially her puppies and her human puppies too (my kids).

Tippy Rose - Labradoodle in her summer cut..

Tippy Rose - Labradoodle

Tippy Rose - Labradoodle

Tippy Rose - waiting for the kids bus..

Tippy Rose – waiting for the kids bus..

Tippy and her first litter...

Tippy is from Daisy and Brun’s Labradoodle litter.  She is absolutely too die for gorgeous and one of the smartest puppies I’ve ever worked with.  From day one Tippy has been incredibly easy to train, loving and sweet and has never met a person she does not like. Tippy is eager to please and very obedient. She has a very soft curly coat that is a Cocoa/silver beige color. Tippy is exactly what I wanted in our breeding program. She is the same size as her mother Daisy,  she is 45 pounds and 21 inches in height (from shoulder to floor) and sweet, sweet, sweet. Perfection.

Tippy Rose - Labradoodle Tippy Rose - Pregnant with her first litter...

Tippy F1 Labradoodle - Cocoa color



Tippy as a Puppy

Tippy and Charlie

Notice the blonde in her face...her true color coming through

Notice the blonde in her face...her true color coming through

Tippy Rose - F1b Labradoodle

Tippy’s Parents

 Daisy - Chocolate Standard Poodle Brun - F1 Labradoodle

Tippy’s Sire is an AKC Chocolate F1 Labradoodle “Brun”:   Brun is a beautiful chocolate labradoodle with an amazing dark deep chocolate coat which complimented Daisy’s coloring perfectly. He has a very blocky head which is what you look for in a well bred Lab. He has a very calm and sweet disposition. He is extremely smart and willing to please. He comes from wonderful Lab blood lines.. Bo is from “Sergeant Lucky Ruger”  and ” Allies Lady Luck”. Bred by the Lehnherr family. His line can be traced back 20 generations, coming out of Germany, with field champions and others. 


Dam is our AKC Standard Poodle “Miss Daisy” Daisy is a 45 pound chocolate poodle. She is considered a small standard in height she is only 21 inches which is measured from the floor to the top of her shoulder. She is incredibly smart, loving and one of the best dogs I’ve ever know. Daisy is our brood bitch. She started my Dreamydoodles bloodline for my Aussiedoodles and my Labradoodles. Daisy will retire in 2013 at 5 years old.

Her standard Poodle Mom “Daisy” is the same type of loving Mama dog that Tippy is….I will clean out her puppies box, put down all new fresh bedding and I will come back 30 minutes later and their box will be full of socks, my kids clothes and even stuffed animals. YES, she actually brings them these things to play with!? I was completely baffled when I figured out that is what she was doing. Haha! I didn’t know dogs did that for their puppies and to be honest most don’t but Daisy does. She will also lay outside their box until they go home day and night. Just to make sure they’re safe and if anything goes wrong she will rush in to let me know I must come quick and that includes any litter in the house it doesn’t have to be her litter. She will bark in my face, snort and huff, do spins and jumps until I understand that she wants me to follow her to the puppy boxes. Maybe a puppy got out or even when their just arguing with each other. haha! She wants me to check and make sure their all alright.

I enjoy what I do and so do they..or I wouldn’t do it..These dogs love being Moms and they are my life and I am theirs. They also fully understand that I am here to help and care for them.. I had a female dog once who was actually not a fan of being a Mom and I retired her after her first litter. I want them to enjoy what they do as much as my other dogs do.

Some of Tippy’s Kids..

FiB Labradoodle

Mattie - Labradoodle.. we held Mattie back and she now lives in one of our very special Guardian Homes

View Mattie’s Page…

Loli Grace.. we kept Loli here with us and we plan on adding her to our breeding program.  She has already passed all her genetic testing. She has the worlds best coat and looks like a little grizzly bear cub even as an adult.
Loli Grace.. we kept Loli here with us and we plan on adding her to our breeding program.  She has already passed all her genetic testing. She has the worlds best coat and looks like a little grizzly bear cub even as an adult.

Loli and her Guardian after genetic health testing appointment! Which she passed with EXCELLENT results! loli and clover 033

View Loli Grace’s page…

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