Maddie – F1bb Labradoodle

Maddie – F1bb Labradoodle

Tippy's and Patrick's Daughter..

Maddie – F1BB Labradoodle

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Maddie is one of our BEAUTIFUL and SWEET F1BB generation Labradoodle daughters from F1B Labradoodle Mom”Tippy Rose” and Standard Poodle Dad “Patrick”.

Maddie - F1B Labradoodle Female

Maddie’s Parents


Maddies Parents: Tippy is an F1B Labradoodle and Patrick is a beautiful AKC Standard Poodle stud who’s also the stud of our F1 Labradoodles. The above graphic was from the announcement for Maddie and Patrick’s litter in 2011. It’s not a current announcement.

Maddie’s Grandparents

Daisy - Chocolate Standard Poodle Brun - F1 Labradoodle

Maddies Grandmother: Poodle “Miss Daisy” Daisy is a 45 pound chocolate poodle. She is considered a small standard in height she is only 21 inches which is measured from the floor to the top of her shoulder. She is incredibly smart, loving and one of the best dogs I’ve ever know. Daisy is our brood bitch. She started my Dreamydoodle bloodlines for both my Aussiedoodles and my Labradoodles. Daisy will be retired in 2013 but her bloodlines will be carried on in our program hopefully for years to come. She is an excellent female.

Maddies Grandfather: F1 Labradoodle “Brun” Brun is a beautiful Chocolate Labradoodle owned by Doodles and More.

Brun F1 Labradoodle

Maddie’s Grand-dad “Brun” – F1 Labradoodle as a puppy….

More Pictures of Maddie….

Maddie and Me - F1B Labradoodle from Tippy and Patrick

Maddie and Me – F1B Labradoodle from Tippy and Patrick

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Mattie - from Tippy

Mattie – from Tippy

Mattie Mattie and her buddy

 Maddie - F1b Labradoodle Female -

Maddie – F1b Labradoodle Female –

 Maddie and Moose

Maddie and her uncle Moose who she lives with. Moose is Tippy’s brother

 Maddie - F1b Labradoodle Female -

 Maddie - F1b Chocolate Labradoodle

Maddie – at 5 weeks.. she was the smallest in the litter and cute as a button and full of personality but also very mellow and sweet.. the perfect Labradoodle


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