Snoozy and Bibbles – Male Labradoodle Puppies for sale

Snoozy and Bibbles – Male Labradoodle Puppies for sale

Snoozy and Bibbles

Available Male Labradoodle Puppies

Snoozy and Bibbles Available Male Labradoodle Puppies

Snoozy and Bibbles – Available Male Labradoodle Puppies..

Reduced Price: $1,800

These boys are our last two puppies in their litter and are both currently available.  They’re 8 weeks old and solid chocolate/brown Multigeneration Labradoodle Puppies, both will be non-shedding and are predicted to be about 55-65 pounds full grown. Which is a medium sized Labradoodle, they will be similar in height and weight to the Labrador Retriever. They both have amazing colored eyes.

  • Height: Males 22 – 24 inches (56 – 61cm) (measured from the floor to the top of the front shoulder)
  • Weight: Males 55 – 65 pounds (27 – 34 kg)

We do not have any girls left in this litter.

In the videos below.. I refer to them as “Orange boy” and “Yellow boy” but you’ll notice that their collars no longer reflect this…and I think this might be more confusing than helpful…so going forward they will be referred to as “Snoozy” and “Bibbles” which are the names my 8 yr old daughter “Olivia” gave them..


  • Yellow Boy” has been switched to a blue collar and his nickname is “Snoozy
  • Orange Boy” has a fancy new rainbow collar and his nickname is “Bibbles

Snoozy is on the left and Bibbles is on the right.

When contacting me about these boys you can refer them with any of the above call names .. and I will know who you’re talking about… ((smile))

I really hope you all ENJOY the videos and all the pictures ..These are 2 great little boys.

Snoozy and Bibbles at 8 weeks old

Snoozy's pretty eyes..

Snoozy with his striking eyes..

Bibbles pretty eyes..

Bibbles and is sweet little teddy bear face..

*Snoozy on the left and Bibbles on the right

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Both boys are about the same size right now but this means very little in reference to how big they will be in comparison to each other as adults. Yellow boy “Snoozy” is lighter in color… and may turn more of a Parchment color like his Mom “Tippy Rose”.

Both have AMAZING BRIGHT yellow/green eyes.. like their parents but you can really see their Daddy “Hershey” in their coats and in their eyes. I guess you’d call it “Hazel” if they were human babies but I’ve NEVER met a human with eyes this color so it’s hard to say that is the color..all our Labradoodle puppies are born with blue eyes and by 8 weeks their eyes have usually turned into the color they will be as adults. We did have one puppy in this litter “Sox” who’s eyes stayed blue.. very unusual but I believe this has to do with the fact they are all “parti-factored”.

All the other puppies in this litter have gone home to their forever families.. and all are doing really well with potty training and fitting into their new lifestyles.

You can’t go wrong with one of these puppies.

Snoozy and Bibbles Video

Our remaining puppies playing out back..

“Smarty” is going home with her family in a few days and “Wags” was adopted and taken home to Seattle about an hour after this video was shot.

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