Our Recommended Puppy Supply List!

Our Recommended Puppy Supply List!

 New Puppy Supplies Checklist

Me at Petsmart picking out dog food

Me at Petsmart picking out dog food & more puppy supplies…

 New Puppy Supplies Checklist


When you have the right TOOLS… Life with YOUR PUPPY becomes 100% easier.

Just like with anything in life if you don’t have the right tools or  the right setup.. things can be extremely difficult. I want to help you so that your first week, month and year with your new puppy goes smoothly. 

I’ve ALREADY done all the research and testing so you don’t have to. I am NOT Sponsored to recommend these products.

This page is of products that I have personally purchased over the years and that I have faith in enough to recommend them to my Dreamydoodle Families. 


  1. Food Bowls
  2. High Quality Puppy Food
  3. Toys & Chew Toys
  4. Blanket or Bed
  5. Baby Gates, Crate or X-Pen
  6. Grooming Tools
  7. Health Supplies & Supplements
  8. Training Tools (Leash & Collar)
  9.  Name Tag and Microchip (Safety Tools)
  10. Tools for the Road..Seatbelt and Car Seat Cover
  11. Doggy Approved Cleaning Supplies
  12. Time & Love



We all love our new puppies and we want them to have the VERY BEST so this is MY RECOMMENDED PUPPY SUPPLIES LIST!



Keep the Rain and Mud out of your House!

This is my #1 CAN NOT LIVE WITHOUT recommendations…. I have 4 of them in all sizes! I live in the Great Northwest so we get a lot of rain and MUD!
I needed something that worked and worked well. These are machine washable (also important) and catch about 70% of the water and dirt off their paws before they make it into the house. I LOVE the big ones and they’re worth every penny.. I promise.

The microfiber strands dry five times faster than ordinary doormats!!


To be honest I use the basic doormat size (Large) the most for the door but the EXTRA LARGE rugs are great for in front of the sliding glass door and I also use them as a place for them to just lay down on or for in the their crates, great for hardwood floors, your kitchen tile etc. 

Dog Gone Smart Large Dirty Dog Doormat – Large Price: $38.99

VERY NICE quality and last FOREVER and they are tough & CHEW PROOF (my puppies have chewed on my rugs and their still intact after 2 years so I call that chew proof).




We have so many families who have purchased these rugs now I have a gallery of pictures of our puppies at home on their soggy doggy rugs!


Soggy Doggy Blue Doormat with Brown Bone, 36 by 60"

Extra Large Size, 36 by 60″


Regardless of the size… they’re all big enough for a Doodle and a worthy investment.




Another Brand – Doggy Place

My Doggy Place-Ultra Absorbent Microfiber Chenille Dog Door Mat, Durable, Quick Drying, Washable, Prevent Mud Dirt(Colors: Red, Oatmeal, Brown, Charcoal, Navy Blue; Sizes:Medium,Large,X-Large Runner)

My Doggy Place – Ultra Absorbent Microfiber Chenille Dog Door Mat, Durable, Quick Drying, Washable, Prevent Mud Dirt
Colors: Red, Oatmeal, Brown, Charcoal, Navy Blue.
Sizes: Medium,Large,X-Large Runner)

Size: Medium (31″ x 20″)
Price: $27.99

I have not tried this brand yet…but they have great reviews. I found several different prices for these and I only found the medium size.

Buy On Amazon


NuVet Plus K-9



I HIGHLY RECOMMEND the Nuvet vitamins and it actually took a lot for them to convince me to promote their product… I tried it for a year myself before I decided.
Nuvet is recommended to boost your dogs immune system and keep your puppy healthy with a beautiful thick coat. I use this with all my dogs and I highly recommend you give your puppy this supplement once you bring them home. I am considered a Nuvet affiliate but that is not why I recommend them. I have seen obvious changes in the health of my dogs and because I liked what I saw after I started Nuvet THAT is the only reason I recommend them. I have seen much larger litters since starting Nuvet and less ear infections in my poodles. Plus they LOVE them so their easy to administer. READ MY REASONS AND MORE INFO HERE: More Info

Follow the link to order online: http://www.nuvet.com/25290.

OR you can order by calling 800-474-7044 and then give them the Dreamydoodles promo code 25290




For our Aussiedoodle and Labradoodle Puppies I recommend the Midwest iCrate Single-Door Pet Crate or the Midwest Life Stages Double-Door Pet Crate

Using the crate as a house-training tool is SMART...Just like we use cribs for our human babies.. We use crates for our fur babies! Simple as that.
Too keep them safe and to help them with potty training.

You wouldn’t let your human toddler crawl all over the house while you slept or worked… so don’t let your puppy!
Crate training is a win-win for both you and YOUR PUPPY!

Crates only need to be used for a VERY short period of time. Once potty training is completed you can just leave the door open BUT belive it or not.. they will STILL use it as their safe place if you’ve done it right.

Dreamydoodle puppies sharing their crate..door left wide open and they still love it

Dreamydoodle puppies sharing their crate..door left wide open and they still love it

Crate Training Basics

 Crate training your puppy….if done correctly and used as a temporary training tool and not a lifestyle then using a crate is not mean or abusive however, if used incorrectly or to the extreme it can be.. so please do your research on HOW TO CRATE TRAIN your puppy or dog. 

The purpose of a crate is to use the canines natural desire and instinct to keep where they sleep clean to your benefit.
Dogs do not like to soil where they sleep. The Crate is not torture to them. Dogs are Den animals.

The crate should be large enough for the puppy or dog to stand up without having to hunch, lie on his side with legs outstretched, and turn around with ease. But a crate used for house-training should be no bigger than this, or your puppy will arrange his crate to have both a bedroom and a bathroom.
If the crate is of the right size, it’s almost guaranteed they will want to go potty the minute they come out; so a swift trip outdoors will give them the opportunity to practice going potty in the right place and gives you a training opportunity to congratulate them with a walk, game or treat—the perfect house-training scenario.

*puppies can go twice as long at night.. IF you have them on a good potty and feeding schedule.


The same crate can be used from Puppy to Adulthood by using the divider

The same crate can be used from Puppy to Adulthood by using the divider (included)

Puppy in his Crate using the Divider...(included with crate)

Aussie Labradoodle Puppy in his Crate using the Divider…(included with crate)

Standard Size Aussiedoodle – Crate Sizes: 

36 inch dog crate

This is a 36 inch dog crate – This is a 25 inch tall and 65 lbs adult F1 Labradoodle so I would personally go with a 42 inch tall Crate for a Labradoodle this size.

For Dreamydoodle Standard Aussiedoodles – I recommend buying the 36 inch size crate.

For Our Multigen Labradoodle Males I would go with the 42 inch size crate.

Midwest iCrate Single-Door Metal Dog Crate  (30 Inches by 19 Inches by 21 Inches) PUPPY SIZE Price: $36.46 AMAZON PRIME

Midwest iCrate Single-Door Pet Crate (36 Inches by 24 Inches by 27 Inches) MEDIUM ADULT SIZE  Amazon Price: $46.55 AMAZON PRIME

Midwest iCrate Single Door Pet Crate (42 x 30 x 28 inches)  LARGE ADULT SIZE Amazon Price: $71.95 AMAZON PRIME


Mini Aussiedoodle – Crate Size: 

download (2)

The above size should work perfect for all our puppies as puppies but until adulthood for our mini aussiedoodles only.

Midwest iCrate Single-Door Folding Metal Dog Crate (30 Inches by 19 Inches by 21 Inches)  ADULT SIZE FOR MINIS Price: $36.46 AMAZON PRIME

Midwest iCrate Single-Door Folding Metal Dog Crate  (24 x 18 x 19 inches) PUPPY SIZE FOR MINIS Price: $29.00 AMAZON PRIME


There are single door options and a double door options. The double door one has a door on the side and in the front. I just get the single door for the Puppy Size crates but for the adult size I like the option of the double door.



 Rubber Crate Mats

Plastic Dog Crates

redstar_bullet1Plastic crates are mostly used for traveling.
redstar_bullet1Collapsible metal crates are more practical for crate training
 because they can more easily be sectioned off into appropriately-sized spaces while your puppy grows, and are easier to store and MUCH easier to clean since they have the removable plastic tray in the bottom.


Petmate Sky Kennel for Pets for dogs  25 to 30-Pounds – Product Dimensions: 28 x 20.5 x 21.5 inches




The X-Pen Potty Training Solution

10407850_836245363102866_1854567135466301188_n 10917907_836245383102864_580536195346387067_o

Do You Work During the Day?

For people who work or for those people who can not take their new puppy out every 2-3 hours because they work, I do recommend they use a contained area with access to a litter box or potty area until they’re old enough to hold it for the full 8 hours in a crate. You can use either baby gates or an x-pen with a crate inside of it to contain your puppy in a small area. I like to put a plastic tarp (as seen in this picture below) under the x-pen.. however, I do not recommend the grass puppy patch that’s shown in the picture below. I’d rather see you use a litter box with paper pellets. (I hear the grass patches can start to smell.. I have never used them myself).

DoggieLawn Disposable Dog Potty - Real Grass - Large 24x21

DoggieLawn Disposable Dog Potty – Real Grass – Large 24×21

DoggieLawn Disposable Dog Potty – Real Grass – Large 24×21



Young puppies tend to chew up the puppy pads which causes a huge mess and may also encourage them to continue to pee on absorbent like materials as adults..Not good, so the grass patches sure would be nice I assume if they’re cared for properly they could work for short periods of time..

X-Pen for puppies



Midwest Black E-Coat Exercise Pen, 24″H x 8 x 24″W 

Amazon Price: $30.99AMAZON PRIME 



*I have also purchased both of these wire pens and both work just as well this next one is just more sturdy and will probably last longer (the picture below on the right was just for fun and is not this pen..well, I don’t think so..looks a lot like it)


 BestPet Heavy Duty Pet Playpen Dog Cat Fence B Exercise Pen, 24-Inch, Black 

Amazon Price: $68.67 AMAZON PRIME 


Plastic Puppy X-Pens

I HAVE ONE OF THESE PLASTIC PENS AS WELL…I like to use these in the house when people come over to meet our puppies and the 4 panel one is going to be WAY too small even for the mini puppies so make sure to get the 8 panel pen. I like the IRIS brand.


IRIS Indoor/Outdoor Plastic Pet Pen with 4 OR 8 Panels


 Amazon Price: $72.99 AMAZON PRIME



(A MUST HAVE – Floor Saver)

 8′ X 10′ Waterproof Poly Tarps 

Price: $10.99 AMAZON PRIME



Puppy Go Here Dog Litter Pan Recycled  –  24″ X 20″ X 5″

Price: $32.99 AMAZON PRIME



Second Nature Dog Litter, 25-Pound





A Lot of our families use these Poochie Bells and have had success using them. Some use these and the crate and some just use the bells. A lot of our puppies are already half way potty trained when they come home so this is a great option for them. Thing with the bells is you have to be very consistent and home all day to train your puppy to use them.

Teaching your puppy how to notify you when they have to go potty is HALF the battle.


Cleaning Supplies

The Mopnado is HEAVEN SENT!!! If you have a dog or a puppy and need a mop this is the queen of Mops!I I honestly only give these kind of product recommendations after I’ve tried EVERYTHING ELSE FIRST! I got this mop on Amazon (as usual) It comes with 2 Microfiber Mop Heads and 1 scrub brush and an awesome bucket. It’s $59.99 but to me that is well worth it!!

Price: $59.99 (Prime)



Here is a video of ME showing you how to use The Mopnado

Another can’t live without cleaning tool…
Nature’s Miracle Stain and Odor Remover (24 oz Spray- 2 Pack)

 Nature's Miracle Stain and Odor Remover (24 oz Spray- 2 Pack)

Price: $14.84 (Prime)



Recommended Puppy Gates


 My Labradoodle Tippy can and will jump a regular size puppy gate in about 2 seconds flat. I found these amazing puppy gates that are are extra tall and have a door in them.

I highly recommend and LOVE these gates!!!

You can get them on Amazon for $41.50 AMAZON PRIMEwhich is CHEAP considering the quality and how useful they are. 

If you don’t need the extra tall one Carlson also makes shorter ones for less for $38.34AMAZON PRIME  to be exact but they are extra wide for hallways, staircases.. etc. I tried that one first. Don’t use it at the moment would work well for a puppy.

Each Carlson gate comes with an extra extender so we just bought two gates and then used the two extenders to make the one fit in the hallway. Sweet Perfection!

SAVE YOUR MONEY!! The wooden baby gates are garbage and that is exactly where mine ended up once I got sick of having to step over it and they also break so easy and they’re just a pain all around. Once I found an extra tall metal baby gate with a door? I was SOLD FOR LIFE! But believe me I wasted a bunch of money on crappy ones first.

This is a list to save you from having to waste your money.

When you have the right tools & setup… life with A PUPPY becomes 100% easier.


My Carlson Gate without extender

Carlson 0941PW Extra-Tall Walk-Thru Gate with Pet Door

My Carlson gate with extenders the cheaper wooden ones is leaning on the wall.. and shortly after this was in the garbage

AMAZON LINK: Carlson 0941PW Extra-Tall Walk-Thru Gate with Pet Door FOR $41.50 (MINE)AMAZON PRIME


Carlson 0930PW Extra-Wide Walk-Thru Gate FOR $38.34 (SHORTER ONE)

Carlson 0930PW Extra-Wide Walk-Thru Gate FOR $38.34

AMAZON LINK: Carlson 0930PW Extra-Wide Walk-Thru Gate FOR $38.34 (THE SHORTER ONE)AMAZON PRIME
(I have this one too)


Recommended Beds (I’ve personally used)

Sofantex Plush Pet Bed AMAZON PRIME


Midwest Quiet Time Swirl Deluxe Pet BedAMAZON PRIME

I got this fancy bed for my girls and they LOVE it. I put it in the corner of my living room and that is their “Place” and now when I say “Crate” ever since I took my super XXL large crate out of the living room they just go to the bed instead and all 3 girls do fit on it. :)

Heavy Duty XL Waterproof Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed with Denim cover + Free Bonus Case, Fit 48″X30″ CrateAMAZON PRIME

Pet Dreams Classic Sleep-eez Dog Bed Reversible 30 by 20-Inch Pet BedAMAZON PRIME


Midwest 24-By-18-Inch Quiet Time Bolster Pet Bed, FleeceAMAZON PRIME

These ONES fits perfect in your crate but a standard size pillow will work just as well for a puppy.

AKC Casablanca Round Solid Pet BedAMAZON PRIME

I like this bed because it is cheap, sturdy and machine washable. It’s a puppy bed so if they chew it up or soil it you can buy a new one or just wash it and you didn’t lose a bunch of money…or you can do like me and just put a standard size pillow in their crate $3-$5 bucks at Walmart.
Amazon Sale: $13.74



Puppies love to cuddle up with a super soft blanket and I purchased these on Amazon and they were a hit. Highly Recommended.
They have a couple different prints some not as expensive as others but all the same quality! I have linked the best deal.


tuuka blanket aussiedoodle 2

“Tuuka found his Monkey Blankie, after not having it for a couple of months, & and still loves it!!”
– from Susan (Tuuka’s Mom) *this is my official Dreamydoodle puppy pack blanky.

Get yours on Amazon:

Bedtime Originals Jungle Buddies Velour Sherpa Blanket

Bedtime Originals Jungle Buddies Velour Sherpa Blanket

I got these blankets for some of my puppies as part of their puppy pack and they all loved them.

Price: $9.98 AMAZON PRIME


30x30 Inch Plush Fleece Baby Blanket - Assorted Colors Polka Dot Blankets by bogo Brands (Blue)

Chewie and his Polka Dotted Fleece Blanket

30×30 Inch Plush Fleece Baby Blanket – Assorted Colors Polka Dot Blankets by bogo Brands (Blue)

Price: $9.99 AMAZON PRIME



Going Somewhere? Road Trip Puppy Tools!

Mr. Peanut's Collapsible Dog Bowls, Set of 4 Colors, Dishwasher Safe BPA FREE Food Grade Silicone Portable Pet Bowls, Foldable Travel Bowls for Feed & Water on Journeys, Hiking, Kennels & Camping

Mr. Peanut’s Collapsible Dog Bowls: Set of 4 Colors, Dishwasher Safe BPA FREE Food Grade Silicone Portable Pet Bowls, Foldable Travel Bowls for Feed & Water on Journeys, Hiking, Kennels & Camping.
Price: $9.00

Mr. Peanut's Collapsible Dog Bowls, Set of 4 Colors, Dishwasher Safe BPA FREE Food Grade Silicone Portable Pet Bowls, Foldable Travel Bowls for Feed & Water on Journeys, Hiking, Kennels & CampingAMAZON PRIME

 Car Seat Covers…

BarksBar Pet Car Seat Cover With Seat Anchors for Cars, Trucks, and Suv's - Black, WaterProof & NonSlip BackingBarksBar Pet Car Seat Cover With Seat Anchors for Cars, Trucks, and Suv's - Black, WaterProof & NonSlip Backing

BarksBar Pet Car Seat Cover – With Seat Anchors for Cars, Trucks, and Suv’s – Black, WaterProof & NonSlip Backing

  • Black & Hammock Convertible: 54″ x 58″: Designed for the backseats of All STANDARD cars, trucks & SUVs. Easily convertible between hammock or standard bench coverage.
  • WaterProof: Tripled Layered Waterproof PU for Extra Comfort and high quality heavy-duty polyester for durability.
  • Quilted pattern for high-end feel. Also includes built-in rubber nonslip backing and seat anchors to prevent seat cover from sliding around.
  • Built-in Velcro Openings for your Seatbelts.

BarksBar Pet Car Seat Cover With Seat Anchors for Cars, Trucks, and Suv's - Black, WaterProof & NonSlip BackingAMAZON PRIME

Recommended Collars and Leashes


Nylon Martingale Dog Collar Price: $9.75 AMAZON PRIME

Hands Free Leash Price: $18.56 (nice for training)AMAZON PRIME


Training Clicker with Wrist StrapAMAZON PRIME


Loops 2 Double Handle Nylon Leash, 6-Foot, RedAMAZON PRIME
Amazon Price: 


Cutest picture ever but obviously not practical…. BUT you can order these dog seat belt connectors on Amazon TO SNAP ONTO YOUR DOGS COLLAR for only $2 bucks!


Seatbelt Connector AMAZON PRIME
Price: $2.17

(best used with a harness)

**Do not use retractable leashes. They’re dangerous and limits your control.

With Walks Comes… Poop so you’re gonna need some of these too…

AmazonBasics Dog Waste Bags with Dispenser and Leash Clip

Amazon Basics Dog Waste Bags with Dispenser and Leash Clip

You get 900 Black bags! (better not to see you with my friend)

Amazon Best Seller BadgePrice: $14.09

AmazonBasics Dog Waste Bags with Dispenser and Leash Clip



Please microchip your puppies and dogs. It is heartbreaking to lose a pet and this is another layer of safety precautions you need to put in place to make sure it doesn’t happen to you. First step is to have a name tag and collar on your dog at all times but collars can come off or be taken off… a microchip lasts a lifetime and can not be removed.

HomeAgain Microchip Implant Kit (preloaded)

You can do this yourself at home or have a vet do it.

  • Quickly and safely injects under the surface of pet’s skin
  • Unique ID code in implant chip detects your pet only
  • Identification code can be registered with the American Kennel Club for quick recovery

HomeAgain Microchip Implant Kit

PRICE: $13.99

HomeAgain Microchip Implant Kit

Inserting a microchip is a simple procedure you can do yourself if you are comfortable and have done your research FIRST! A microchip for pets is about the size of a grain of rice (12mm), injected beneath the surface of your pets skin between the shoulder blades. The process is similar to a routine shot, takes only a few seconds, and your pet will not react any more than he would to a vaccination. No anesthetic is required. A HomeAgain microchip is permanent pet ID. The microchip itself has no internal energy source, so it will last the life of your pet.

Here is a video on how to do it yourself with a different brand but same concept.

A microchip is the size of a grain of rice and HomeAgain is the only dog microchipping product on the market today that has the Bio-Bond patented anti-migration feature to help ensure that the microchip will stay in place so that it may be easily located and scanned.


CNATTAGS Stainless Steel with Enamel Pet ID Tags Designers Round Paw

CNATTAGS –  Stainless Steel with Enamel Pet ID Tags Round Paw

PRICE:  $4.95

HomeAgain Microchip Implant Kit




Having the right TOOLS can make your life and the life of your puppy so much easier!!

Rinse Ace 3 Way Pet Shower Sprayer with 8 foot Hose


p-74790-57941-57942 616ki+K6SRL._SL1200_


Dematting Combs! A MUST HAVE For Every DOODLE Owner!

This is actually my #1 Most Recommended Tool for ALL Doodle owners!!


MATS – The most common mistake made when grooming a Doodle or Poodle is to brush over the top but not get in underneath and close to the skin. It can be quite shocking to discover that although your dog looks beautiful ‘on top’ underneath there is a whole nest of matting you haven’t even noticed or you think isn’t that bad then you take them into the groomers for the first time and the groomer says… “Sorry, we had no choice but to shave them to the skin because they had mats“. Yep, so Goodbye cute Teddy Bear look for at least the next 2 months. Groomer already spend a good 2-4 hours on a regular groom and they will refuse to comb out mats by hand…. believe me they don’t get paid enough because this is a huge job even when the matts are not that bad So give your groomer a break and help them out. You HAVE to keep on top of it yourself by using a dematting comb. You can comb out their ears, tails, hips, bodies and feet etc…once a week and save them from being shaved with this SIMPLE and EASY TOOL!


This is not an abused Doodle off the street… just a regular Doodle who probably wasn’t combed properly for the past few months. His owners probably couldn’t even tell he was matted this bad because they can hid it very well!! Believe me I have blushed myself in a few groomers offices when I first started owning Doodles myself. SO EMBARRASSING!!!! AND I felt horrible for my dog! I just had no idea it got so bad so fast!

You wanna save your Doodles Cute Teddy Bear coat… Buy a Dematting comb!!

 59e74b549a1ad16f4341777d0367d93b matting3

GoPets Dematting Comb with 2 Sided Professional Grooming Rake for Cats & Dogs: Dematting Tool

amazonBuyButtonAMAZON PRIME


Their Ears MUST to be kept clean and free of hair.  The hair needs to be plucked out every month. It’s easy to do and only takes a few minutes. Get your puppy used to it from day one.. you don’t need to pluck the hair from day one but just get them used to the idea of you messing with their ears so when the time comes they will not be as concerned. Get the right tools to do it.
Having the right TOOLS can make your life and the life of your puppy so much easier!!

The ear care cleaner I trust and use the most is the Epi-Otic Ear Cleanser


Dreamydoodles Finley blowing minds everywhere he goes..

Dreamydoodles Finley! You know this guy needs good grooming tools to look this beautiful?

Can’t Live without Grooming Items:


Invest in a nice set of Clippers like the Andis Super 2-Speed AG Clipper w/#10 Blade and learn to use them, this can save you hundreds of dollars but you might have to submit your poor dog to some pretty funny haircuts in the beginning believe me I know from personal experience and so do my poor humiliated dogs

 Shampoos and Conditioners I like..

buddywash41aIGYD-WUL._SL250_ 31TMj44J6EL._SL250_

I love these brands of shampoos and conditioners. They ALL make my dogs coats really soft and manageable (as manageable as a dogs coat can be!) plus they all smell REALLY good which is super important to me!

Buddy Rinse Conditioner – Lavender & Mint Scented -16 oz by Cloud Star
Amazon Price: $10.13

Cloud Star Buddy Wash Dog Shampoo- Green Tea and Bergamot, 16-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 2)
Amazon Price:$16.97 (PRICE IS FOR FOR TWO BOTTLES)

8 in 1 Perfect Coat White Pearl Shampoo, 32 Ounce Bottle, Coconut Scent
Keeps your white dogs white and fluffy and smelling yummy!
Amazon Price: $12.90

Bio-Groom Fluffy Puppy Shampoo, 12-Ounce
Smells REALLY good. My groomer recommended this brand to me when I asked her what she used because I loved how my dogs smelled when they came home.
Amazon Price: $10.49

A Great Video on Labradoodle Grooming

The clipper she is using is the Wahl Professional 2 Speed Corded Clipper Kit Price: $170.01 AMAZON PRIME


Training Tools For Puppies

How to Raise a Puppy You Can Live With

How to Raise a Puppy You Can Live With – BOOK 

amazonBuyButtonAMAZON PRIME

What you need for training basic obedience commands.

  • Training treats (SEE BELOW)
  • Dog Training Clicker ($1.19)
  • Leash and collar
  • Your voice
  • A class or some instruction like a book on training. There are some great videos on Youtube. (I find that weekly puppy classes help to motivate you) I also have tons of helpful puppy training posts on this website… just use the search box in the upper right hand corner to find what you’re looking for.)



Zuke’s Mini Naturals Dog Treats, Roasted Chicken Recipe – Grain Free

Amazon Price:  $8.79 (free shipping for amazon prime members)


Bil-Jac Little Jacs Small Dog Treat – Liver – 10 oz 
(Over 300 treats)

I like the BilJac Little Jacs training treats for training. I like them because their small and the dogs LOVE them and will work for you to get them.

Amazon Price: $6.99  (free shipping for amazon prime members)


Canine Equipment Carry-all Treat Bags
Amazon Price: $12.00



StarMark Clicker Dog Training System
Amazon Price: $3.58

Recommended Puppy Chews and Toys

Xmas Toys - Mattie- Standard Aussiedoodle

Xmas Toys – Mattie- Standard Aussiedoodle

Must Have Chew Toys

Elk Antlers!!!!

Antlers Last Forever but are Spendy but Worth it because they last for months!

Antler chews are natural, healthy, odor-free and long-lasting chew toys that will help keep your dog busy and out of trouble and will help to keep his teeth clean.

Antler ChewsAntler Chews – These can be a lot more then your regular dog bones but they also last 100X longer then your regular dog bones. I highly recommend all dog owners invest in Antlers for their dogs, they will love you for it! You can find these on Amazon

AWESOME!!! Natural bones and Antlers are the way to go.

Try to stay away from rawhide & go for the natural bones if possible.

  • Long-Lasting!: Antler chews are long-lasting. They last much longer than bully sticks or chews made of compacted starch or rawhide.

  • Safe chewing!: Deer antlers for dogs are much less likely to chip or splinter when they are being chewed than processed bones. The chewing action grinds the antler chew down slowly. Please use caution with aggressive chewers. (See safety hint below).

  • Healthy!: Chew antlers contain many beneficial nutrients and nothing artificial.

  • Odor and stain-free!: Antlers have virtually no odor or residue to get on your carpet or furniture.

  • Variety!: Antler chews vary in shape, thickness and color. A benefit of purchasing multiple antlers for your dog is that no two are alike and your dog will enjoy the variety in his chews.

 Elk Antlers for Dogs and Puppies

Jim Hodges Dog Training – Grade A Premium Quality Elk Antlers for Dogs – Long Lasting Natural Alternative to Chew Toys, Bully Sticks, Bones, Jerky Treats, Rawhides – Made in USA – All Sizes Whole & Split

Price: $26.99

Buy On Amazon

Himalayan Dog Chew

Himalayan Dog Chew

I first learned of this treat from a booth at the Portland Pet Expo, and it has turned out to be an excellent, safe chew for our golden retriever puppy. When we first gave it to her, she absolutely loved it and chewed it for 15+ minutes straight, which was quite an attention span for our then 11 week old puppy. The pet expo sold samples at a discount, but said the retail price for this size chew was ~$24, so I was glad to find it on amazon for so much less.

The himalayan chew is a combination of cow and goat cheeses, which is smoked for 7 months to produce a very hard chew which softens with puppy slobber. It does not stain, smell, or splinter. The only potential risk is a choking hazard as the chew gets small (what bone doesn’t have this risk?). However, we learned a trick at the pet expo that most people here don’t know:

DON’T throw away the treat. When it gets so small you worry about choking, take it away and let it dry then microwave it for 10-15 seconds. The small chunck will get 3+ times larger, and will be less dense as a result. Now it is safe again to give to your pet as a quick treat. This way there is no waste, and your pet enjoys every last bit of it.

Price: $8.00 – $18.00 (depending on size)

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Teeth Care and Greenies!

Dog Toothbrush Set: Double Sided Canine Dental Hygiene Brushes with Long 8 1/2 Inch Handles and Super Soft Bristles

Dog Toothbrush Set: Double Sided Canine Dental Hygiene Brushes with Long 8 1/2 Inch Handles and Super Soft Bristles

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SENTRY Petrodex Enzymatic Toothpaste for Dogs

SENTRY Petrodex Enzymatic Toothpaste for Dogs


  • Helps control plaque
  • Fights Bad Breath
  • Poultry Flavor

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Greenies Dental Chews for Dogs, Regular, Pack of 27 

(keeps their teeth clean, recommended for puppies 6 months plus)




Puppies will eat your shoes if there’s not enough things for them to play with….so stock up and don’t give them an excuse to use your favorite shoes as a teething ring


 Teaching them to play ball!


Puppies do not automatically know how or even loving to play fetch. This is something you will have to train them to do and enjoy and this toy makes it fun for you as well.

Chuckit! Classic 26M Launcher
Price $8.02

They have an indoor version as well!



  Chuckit! Indoor Ball -  Aussiedoodle Bella's Favorite Ball!   Chuckit! Indoor Ball


I love the Chuckit! Indoor Balls. This is Aussiedoodle Bella FAVORITE TOY she loves her BIG ball! Best present ever.. *blows knuckles* hahaha! kidding But.. YES these balls are great they’re called “Chuckit! Indoor Balls”… here is where you can buy them on Amazon… They also last FOREVER! They do get dirty but that’s because they get used a LOT!

Price: $6.81

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Chuckit! Indoor Roller and Launcher

Chuckit! Indoor Roller and Launcher

Price: $11.55

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Chuckit! Indoor Roller (alone)

Chuckit! Indoor Roller

Price: $6.81

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Nylabone Just For Puppies Starter Kit Bone Puppy Dog Chew Toys

Price: $3.91 Free shipping for Prime members when buying this Add-on Item.

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Best Pet Supplies 2-in-1 Fun Skin Stuffless Dog Squeak Toy

Best Pet Supplies 2-in-1 Fun Skin Stuffless Dog Squeak Toy

Price: $5.99

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Puppies LOVE Little stuffed animals and are great toy for puppies.. small ones and big ones a like.. my dogs love Beanie babies and they work perfect for both puppies and adults! I’ve never had one break open either.


KONG Squeakair

Price: $6.94

Speaking of Kong the brand… my dogs and puppies have never really liked the original fill-able KONG Chews that are SO POPULAR. I hear everyone rave about them..except for my dogs. This is one Kong brand toy however that they do play with.

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N-Bone 6-pack Puppy Teething Ring, Chicken Flavor

Price: $8.99

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I recommend one main thing in regards to dog food brands and that is that it should be grain free.. the rest is really up to you. I have posted many posts on my Puppy Blog about the best and worst dog food brands that I recommend people take a look at before deciding on a dog food brand.

Check out my Worst and Best Dog Food and  Best Dog Food – Reviews

CURRENTLY FEEDING:  Canidae – All Life Stages (link below)

Canidae Dry Dog Food for All Life Stages, Chicken, Turkey, Lamb and Fish, 44-Pound – $54.99 for 44 lbs AMAZON PRIME

Click the thumbnail below to see how much it costs a day to feed your puppy 2 1/2 cups a day. Do your own calculation using the Canidae.com Feeding Cost Calculator

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We Also Recommend….

Taste of the Wild Dry Dog Food, Hi Prairie Canine Formula with Roasted Bison & Venison, 30-Pound BagAMAZON PRIME
Price: $43.62  
Free shipping (3 days) for Amazon Prime members

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  • No Wheat, No Corn, No Soy

Diamond Naturals Dry Food for Puppy, Large Breed Lamb and Rice Formula, 40 Pound BagAMAZON PRIME
Price: $44.79 (10lbs more than Taste of the Wild.. and made by the same company) 
Free shipping (3 days) for Amazon Prime members

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We actually recommend a lot of different dogs foods currently on the market and we recommend that you do your own research. Try visiting the website called http://www.dogfoodadvisor.com/best-dog-foods/


Dog Food Bowls

PetFusion Premium Brushed Stainless Steel Bowl

PetFusion – Premium Brushed Stainless Steel Bowls

None of our local pet stores, chain or locally owned, seems to carry the basic, undecorated metal pet food bowls any more. I throw them in the dishwasher and I wanted durable bowls that don’t chip, flake paint, or have anything come off in the wash. I checked on Amazon and found that several still can be found. After reading all the reviews, I settled on this one. So glad I did! It is the sturdiest pet food bowl I’ve ever owned at a noticeably heavier gauge than the others. I cannot imagine it ever wearing out. The price is also right

Price: $9.99

PetFusion Premium Brushed Stainless Steel Bowl

Dog Treats


  • No Wheat, No Corn, No Soy

    Puppy Treats

Zuke’s Jerky Naturals Dog Treats, Tender Lamb Recipe 

Price: $4.99 – Free shipping for Prime members when buying this Add-on Item.




  • No Wheat, No Corn, No Soy

Zuke’s Z-Bones Edible Grain-Free Dental Chews, Clean Berry Crisp, Mini – 18 Count

Puppy Treats

Price: $13.14 – free shipping for amazon prime members

I personally love the fact Zukes are grain free and my dogs love them too and YES even the berry treats and bones they have!!


I also recommend the following supplements:

I don’t believe in over supplementing my dogs however I do use Nuvet Plus as a daily vitamin and for coat and skin health I use Nupro and salmon oil. I use a probiotic when their having intestinal issues or if one of my dogs is taking a course of antibiotics. I personally like Fortiflora or Vetri Probiotic BD – these can also be used as a daily supplement.

Keeping Them Healthy:

Coconut Oil


The recommended dose is pretty easy; just give a teaspoon of coconut oil per 10 pounds of dog, or you can give a table spoon per 30 pounds. Start with about 1/4 the recommended dosage and build up to the recommended level over 3-4 weeks, as sometimes flu-like symptoms can appear if you hurried it right away.”

Turns out that coconut oil can help aid pets’ digestion, improve their coats, help prevent infection and more. Carnivorous animals like cats and dogs would have consumed a high amount of saturated fat in the wild and the beneficial fats in coconut oil are a great way to make sure they are getting enough in their diets. Our pets also receive a partially raw meat diet to help keep them healthy. READ MORE AT PETMD

Virgin coconut oil is the richest natural source of Lauric Acid, a medium-chain fatty acid (MCFA). MCFA is responsible for all of its health benefits. Use as a food supplement or applied topically.


Grizzly Salmon Oil

Grizzly Salmon Oil helps relieve dry itchy skin and promotes bright and lustrous coat!

Omega-3 fatty acids are used to increase energy level, improve the immune system, reduce the risk of blood clots, lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels and slow the growth of cancer cells.
Also supplies Omega-6 fatty acids to benefit skin and coat, particularly in cases if excessive shedding and dry, itchy skin.
Handy pump applicator. 

Just add a pump of this on their food once a day for a shiny and healthy coat and skin not to mention all the other health benefits.

Price: $15.81

BUY: Grizzly Salmon Oil For Dogs

Grizzly Salmon Oil



Fortiflora CANINE. If you have a dog suffering from diarrhea or poor intestinal health, look to Purina’s Fortiflora for help.

This is what my vet prescribes me for diarrhea or stomach issues. It can be purchased over the counter.

FortiFlora restores the natural balance to your dog’s intestines with its unique microencapsulated live microorganisms.

Contains a guaranteed amount of live active cultures. Contains high levels of antioxidant Vitamins A, E, and C. Promotes a healthy immune system.

You just sprinkle a packet over your dogs food once a day.

Price: $17.99 (30 packets)

BUY: Fortiflora


Puppy Bow Ties

Brewski the Aussiedoodle in his fancy scarves!

DREAMYDOODLE Brewski the Aussiedoodle in his fancy scarves!


Handmade Puppy Bow Ties & Scarves made by Sarah Yi.. Sarah also happens to own a Dreamydoodle Aussiedoodle named Brewski.
Available on Etsy.com. I highly recommend you check out her online store! https://www.etsy.com/shop/pawfectbowtique



https://www.etsy.com/shop/pawfectbowtique https://www.etsy.com/shop/pawfectbowtique

Click Here: Use the code PAWFECT10 promo code for 10% off your first purchase!

1470856745_InstagramVisit Brewski and Chewie on Instagram as well!!!





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