Mini Aussiedoodle Puppies – Summer 2014

Mini Aussiedoodle Puppies – Summer 2014


Here is Ziggy a Mini Aussiedoodle at 12 weeks.

New Mini Aussiedoodle Puppies are Here!!


Our next litter won’t be for another 6-8 months from Mya, Molly and Concho’s F1 Aussiedoodle daughter. They will be F1B Mini Aussiedoodles and if you would like to be notified when they arrive you can join our Litter Notification List Here!


Blue Boy is SOLD

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8 weeks old on October 10th, 2014

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About the Mini Aussiedoodle

Zara - Mini Aussiedoodle

The Mini and Standard Size Aussiedoodle is not just all about looks and color.. the Mini Aussiedoodle is cute there is no doubt about it but it’s also one of the best poodle hybrids in regards to temperament!  I’ve personally owned both the standard size and the mini size Aussiedoodle as pets and let’s just say I am more then a HUGE FAN of these dogs! They truly are awesome dudes.

Aussiedoodles are loyal, loving, patient, fun, cute and EASY to train and yes, I love their flashy colors too but that is just an added benefit that can easily wear off quick with any dog if their not also awesome to be around.

Something about mixing a herding dog (aka ‘working dog’), the Australian Shepherd and the Non-Sporting dog (aka ‘companion dog’) the Poodle that just works on so many levels.

One thing I can guarantee is this bloodline is the best when it comes to temperament. We’ve received so many wonderful reports and compliments from the families who’ve taken one of these little dogs home including myself. I own one of their puppies from their last litter and she is the sweetest dog EVER! Her name is “Mya” and she is so loving and affectionate everyone who meets her wants to take her home with them. I will provide some of the Family Testimonials below.

You can rest assured that this litter is one of the Very Best Mini Aussiedoodle puppy litters you’re going to find anywhere.

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mini_aussiedoodles_dreamydoodles 015

Current Litter Information:

The Sire of my Mini line is a Toy Australian Shepherd international TASAA champion named “Concho” and the Dam is a Moyen size Poodle named “Molly”. 

You can read more about the parents of this litter below.

Toy Australian shepherds usually reach heights of between 10 and 14 inches and the Moyen size Poodle reaches between 15 – 20 inches (from the top of the shoulder to the floor).

Puppies from Molly and Concho have matured between 14 and 16 inches tall and weigh between 14 and 20 pounds as adults.

  • Breed: F1 Mini Aussiedoodle (Moyen Poodle and Toy Australian Shepherd)
  • DOB: August 14th 2014
  • Generation: First Generation (F1)
  • Expected adult size: 14-22 pounds (size varies greatly in these litters biggest has been 22 pounds smallest 14)
  • Color: red merles and chocolates with white
  • Eye Color: these puppies eyes are AMAZING very light eyes – green/hazel and blue
  • Coat Texture: Wavy, Fleece (varies)
  • Shedding: Non-shedding – Great for families with moderate to severe pet allergies
  • Sex: 3 Males and 4 Females
  • Shipping: United States, extra fees apply (more info)
  • Health Guarantee: 2 years
  • Genetic Testing: Both parents have had genetic testing completed. Hips, Elbows, Heart Eyes,  vWD and MDR1 clear
  • Ready to go home: Oct 10th 2014
We do not dock tails on our Aussiedoodles

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Puppy Pick List

There are 7 Puppies…. 3 boys and 4 girls!!  3 merles and 4 chocolate tris- This is a SOLD OUT LITTER

Pick Order Name Sex Preference Puppy Picked Location
1 Breeders Pick Female Pink Girl Woodland, WA
2 Jon C. and Family Female Green Merle Girl (P) New York – shipping
3 Deborah G. and Family Male Turquoise Male Vancouver, BC - Carry-on
4 Robyn and Family Male  Blue Boy Dallas, TX
5 Gabby M. and  Family Male  Green Boy Vancouver, WA – Pick-up
6 Katie R. and Family Female                                                               Purple Girl Orange Park Acres, CA – Carry-on
7 Valerie J. and Family Female  Red Girl Wenatchee, WA – Pick-up


Future F1B Aussiedoodle Litter – 2015

  1. Breeders Choice
  2. Tiffany P. and Family
  3. Tara B. and Family, BC
  4. Available
  5. Available

*if you’re interested in a future litter please contact me, these puppies can go very fast. We will be expecting our next litter which will be F1B Mini Aussiedoodles in the Spring of 2015


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 5 week old Individual Pictures

 mini_aussiedoodles 089

Turquoise Boy – Red Merle Mini Aussiedoodle

mini_aussiedoodles 032  mini_aussiedoodles 028 mini_aussiedoodles 027 mini_aussiedoodles 026

Green Boy – Chocolate Tri Mini Aussiedoodle

mini_aussiedoodles 044 mini_aussiedoodles 045 mini_aussiedoodles 051 mini_aussiedoodles 052

Red girl – Chocolate Tri Mini Aussiedoodle

mini_aussiedoodles 065 mini_aussiedoodles 066 mini_aussiedoodles 067 mini_aussiedoodles 068

Bright Green Girl – Red Merle

mini_aussiedoodles 071 mini_aussiedoodles 073 mini_aussiedoodles 074 mini_aussiedoodles 079

Blue Boy and Green Boy Together

BLUE BOY has been Placed

mini_aussiedoodles_chocolates 021 mini_aussiedoodles_chocolates 020

mini_aussiedoodles_chocolates 019 mini_aussiedoodles_chocolates 013

mini_aussiedoodles_chocolates 016 mini_aussiedoodles_chocolates 015

mini_aussiedoodles_chocolates 039  mini_aussiedoodles_chocolates 026

mini_aussiedoodles_chocolates 025 mini_aussiedoodles_chocolates 024

Purple Girl – Chocolate Tri – smallest girl

 mini_aussiedoodles_chocolates 041 mini_aussiedoodles_chocolates 042


mini_aussiedoodles_chocolates 048 mini_aussiedoodles_chocolates 072 

Our Chocolates…


All of our chocolate puppies are what you would call “Chocolate Tri” Colored and as adults will have coat colors something like Zara (pictured above, from our last litter) The Doodle coat has many coat and texture changes as they get older. These puppies will have wavy/curly coat that will grow in length not like poodles who’s coat grows in curl tighter to the skin… like cotton. The F1 Aussiedoodle has a very beautiful, soft and low to non shedding coat that grows in beautiful waves. The tan color will come in on their legs.. you can already see it on some of them and you can really see it on Zara above.

Please do not compare the coat of the F1 Aussiedoodle with the coat of the F1 Labradoodle. They are not the same. The coat on the F1 Labradoodle is wispy and can also be patchy in spots and coarse. The Australian Shepherd has a way different coat then the Labrador so the mix with the poodle makes for a much softer and fuller coat even with the first generation cross.

All Together Now….Smile!

mini_aussiedoodles_chocolates 032f


Chocolate… sweet as candy….

  mini_aussiedoodles_chocolates 074 mini_aussiedoodles_chocolates 062 mini_aussiedoodles_chocolates 056 mini_aussiedoodles_chocolates 053 mini_aussiedoodles_chocolates 051 mini_aussiedoodles_chocolates 046 mini_aussiedoodles_chocolates 037 mini_aussiedoodles_chocolates 036 mini_aussiedoodles_chocolates 035 mini_aussiedoodles_chocolates 034 mini_aussiedoodles_chocolates 074 mini_aussiedoodles_chocolates 048

My husband holding little Green boy.. look at those big blue eyes!

My husband holding little Green boy.. look at those big blue eyes!

Our Socialization Team

Our Socialization Team

My daughter Olivia and purple girl

My daughter Olivia and purple girl


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Parents & Genetic Testing

Molly with her new Mini Aussiedoodle puppies

Molly with her new Mini Aussiedoodle puppies

Dam Molly

  • Name: Dreamydoodles Molly
  • Breed: Moyen Size Poodle
  • Color: Apricot
  • Eyes: Green Eyes
  • Height: 18″
  • Weight: 20 lbs
  • Registered: CKC
  • Champion Bloodlines: No
  • Breeder:
  • Parents: MJ and Romeo


Genetic Testing

  • Cerf: Normal (Eyes)
  • OFA Hips and Elbows: Prelim GOOD
  • Heart:  NORMAL
  • Von Willebrand’s Disease (vWD): Cleared by parentage

Stud Concho

  • Name: Pleasant Woods Concho*
  • Breed: AKC Toy Australian Shepherd
  • Color: Red Merle
  • Eyes: 2 Blue Eyes
  • Height: 14″
  • Weight: 15 lbs
  • Champion Bloodline: Yes
  • 2012 TASAA Best Opposite Sex Bred by Adult
    Reserve National Champion

Genetic Testing

  • CERF: Eyes Normal
  • prcd-PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy) CLEAR
  • DM (Canine degenerative myelopathy) CLEAR
  • MDR1 (Multi Drug Resistance) CLEAR
  • HD (Hereditary Cataracts) CLEAR

*at the request of his owner/breeder pictures of the stud and web page link can be provided by  -email only-

Molly Pictures…

Molly is a beautiful Moyen size poodle from and Molly is not only beautiful but a real lover of a dog. I had Molly shipped to me from a wonderful breeder in Georgia when she was 8 wks old and she was the cutest puppy I had seriously ever seen… to date. She is also so loving and SMART. Molly lives in a guardian home now but I raised her for the first 6 months of her life and this is her last litter so she won’t be coming to visit me anymore which makes me very sad. But I also know she will continue to live a long and happy life with her guardian family who love her very much. Molly and Concho have amazing puppies. I actually own one myself and I am so grateful that I kept one because Mya makes my day.. everyday.

 Molly - Moyen Poodle

Molly - Moyen Poodle

Molly - Moyen Poodle

Molly our Moyen Poodle

Molly as a puppy

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Puppy Packs – What your puppy comes with…

Each Dreamydoodle puppy comes with the following…

Aussidoodle Puppy

  • Leash and collar
  • 1 toy
  • Vaccination and Health Records
  • 2 Year Health Warranty contract
  • Initial puppy vaccination
  • Initial wormings at 2, 4, 6 and 8 weeks
  • Sample of puppies current high quality food
  • Shipping Crate & Health Clearance (if shipping only and extra fees apply)
  • One happy and healthy well socialized Dreamydoodle Puppy


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Price and Payments

I-love-my-doodle-2If you’re interested in one of these puppies please contact me before placing a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit. We ask that you be 100% sure you want one of our puppies before placing a deposit.

You can email me using the contact form at the bottom of this page or call me at 360-448-1477

(do NOT leave a voice message, you can text me as well.. which is probably the fastest way to get in touch with me)

Full Price: $2500
Deposit: $300

*Non- Refundable Deposit

Please be 100% positive that you want a Dreamydoodle puppy before you place your puppy deposit. Puppy deposits are *non-refundable but can be transferred to future or available litters.
Deposits do not expire.

The puppy deposit is an agreement between Dreamydoodles and you that says we will not sell your puppy pick slot out from under you and that we will provide you with a happy healthy puppy and you agree that you are fully invested in one of our puppies and prepared to take one home.  Agreeing to this is VERY important. We put a lot into our puppies and we want to make sure that the families who take them home are emotionally and financially  invested in them for life and take the whole adoption process very seriously.

*Your deposit can be refunded within the first 72 hours after submission (if you jumped the gun) but after that it will be considered non-refundable.

Please contact me before placing a deposit or filling out the application so I can discuss what we currently have available. If I think you’re a good fit for one of our puppies and we have what you’re looking for in a dog then I will link you back to the application and deposit form.

Deposits are only necessary to hold puppies are under 8 weeks old. If they’re over 8 weeks old then you can arrange to pick up your puppy or have them shipped.

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Photo Gallery of our Past Puppies…

We have some of the most beautiful Chocolate Mini Aussiedoodles EVER!!

These are all pictures of puppies from Molly and Conchos past 2 litters! This is their last litter. You can also click the button below to see lots more pictures of their past litters.

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Molly and Concho's first Mini Aussiedoodle Litter

Molly and Concho’s first Mini Aussiedoodle Litter

Mya - Red Merle Mini Aussiedoodle 2014

Mya – Red Merle Mini Aussiedoodle 2014

Molly and Concho's second Mini Aussiedoodle Litter

Molly and Concho’s second Mini Aussiedoodle Litter

Nash - F1 Mini Aussiedoodle from  Merle Mini Aussiedoodle Puppy

Mya swimming

Mya swimming

Mya - Red Merle Mini Aussiedoodle 2014

Mya – Red Merle Mini Aussiedoodle 2014 with her longer wavy coat

Mya - Red Merle Mini Aussiedoodle 2014

Mya – Red Merle Mini Aussiedoodle 2014 – (cut short)

Mya 7 months old - Mini Aussiedoodle

Mya 7 months old – Mini Aussiedoodle

Oscar - Mini Aussiedoodle 2014

Oscar all grown up – Mini Aussiedoodle 2014


Blue Boy - Mini Aussiedoodle - Last Litter

Oscar as a puppy – Mini Aussiedoodle – Last Litter

Agnes - Mini Aussiedoodle - Last Litter

Agnes – Mini Aussiedoodle – Last Litter

Two Mini Aussiedoodle Puppies Agnes and Shelby - Last Litter

Two Mini Aussiedoodle Puppies Agnes and Shelby – Last Litter

Mini Aussiedoodle Zara and her friend Dancing

Mini Aussiedoodle Zara and her friend Dancing

Kona - F1 Mini Aussiedoodle

Kona – F1 Mini Aussiedoodle 12 wks old

Kona 7 month old Mini Aussiedoodle after his first groom

Kona 7 month old Mini Aussiedoodle after his first groom

5 wk old Mini Aussiedoodle Thieves!

5 wk old Mini Aussiedoodle Thieves!

Agnes - Mini Aussiedoodle Puppy

Mini Aussiedoodle – Agnes as a Puppy

Agnes from Molly and Concho's last litter

Agnes as an Adult –  Molly and Concho’s first litter


Baby Bardot from Puppy to Adulthood

Baby Bardot 10610714_755088841218519_811764468706820679_n photo10 photo9  bar99  bar77 bar55 bar11 bar88 photo


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From Kimbers Mom:

Hi Barbara, As a quick update Kimber started agility training and is a star. In the evaluation she was never more than a foot from my left heel! Wow. She loved all the obstacles except the tire and she slept like the dead that evening. She is so wonderful. You’re the best. Thank you, Dy Hi Barb. She just did another growth spurt so she is a bit lanky right now. She weighs 11.6. Pretty small but fast and smart. Really sweet and trains very easily. Great dog.  I think she will fill out a bit but she may have another growth spurt too. Apparently Aggie is a good 5 pounds larger. (Kimber attended our Puppy Boot Camp, but I take no credit for her agility skills those are Thanx to Dy’s hard work and Kimbers natural abilities) Hi Barbara, Kimber is now 12.25 pounds. Her personality is just enchanting. I am constantly told “I don’t really like dogs but she is so sweet.” She loves her Agility games. They challenge her mind and she sleeps quite well after playing. I couldn’t imagine a more perfect dog. – Dyan




Nash - 6 weeks old Mini Aussiedoodle Nash - 3 month old Mini Aussiedoodle  Nash - 6 month old Mini Aussiedoodle

From Nashville’s Mom:

Hi Barbara,

Thanks for writing. We are happy to give you a report on Nashville. She is the perfect dog in every way-we love her personality, her energy, her coat and her size. I think Molly and Concho are a perfect combination.

As you know we had a hard time trying to decide which puppy to pick based on energy levels. Nash turned out to be just right for us. She can keep up with our family on walks and adventures and has a great spark to her. However she has a magic switch that turns off when it is time to relax and she can cuddle and relax with us.

More important is the question of her temperament. She has a wonderful spark and zest yet she very much knows her place in our family. She is NOT a dominate alpha dog-she is playful and inquisitive but she is submissive when she should be. PERFECT!

Nashi stands about 15 inches tall. She weighs about 6-8 pounds. Sorry to not be exact but we don’t have a scale around here. These dogs do seem to have air in their bones…they are very lightweight.

Her coat is wavy. It is really pretty but it does tend to mat. Especially the underneath-her belly/chest and her legs. We have gotten her groomed twice but probably should have done it more often (or kept up better ourselves) as 2 days ago we had her shaved on the legs and belly/chest because her mats were too bad. She looks kinda funny now but it will grow back. The groomer says it is the worst now because her puppy hair is still in and the other hair is growing in and it wants to mat up where the new hair comes in because the puppy hair is still there as it doesn’t shed. So grooming needs to be more of a process with these dogs. Nash’s hair was about 3 1/2 inches long on the top when we got her groomed. It didn’t mat on the top and sides…only the belly/chest and the legs.

Nash doesn’t shed. It is lovely on my carpets and bedding! My husband is allergic slightly to dogs and he has not had a reaction to Nash (and we even have her sleep with us-shhh, don’t tell 🙂 And she smells good…not all doggy.

She potty trained easily and soon was going to the door to let us know she had to go. We took her out OFTEN at first and tried to always use the same door. We crated her in our room at night and even before she was fully potty trained she could last in the crate at night for about 8 hours. She is now out of the crate at night and sleeps peacefully with us.

Well sorry to have taken so much of your time but I wanted to let you know how thrilled we are with our Nashi-poo. My Mom calls her the perfect dog.

I will try to send some pictures but she looks ridiculous now because of her shaving!




Here is Ziggy a Mini Aussiedoodle at 12 weeks.

Here is Ziggy a Mini Aussiedoodle at 12 weeks.

Ziggy - Mini Aussiedoodle Puppy

Ziggy – Mini Aussiedoodle Puppy


From Ziggy’s Mom

Hi Barbara!

We are doing absolutely great with Ziggy. We love him so much. He is a great little dog. I wish we were closer so you could see him! Anyway, here are the answers to your questions.

Ziggy turns 9 months old today (for reference).

Size Questions:
-He weighs 18 1/2 lbs.

– He stands 16″ tall (at the shoulders). His legs are long.

-Ziggy does shed a little bit. It’s not that much, but compared to our Wheaten Terrier, he does. Compared to, for example, our friends’ Golden Retriever, he barely sheds at all! I have a funny feeling that some of the other litter mates may not shed – the ones that have more of a “doodle” look to them. He still has characteristics of an Aussie, like not much hair on his legs, feathers behind his upper legs, etc., although he is starting to look more and more “doodle-y”.

– We do not have allergies to dogs in our family so I can’t really answer that except to say that we have friends (a couple) who are allergic to dogs and they don’t seem to have a problem with him. But that isn’t the same as living with a dog, and I have hardwood floors and run air filters to keep the air clean (not because of the dog).

– His coat is not curly. It’s more wavy. It never mats at all, even though I’ve never cut it (yet) and hardly ever brush it. He has an unbelievably gorgeous coat.

– As I said, he never, ever mats.

– I had him groomed once (it was just a bath and nails) to get him used to it. Now, when the groomer comes to do our Wheaten, I have her do Ziggy’s nails, but he hasn’t needed grooming yet. I bathe him myself.

– I would say that this dog is not shy at all. He loves everybody and will jump right into the lap of a stranger (and kiss their face if they aren’t careful). He is also super friendly with other dogs. And he is extremely cuddly and affectionate.

– I will say one thing – he has had some fears of wierd things like scooters, roller blades, that sort of thing. But we are working on that and it’s getting better.

– I would call this a fairly high energy dog – he needs an activity every day – BUT he is super mellow the rest of the time. As long as he gets some action at some point. This could be in the form of a walk, a romp in the park with other dogs, a training session. I notice he is much happier when given a job to do. He loves training. Having said all of this, I think it’s important to remember that he is still a puppy. I don’t know – maybe he will mellow with age (or need less sleep?).

– You didn’t ask this but I wanted to add that this is an extremely easy to train dog. I’ve never had a herding breed before and I’m amazed at the focus and intelligence. It’s remarkable. We are always surprised by him.

– This is a very human focused dog. Therefore, our biggest difficulty has been working on “social isolation” (the hardest part of the Canine Good Citizen test). I love that he wants to be with us so much but we are still working on him learning to be calm when we leave him. I’m finding the most effective way to combat this is an extended “down stay”. He’s doing great with this.

I’ve posted a few pictures so you have some of him. If you want any more, just let me know.



Barbara, Tug ToyI thought you might like to know how smart your little mini Aussies really are. Ziggy was a very busy little man this morning, and so I thought I’d give him something to do that would take him a lot of time. I have a ball that we use for agility training. It velcros shut so that you can put a treat in it, close it, and then throw it ahead past a jump or whatever so that the dog charges forward rather than look at you, collecting his treat at the end. The first thing you have to do is teach your dog how to open it. This is done systematically by first placing a treat in it with it completely open, then with one flap partially closed, working your way up to two, then closing it very loosely, until finally you are able to really close it. This is done over the course of days. I have a friend who does agility with me whose dog didn’t learn for weeks. Anyway, I thought to myself, “I’m going to put a treat in there and close it up super tight. He’ll smell the treat and it will take ages for him to figure out how to get it out.” Would you believe he had that treat out in probably 15 seconds??????? I nearly died. My big challenge is to find a puzzle that challenges him. I’ve bought a couple and he has figured them out right away. Kudos to you. Such a smart little dog. 🙂 – Amy (Ziggy also participates in Agility and is a real superstar)


From Daisy’s Mom:

Hello Barbara,

Daisy is a shy puppy towards people. She is very outgoing towards other dogs. She is a very happy dog and calm when alone and extremely energetic when around other animals. I am using a professional trainer with her as I am unable to physically walk her to train on a leash.

She weighs about 17 lbs. Her coloring is changing, she is getting lighter colors in areas and her but looks like a white tail deer. I will try to send more photos in the next week or so.

Thank you for your follow up.




shelby mini aussiedoodle


From Shelby Shay’s Mom:

Shelby Shay Updates:

Weight: 15 LBS.

Height: 15 1/4″
Length: from tip of nose to base of tail 26″
– Do they shed? No shedding
– Do you have problems with allergies and does your dog affect your allergies? No allergies

Then the coat questions…
– Are they curly, wavy? Wavy soft
– Do they mat? No Mats, also water repels nicely off her fur.
– How many times have you had to take them in to the groomer? We groomed her 1 time ourselves and a groomer 1 time. plan every 8 weeks.

are they timid or shy? She is not timid but is cautious and protective when a new person comes to our house but then warms up.
– what is the energy level of your dog? She has a lot of energy medium high. She loves to play with her toys and her favorite thing to play with us is tug-a-war with the towel we dry her with from the rain and fetch. She also loves to tease us especially with socks. She will steal a sock and bring it to us so we see it in her mouth. When we go to get it she runs and the game’s a hoot!!

She has such an awesome personality we absolutely love her to pieces

– Nikki


 Also read our Facebook Company Reviews, Click Here


More Dreamydoodle Testimonials


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Mini Aussiedoodle Video

Green boy – Oscar using his potty bells in his new home..


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Contact Information

Me at Petsmart picking out dog food

Me at Petsmart picking out dog food

If you have questions about this litter or any of our current or future litters please feel free to contact me at 360-448-1477 after 5pm or use the form at the bottom of this page.

Related Images: