Multigeneration Labradoodle Puppies

Multigeneration Labradoodle Puppies

Amazing Family Dogs!

4th Generation Multigeneration Labradoodle Puppies!


Valentina, Nellie and Scarlette – (all sold)

This litter is Sold Out.

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Maddie and Hershey’s puppies arrived on Valentines day morning and what a wonderful Valentines day gift they were. 6 Beautiful puppies!! I can honestly say that this is one of the prettiest litters we’ve produced thus far at Dreamydoodles. This is the fourth generation of our Labradoodle bloodline. We have Great Grandma, Grandma and mother all here in our home and now our 4th generation litter.

This litter is from an F1B Labradoodle Mother and a Multigen Australian Labradoodle Sire.



I am so pleased with the quality of these puppies and extremely proud of them all. The quality of this litter is what I’ve been working towards for the past 5 years. I’m not just talking about coat, color and health those things are all just icing on the Labradoodle cake.. it’s also the temperament of these puppies that’s beyond amazing. They’re a perfect mix of all the dogs that preceded them to create this perfect recipe of Labradoodle. Just watch this video of me putting a couple puppies from this litter in their first bath.. I think it speaks volumes about their temperament. So calm and oh so Dreamy!

The parents of this litter are both amazing in regards to temperament, so that helps… Maddie is sweet, gentle and very loving and mellow and she has been that way from day one. Hershey is a gorgeous boy, he has a strong and athletic frame and a beautiful coat. He is a huge lover boy, he’s the type of dog you just want to love on and he’s also very obedient… the genes in this bloodline are very strong and their puppies make great family pets. They LOVE kids! I’m not just saying that either it’s just the truth. I always feel like I sound like every other puppy “AD” and that is so not my intention. It’s just my honest observation from experiance with these puppies and their parents. I am biased of course but I’ve also received a lot of feedback from our past Labradoodle families so I also know I’m not the only one who feels this way about this particular Labradoodle bloodline.

Please read some of our testimonials at the bottom of this page as well as on Our Testimonial page

heart_dot___free_to_use_by_peppermentpanda-d6vx3xkBorn on Valentines Day!!heart_dot___free_to_use_by_peppermentpanda-d6vx3xk

Litter Information:

  • Breed: Multigeneration Labradoodles (what does this mean?)
  • Litter Size: 6 Puppies in all!
  • Generation: 4th generation Dreamydoodle Multigen Labradoodle – Mom, Grandma and Great Grandma are all on site.
  • Date of Birth: Feb 14th 2014
  • Expected adult size: 45-65 pounds full grown, males are usually bigger
  • Color: 3 white and 3 chocolate (the only boy is a chocolate)
  • Eye Color: these puppies eyes are AMAZING very light eyes – green/hazel
  • Coat Texture: Wavy, Fleece, Curly
  • Shedding: Non-shedding – Great for families with moderate to severe pet allergies
  • Sex: 1 Male and 5 Females
  • Shipping: United States, extra fees apply (more info)
  • Health Guarantee: 2 years (Lifetime genetic)

Price: $2,500


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The fastest way to reach me is to text message me at 360-448-1477 and I will text you back and arrange a call back time. You can also contact me via email, there is a contact form at the bottom of every page on this website.

Video of the puppies at 6 1/2 weeks old

This was their first day playing outside. It had been raining for the past week and before that.. they were still too young. So this was our first time as well getting to watch them run and play outside and it was a lot of fun! I have never seen Labradoodles with eyes like these puppies!! They’re a green/yellow/ hazel color? Never seen a Labradoodle with this bright of an eye color before but I’m loving it.

First Bath

Watch how calm these puppies are when put in a bath full of water for the first time.. Bunny even tried to lay down.. not the best idea in the world. Haha!

Tulip Festival

We took Romeo and Valentina to the Tulip Festival here in Woodland. They were so well behaved. They were off leash the entire time and stayed right by our sides.

Romeo and Valentina at the Tulip Festival – from Dreamydoodles Northwest on Vimeo.

Next Upcoming Litter

All the amazing puppies in this litter have found their forever homes however we just recently bred Maddie’s (the mother of this litter) FULL SISTER “Loli Grace” to our stud “Hershey” (the father of this litter) so we should have an upcoming litter that closely mirrors this last one that will be due June 21-25th of 2014.

loli and clover 033

Loli Grace – Our Future Mommy – Her First Litter

If you’re interested in putting your deposit down on this litter please contact me.

The fastest way to reach me is to text me at 360-448-1477.

Valentina and Romeo at the Tulip Festival

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Click thumbnails for full size images – Valentina has found her forever family (cream female)


Our Sold Puppies

These puppies are playful, cuddly and best of all calm and mellow. They all have very unique coloring with their green eyes and hazel eyes which are difficult to capture with the camera but they have human like eyes. So striking!

Kid tested and Mom approved! Raised in our living room. These puppies would do fine with other dogs and/or cats.

This generation of Labradoodle is recommended for families with severe to moderate pet allergies and will NOT shed. Not recommended for people who are allergic to cuteness.

Romeo – Male

You have to watch Romeo’s video (below) and watch how he reacted to a totally new environment and how calmly he took on the new challenges and strangers. This should not be taken lightly. Young puppies can range from hyper to fearful and these puppies are very balanced in how they react to new events in their lives so far. For an 8 week old puppy this speaks volumes as to what kind of dog they will be and what type of work they can accomplish for and with the right owner. These puppies will make great therapy and service dogs based solely on their temperaments with the right trainer/owner.

Yes, these are beautiful pups but there is so much more to this litter than just a pretty face. The #1 key to look for in a new puppy is not color, coat or sex, you absolutely must pay attention to energy level when picking out a new puppy of any breed. 


Romeo – Chocolate Male – Available




Romeo Slideshow

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Click thumbnails for full size images

Romeo meets a friend at the Tulip Festival

These puppies would make amazing therapy dogs. They all have the right temperament for the job.
Lovey – Female – SOLD

Lovey is a complete doll. She’s mellow, sweet and playful at the right times just like her sister and brother. She’d make a great therapy or service dog.


Lovey – Chocolate Female – Available



Lovey Slideshow

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Click thumbnails for full size images

Valentina – SOLD Female

Valentina – Cream Female – SOLD


 Valentina Slideshow

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Click thumbnails for full size images

Valentina at the Tulip Festival

Short video of Valentina just chilling at the festival

Valentina is going home this weekend to live with her new forever family in Seattle, WA and they have 9 year old twins. Absolutely Perfect!

Nellie – Female – Sold



Scarlett  (Bunny) – Sold

Bunny – Female – SOLD


7 week old Group Slideshow


These babies are soooo mellow and sweet and have been raised in my living room/office where I work all day so they are very well socialized! Even our vet was shocked by how calm they are.

Adoption Information

014The price of a multigeneration Labradoodle puppy from this litter is $2,000. We’re no longer accepting deposits, payment must be made in full since these puppies are ready to go home now.

We’re expecting wavy fleece to curly wool coat types from this litter. Both parents are 100% non shedding  and puppies should be as well.

You’re welcome to come to our home to pick out your puppy from the litter, if your out of state we can help you choose with the aid of pictures and videos and we can ship your puppy too you. Shipping is very safe nowadays. We’re experienced shippers. (more info on shipping).

If you’re interested in one of our Dreamydoodles puppies, please contact me below or email me at

Click here for Pictures of some of our past Multigen Labradoodles from the same sire

Maddie and Me - F1B Labradoodle from Tippy and Patrick

Maddie and Me – F1B Labradoodle from Tippy and Patrick


My husband Roy and an armful of puppies... big softy.

My husband Roy and an armful of puppies… big softy.

Multigenerational Labradoodle explained:

When a labradoodle is 3 or more generations of Labradoodle to Labradoodle breeding they’re considered Multigeneration Labradoodles. This allows knowledgeable breeders to refine the personality, physical attributes, and coat types of their bloodline. The Multigen Labradoodles are usually allergy friendly, are very low to non-shedding and have a more desirable coat in texture and quality then the F1 and F1B generations. We also breed the F1 Generation Labradoodle on occasion but our main goal is to produce exceptional Multigeneration Labradoodles using the Labradoodle bloodline we’ve carefully developed with our tested and exceptional dogs over the years.

  • Coat Maintenance: moderate to high care
  • Coat Description: Coat continues to grow in length and requires combing and occasional grooming.  It is thicker  than a first generation Labradoodle and can have a curly, fleece or wavy coat type.
  • Shedding: almost all are completely non-shedding (see the stats in the Dood Database)
  • Allergy Friendliness: Multigenerational Labradoodles are recommended for families with moderate to severe allergies.

Learn more about Labradoodles


Hershey - Multi-gen Australian Labradoodle Stud

Hershey – Multi-gen Australian Labradoodle Sire



My daughter Tianna and Maddie the Mommy to this litter.. she is an F1B Labradoodle but she is cut here like a Poodle



Hershey and Maddie produced an adorable pile of curls! This is their first litter together. Maddies first ever litter.


Maddie and Hershey both have AMAZING temperaments. Super sweet and loving. Just great all around dogs.


Some of our Past Labradoodle Puppies


The Family Tree…

We have 3 generations of Females here on site.. Maddie, Tippy and Daisy. We do not keep our males on site.

 Maddie F1B LabradoodleMommy Maddie

Maddie is an F1B Labradoodle out of Daisy’s bloodline. She is Tippy and Patricks F1B daughter. Maddie is a big sweetheart, everyone who meets Maddie adores her. She’s so gentle and laid back and her puppies have inherited her temperament. You can see all our dogs individual pages in the sidebar to your right under Our Dogs. This is a bloodline that we’ve been developing for 4 generations now.

 Read More about Maddie


Daddy Hershey

hershey - multi gen labradoodle

The sire of this litter is a Multigen Chocolate Labradoodle stud by the name of Hershey. Hershey is fun, obedient, strong, athletic, BIG, healthy, loving and goofy. Hershey has a coat Labradoodle breeders shoot for!  He is everything I wanted in my bloodline and has proven to produce nothing but sweet, beautiful puppies.

Read More about Hershey 

Maddies Parents

Tippy short... perfect..F1 Labradoodle
Tippy – Grandmother – F1 Labradoodle
Patrick - Maddie's Standard Poodle Sire
Patrick – Grandsire – Standard Poodle


Hershey’s Parent

Neveah - Hershey's Mama from Rouge Valley Labradoodles in Oregon
Nala – Multigen Australian Labradoodle
Bentley - Hershey's Daddy - F1B Labradoodle from
Bentley – Grandsire – F1B Labradoodle



“I have one of Tippy and Hershey’s puppies from this summer’s litter and she is an awesome puppy! Great personality and an amazing coat. She NEVER mats! My other labradoodle needs to go to the groomer about every 6 weeks but Murphy has not had to go yet and she is six months old!!! When I took her to the vet to get spayed they were amazed at her coat And at what a great temperament she had!!! Barbara does a wonderful job with these dogs… won’t regret your purchase!!! I wish I could get another one right now!!!”

“Hi Barbara!Well we have been home for a week now and I wanted to let you know how awesome Murphy is doing!!! I can’t believe how smart this little girl is!!! She has not had too many “accidents” in the house and is doing wonderfully with her potty training. She pretty much sleeps through the night in her crate and on a couple of nights made it until 4:30 otherwise she sleeps until at least 6:30. She is so easy to take care of compared to our last Doodle Puppy which was no where near as well adjusted….still isn’t at two years old! I take Murphy to work with me everyday and she is so good with her behavior and with the kids and parents! When I tell her no she totally knows what I’m saying! Everyone comments on what a great puppy she is and they are totally impressed with her!!My only dilemma is that my older doodle is too rough with Murphy and I can’t let them even play together. Bailey wants to play rough and bite her neck….sometimes I think it might not be playing. So I really don’t let them have too much contact for now. I put their crates next to each other and I will hold Murphy so Bailey can sniff her but that’s it until she gets big enough to defend herself. Bailey, I’m convinced is a “special” dog and not sure what to do about it!! A blind man could see the difference between the two and I’m sure its in the breeding. Until I got Murphy I thought maybe I was the problem but now I know that’s not the case. I read every book I could get my hands on… no avail. Anyway good or bad I love them both to pieces!”

Thanks for such an awesome new family member!


Thank you for checking in! Rio is doing awesome, my son and him have such a special bond. One of the main factors of deciding to get a Labradoodle was because I am allergic to dogs. My allergies have been perfect around Rio, he absolutely does not shed and I suspect he has very low dander if I am not experiencing any allergic reaction around him. I love his coat, it is a balance between curly and wavy. We get so many compliments on how handsome Rio is but most of all, he is the most sweetest puppy I have ever been around. He comes into the office with me everyday and I have to say he has touched a lot of people’s hearts and has made a ton of friends. He has been very easy to train which was very important to me since he does come to the office with me and encounters different people everyday. We started with crate training at night and now he sleeps in my son’s room on his own bed. I have had no issues with chewing things he is not suppose to, potty training was a cake walk and no anxiety issues, he’s laid back and very patient. I will say he is a big boy, probably 60- 65 lbs already! I think he is a special pup and one of best decisions I made for my son and I!  - Hilda

Folks I have a puppy from these two wonderful Doggies and I have to say that my Dreamydoodle puppy is absolutely the most amazing Dog!!! Look no further because Hershey and Tippy make beautiful babies  She has the best temperament!!!!!

“I also believe that the Love and Attention they receive from this wonderful family helps make them into wonderful dogs!!! And did I mention the coat is to die for!!!??? She’s beautiful and it doesn’t mat or need a ton of attention 🙂 and no they aren’t paying me to say these things! Lol! THANK YOU, Barbara for such a wonderful addition to our family!!! We could not ask for a better puppy!!! She is such a sweetheart! – Carrie

We got our dog Max here last year…He is amazing and now 70lbs. – Vincent (F1b Labradoodle)

We got the best puppy in the world from Dreamy Doodles NW!!!! - Diane

More Dreamydoodle Testimonials

I’ve spent a lot of time on this site trying to make sure everything and more is provided here to answer your questions about price, deposits, our picking process and who is available, please read this page in it’s entirety, if you still have questions please email me. You can use the form at the bottom of this page to contact me or email – the fastest way to reach me is to text me at 360-448-1477 – I hope you enjoy the website!


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